People who complain about wearing a mask, score high on sociopathy - the science is in!


This will no doubt be divisive. Mocked by mask complainers, no doubt. They tend to be anti science anyway, amongst other traits.

But for the rest of us, this will be somewhat interesting. Because it provides substantive support for the (perhaps hidden) belief that our angry neighbors are more than a little sociopathic and lacking in basic empathy. Because they put their own minor convenience ahead of the lives of their fellows and use all sorts of lies to justify that selfishness.

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New research from Brazil has found that people who are unconcerned with adhering to measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 tend to display higher levels of traits associated with antisocial personality disorder, also known as sociopathy. The findings have been published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences.

Researchers found that those who scored higher on measures of callousness, deceitfulness, hostility, impulsivity, manipulativeness, and risk-taking tended to be less compliant with COVID-19 containment measures, such as socially distancing, washing hands frequently, and wearing a facemask in public. Participants with greater empathy, on the other hand, tended to be more compliant with COVID-19 containment measures.

Masks work - and save lives, despite what the sociopaths claim.
Masks work - and save lives, despite what the sociopaths claim.

“Our findings indicated that antisocial traits, especially lower levels of empathy and higher levels of Callousness and Risk-taking, are directly associated with compliance with containment measures. These traits explain, at least partially, the reason why people continue not adhering to the containment measures even with the increasing numbers of cases and deaths,” the researchers said.

“Exposing oneself and others to risk, even when it can be avoided, is a typical trait for people with antisocial tendencies, and with low levels of empathy.”

This new study from Brazil, matches the findings already found and reported from similar studies done in the United States and Poland.

If you know people like this in real life, it's about time you realized that they are not just assholes. They are sociopaths. Treat them accordingly.

People who complain about wearing a mask, score high on sociopathy - the science is in!
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  • CuteNerd9
    First, I believe you've misunderstood the study. At least you've misrepresented it in the wording of your question. Its that people who score higher tend to be less likely to comply with the mask order. Not that people who complain about the mask order score higher. Of course people with lower levels of empathy are going to put their needs and comfort above others, but that doesn't mean everyone who fails to comply with the mask order has low levels of empathy. Of those that are against the mask orders, I believe there are three main groups.

    1. Yes, people who just don't like them and don't care. But I don't think this is the main group.

    2. People who are concerned about governmental control. I believe this is probably the largest group. At least anecdotally with the people I know and where I live. Its more of a concern that the government is testing its limits regarding public compliance. It has nothing to do with putting their comfort over the safety of others. There's plenty of evidence to support this concern as well.

    3. People who have medical/psychological issues with wearing a mask. I am in this category, with possibly a little from category 2. Wearing a mask causes me to have panic attacks. Intellectually I know I can breath, but my body reacts as if I can't. So I wear a mask, but under my nose to prevent having a panic attack.
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    • There is another group who have read detailed scientific studies and do not believe there is a reason to wear a mask. 1. Its death rate is similar to the flu. 2. Cloth masks do nothing. High risk individuals should wear n95 masks. 3. Nobody even claims the masks will stop anything, its to flatten the curve but hospitals are not overwhelmed anywhere where i live and so whats the point of flattening a flat curve?

      This and then add in both 1 and 2. They are dumb uncomfortable do nothing and government needs to stay out of my fucking business.

    • yeah.. my wife is autistic.. She has trouble with masks because of the way they feel, and the routine change.. It causes her to have meltdowns and panic attacks.. So she does not wear one.. And i am from the @bamesjond0069 category.. I will not submit to government control. I tested negative for covid.. who the hell am i protecting... I do what i have always done, i keep my distance from people, i wash my hands. i dont touch my face.. And if masks are required for me to do business i will grudgingly wear them.. But otherwise i simply will not.

  • I hate the mask, as it is very uncomfortable, but I wear it out of respect for everyone and for myself.
    People who refuse to comply are extremely selfish and disregarding of other people's rights.
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    • I’m the exact same way

    • chapawapa

      Yup. Agree

    • Joindaclun

      Other people’s rights?
      It’s my right not to wear it

      Your the selfish one not respecting my right not to wear one and trying to force me to wear something I don’t want to

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  • Anonymous
    They tell people to wear a mask, to wash their hands, to socially distance, and to stay at home. But no one is holding press conferences emphasizing the sheer importance of vitamin D3 blood levels. No one is talking about the fact that many oxidative therapies kill and prevent the virus without any side effects. No one is talking about the fact that the mortality rate could potentially be reduced by about 50% if people had enough vitamin D3 in the blood. No one is talking about the fact that if you become iodine sufficient, viruses and bacteria are weakened as your blood passes through the thyroid every 15 minutes.

