If life has raped you badly and you are on recovery, how did you manage to get on recovery?

If life has raped you badly and you are on recovery, how did you manage to get on recovery?


This is not a cure for depression (there is no cure for depression as of today in 2020). This is showing the way towards recovery.

I have heard several common methods how humans in a terrible and long life period were impacted with depression and despair and what they did about it. All of them are ineffective to me to say the least including religion/god and faking optimism (or as they may say "dancing during the storm") like these "everything will be fine (while fire burns in the environment)" pseudo-faiths. Or to imagine the voice of depression with a high pitched voice or a small monster. I have seen it all - "middle class problems" (derived from a rather insignificant matter saying "first world problems") as I call these.

For me those methods are no different than slapping "100% organic, natural, no GMO, no added sugars, no artificial aromas, no chemicals" labels on a Big Mac burger from McDonalds and then devouring it without finding it suspicious on any level and not expecting to damage your own health. Then you wonder how you became fat and why your heart is experiencing stinging pain. And the therapists are useless mailboxes for complaints about your life.

If life has raped you badly and you are on recovery, how did you manage to get on recovery?

To say how constant overwork, lack of sleep, lack of fulfilling wishes or fulfilling goals or that your wants (not needs - even worse if so) are not being met for a long time results in depression, that requires professional medical intervention is no different from telling me, that you will burn yourself if you touch fire.

No shit! Tell me what happens if i dip my hand into water. No seriously, go ahead!
No shit! Tell me what happens if i dip my hand into water. No seriously, go ahead!

We'll likely need a sign like this, that warns "Warning! Causes depression".

I may have found my somewhat functional coping mechanism (that is complementary to having money and the antidepressants, that I am still missing). Don't expect it to be a miracle for curing your depression.
Limited choices are better than no choices. Every day we land our choices. Some may expand more choices. Some choices may narrow down other choices. Some choices may expand further other and better choices.

If life has raped you badly and you are on recovery, how did you manage to get on recovery?

Snowball your choices into the right direction. Yes, that means you must consistently place 1000 times the right choice to get a level up and see significant differences. E.g. for 1000 days long you starve and you make the right choices 1000 times and in the 1001.st day you no longer starve but you still want to get a surgery to cure your medical condition. Again for another 1000 days you endure it, save up cash and on the 2001.st day you pay for the medical bills and your medical condition gets solved (at last). And so on and so on. Consistency in the right choices here is key. Don't expect it to become better overnight or even in 3 years. Yes, a change requiring whole 3 years is ironically THE CAUSE OF DEPRESSION ITSELF but you know what is even the bigger risk factor? Delaying it. Having no commitment. Not doing anything about it. Making poor choices. This only increases the price up to 4, 5, 10 years...

The right choices every day will keep me going. My intuition, intelligence and survival instincts will guide me. Money will "transport" me there. Time and trust are my other currencies.
I shall consistently reward myself as I earn my way through it and I am not going to give away my autonomy and independence at any point in my remaining lifetime.

You're either a fighter or a quitter/loser. It's all or nothing.

I'll give up when I'm dead.

Thank you for reading!

If life has raped you badly and you are on recovery, how did you manage to get on recovery?
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  • MarkRet
    I didn't have much going for me when I was a kid, so I guess life kind of raped me. I was skinny, ugly, had behavior problems like Aspbergers, and had a sad time growing up. My parents weren't much help either, in fact, my dad was pretty strict and abusive. I didn't do ANYTHING in high school, got bullied around some, just plodded on, and when I graduated, I was in a pretty depressed funk, because I was going nowhere, both career-wise and social-wise.

    A couple of years later, I started digging myself out of the hole I was in, moved out of my old town, tuned out the toxic jerks who would tell me I should do this or couldn't do that, and started doing things I wanted to do, which broke me out of a lot of shells and expanded my world further. There was no recovery 'plan', but in the 45 years since high school I had transformed myself into a much more accomplished and positive man. I'm almost entirely self-made. The old scars are still there, but there are now many more pleasant memories.
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    • Unit1

      Cool! Sounds like we have both grown up in similar conditions and the direction, that you took I am following up now. Thanks for sharing!

  • captain_voidwalker
    Most people are going to sling you some hippy dippy feel good bullshit like talk it out or find something you enjoy and focus on it. Truth is there is only one thing that can cure depression and that's to convert your sadness into hatred. Find the things in life that you hate the most and focus on causing them the most pain that you can... within the bounds of the law obviously. Like me I hate leftists and socialism so I spend a lot of time gather facts and crunching the math so i can prove those people dead wrong on everything. Their tears are my joy
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  • louyaa
    I like the MyTake.

    For me I've had a rough life so far and for me is I don't want to be like those that were terrible to me. I just want to leave it in the past and move on with life.
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  • WowwGirl
    Nice. Dude
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  • Meropatrick
    Been there done that. It depends really on the way life raped u. Then also u MUST LISTEN to ur body needs then. Do u need to rest? Heal?
    Also u must have a not giving up spirit and try other ways
  • AaronKrieger
    Time, a willingness to move forward and get rid of negative things in your life, and just change in toxic behavior. It doesn't happen overnight, but it definitely can help to finding that inner strength that everyone has to get through the problems in life.
  • ThisIsMyOpinion
    Can't say that life has treated me badly. At least not to the point I get to complain about it since there are so many people in worse situations than me. But I can say that talking helps. Talking with someone that will listen with no prejudice and with the intent of helping you is one of the best things you can have.
    Funny thing how it can sometimes come from strangers.
  • you are in a constant state of learning. Life is a lesson
  • willisg
    Time is short. You have maybe 80 years to do everything. 20 of that is spent with parents and school. Now you are down to 60 years left.
    Every one don't start at the started line equally. Every one don't have a good coach at the beginning of life.
    Life doesn't rape you it's the people that started you off in life.
    Any defects a person has it's not life fault. When you are alive you are alive in life's house. How you got here and what conditions a person is in has nothing to do with life because people bring people bring people to life. Life doesn't care it mine it's on business. If you re struggling life will watch you. Life doesn't have to do anything to you because all life has to is watch what people do with time. Time and life re cousins. Time and life was created. Life was created when the universe was created. Time was created later. Time watches humans because it's entertaining to see how a being with limited time use him or her.
  • Silverio_Stieger
    The WILL
  • farhaan7part2
    Listening to I'm not afraid by eminem
  • Anonymous
    what kind of question is this