Female Aesthetics, Ribs and Shoulders (fix)


How to fix flared ribs and short shoulder width without painful invasive surgery. (Being realistic here, this will take 1-2 years).

Female Aesthetics, Ribs and Shoulders (fix)

The above pic is an example of a flared rib cage.

Female Aesthetics, Ribs and Shoulders (fix)

The above pic is an example of a short shoulder width.

Example of a good aesthetic shoulder:

Female Aesthetics, Ribs and Shoulders (fix)

Exercises to do to widen shoulders are wide lateral raises and wide push ups.

Female Aesthetics, Ribs and Shoulders (fix)
Female Aesthetics, Ribs and Shoulders (fix)

Good lat muscles and upperback will compensate for your flared rib cage in the front. The goal here is to get a wide upperback (wings).

Female Aesthetics, Ribs and Shoulders (fix)

Exercises to grow wings, Wide chin ups and Wide grip squats

Female Aesthetics, Ribs and Shoulders (fix)
Female Aesthetics, Ribs and Shoulders (fix)

A nice set of strong oblique muscles will greatly compensate for your flared rib cage.

Female Aesthetics, Ribs and Shoulders (fix)

Spider-Man pushups or weighted oblique crunches

Female Aesthetics, Ribs and Shoulders (fix)

Last but not least, the Golden Era Vacuum pose. Overtime, your flared ribs will compress, and this pose will give you good posture over time. It took me a whole year to flatten my stomach with this pose, this is the only abdominal exercise I do. The trick is to breath OUT all your air, then imagine bringing your belly button back towards your spine. Great for relieving stomach bloat, stomach gas and you will look more photogenic in pictures!

Female Aesthetics, Ribs and Shoulders (fix)
Female Aesthetics, Ribs and Shoulders (fix)
Female Aesthetics, Ribs and Shoulders (fix)
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  • CubsterShura
    Oh man I'm gonna become Arnold Schwarzenegger after this lockdown is over, thanks a lot :'D
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    • Mikeilito

      I’m serous check wit a trainer and see plus you get in better heath it’s a win win

    • Thanks for MHO!

    • Mikeilito

      Cubster being new here I’m not about the awards etc but I can’t figure what MHO is supposed to mean help?

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  • potatoiswhoiam
    Is it possible to get flared ribs from abs exercises? Cuz I notice that when I'm not doing those my ribs look fine (maybe cuz they're not that defined, idk), but after exercising (core or ab exercises) they get flared with the left rib bigger than my right rib and it looks annoying and also feels sore.
    Do you know of any other way to fix this other than working out my shoulders? I really don't want my shoulders to get broader to fix that.
    • Ohh so after reading more carefully, the broad shoulders is separate than the other exercises you suggest?

    • It depends on how you do your ab exercises. Long distance runners have stronger hearts and a strong big lung so their rib cages are bigger. There is nothing wrong with that but for aesthetic purposes, the vacuum pose is the best. Breath out all your air, then compress your stomach. Breathing in air and holding it will make your rib cages bigger.

      Your shoulders won’t grow to a bowling ball if that’s what you’re worried about. These exercises have posture changing effects. Your bones, muscles, and tendons will adapt to the posture of the wide grip squat and lateral raises.

  • Akshayjosh
    I didn't matter to me.. To be specific girls have a narrow shoulder line with a broad waist line,

    If your doing these exercises proportionately , good.
    But its getting overcooked, you'll start looking like a man.
    Which is a turn off at least for me
  • jonlikesboobies
    You all are crazy just be the way you are... That's the way your body is either accept it or don't but don't go trying to make unnecessary changes to yourself... That's just plain and simple stupid.. spend the money on a vacation or mind altering drugs cause you all need help just cause you are different doesn't mean to go make yourself confirm to society's standards... Just be happy with what you have accept it for what it is and move on in your lifethem you may see your not that different from every one else stop trying to change things that should not be changed...
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  • Mikeilito
    Look don’t opt for surgeryasu age cause more problems unless it’s causing. Health issues leave alone! The shoulders you can fix by putting muscle on, talk to a trainer the ribs yiu could S well with pullovers it will stretch the rib cage around chest catching it up with bottom half changing the semitry adding a normal look but the rib cage is easier to stretch the younger yiu are if your in your early 20s or teen it can be done very quickly, example are Bodybuilders that big chest is in part to expanding the rib cage to pack on muscle look at Arnold swartznegger 60” chest and he preached the art the only diference yiur not going to pack on muscle also make your Breasts look bigger! Check with a trainer but don’t do costly surgery! Good luck
  • hi_it_is_me123
    I love these rips and Would not give up on it
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    • Mikeilito

      Short shoulders or narrow can be made wider or look much more by compound movements such as presses font and back! front delt is same as rear gets most from chest and back workout so be careful you can overwork the front and rear delt easy to overwork such a small muscle can shut down growth so seek help from gym trainer or professional
      The medial deltoid needs the added work to grow cause it won’t get the extra work to the degree front and rear delta will from chest and back workouts so cable and dumbbell work will be essential in broadening the width
      Check wit your gym proffesional for advise!

  • cute_short_nerd
    That looks unnatural
  • willisg
    Do pull overs.
  • Mrsao
    Omg they turn me on
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  • simissivesissyman
    I love u
  • Anonymous
    Didn't realize anyone gave a shit about these things.
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