    No one is talking about BHT antiviral effect, lauric acid, monolaurin, selenium, zinc, magnesium. There is no mention of the fact that people with low glutathione levels are more vulnerable to Covid-19. Even vitamin C levels drop severely in every single Covid-19 case...

    Nutrition and the immune system are the way, but it is ignored and other things are pushed... like masks. If nutrition was at the forefront of all advice, and then they talked about the importance of masks, it would make sense. But ignoring the immune system, and the fact that the entire health system focuses on toxic drugs that act as an immune system surrogate means you should be asking yourself why.
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    • msc545

      Another internet Doctor speaks. Complete bullshit.

    • @msc545 How do you know they are not a doctor?

    • msc545

      @Chriscunning I really hope that person isn't a doctor. If they are, I certainly wouldn't wanna be there patient.

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  • bluetoblack99
    This makes total sense. Some people are just rude period.

    I’m a conservative but I’m not an anti masker. But it’s debatable if it really helps or not (Fauci said the opposite months ago). People are more pissed off about the government subjectively shutting down their businesses as “non essential” when they weren’t a high risk place to begin with.

    I know a woman who had here rejuvenation clinic that could have at most 10 people in the entire office shut down. She had her dream evaporated. It’s bullshit like that which has people pissed off. There is a also a much deeper agenda on to purposely harm American enterprise to bring socialism to the United Stated which is heinous bullshit.
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    You obviously have no training in statistics and probability. Moreover the standards that psychologist, et al use to determine if someone is a sociopath, psychopath, or a Cluster B Personality. Firstly the sample size from your "study" is extremely low. Also, in this "study," you cannot determine if someone has an above listed personality disorder simply from a questionnaire. It requires a lengthy process of getting to know the individual/patient before making such a determination. If a therapist were to make such a diagnosis based on a questionnaire, not only would they be discredited as a therapist, but their career would be on the way over a cliff. So in the end, this "study" would fall into the category of junk science. I also would implore anyone and everyone to read the psychological history and how it was constantly and consistently misused by the powers to be suppress dissent.
  • BazookaTrouper
    Another thing to think about when I'm at the voting booth this November.
  • DeltaCharlieEcho
    The people that come into my business without a mask that bitch about it get kicked out, by me. I know they don't make a difference in physical transmission, that's not the point. The point is to give people a sense of safety and develop a reasonable normal. People that don't wear the damn masks are attention seeking assholes that think they know more about everything than they really do when in reality they're just screaming out for attention.
    A few people have argued with other employees of mine and when I walk up they always shut up and put the damn mask on because I don't play games and I don't look like I'll take shit. It's interesting though that this study was actually done.
    • gotc147

      So you're further pushing a false narrative in favor of feeling rather than fighting for truth and educating people.

      You are the problem.

  • Aiko_E_Lara
    Complaining about it is natural. But of course we have to wear it for safety. It's only natural to talk about how uncomfortable they are. Why? Do you honestly think mask is comfortable and not suffocating to wear? If you think so then good for you but that's not always the case for people. Specially if you're living in a humid region. Perhaps you can't change your title to "People who REFUSE to wear mask score on high sociopathy" because if that's the case, i can ask surveys about people on how they feel about mask. 90% of them would say its suffocating but it doesn't mean they refuse.
  • OddBeMe
    Makes sense. If you don’t wear a mask you lack empathy.
  • mrgspoter
    Surgical mask or one that stops a person spreading it?
  • Nadim171
    I score high on sociopathy but I'm not a mask complainer 🤷🏻‍♂️
  • joeldalton
    lol, this isn't science. It's bullshit.
  • MountAverage
    No suprises there.
    Glad our scientists are hard at work
    • Who Bill Gates? ha ha ha

    • _SOARER

      @curiouscuriouser I was being sarcastic and commenting on the study that the writer shared.
      Who cares if mask deniers are sociopaths

  • FýrdracaDócincel
    Sue us and lose.
    😂😂😂This is awesome.
  • Sabretooth
    or, just brainwashed.
  • Jmmmfi4
    I don't wear a mask & that's not going to change
  • Anonymous
    First of ASD & sociopaths aren't one and the same. It's a common mistake by anti-scientific people who can't read the studies properly, ironically. So that puts an immediate flaw in this "study" to begin with.

    ASD (antisocial disorder) is experienced by people with a wide range of mental disabilities & other situational conditions. Autistics as an example can have ASD does that make them a sociopath no but ignorants will try to say it does. Abuse victims can have ASD does that make them a sociopath no but morons will try to say it does. It is also experienced by people who have grown up in rotten households, grown up in downtrodden criminal plagued areas, etc. That's why it's called an anti-social disorder because the person doesn't really care for society for a legitimate reason not just to be assholes.

    Sociopaths well thing is, on the other hand, they are a societal construction. That's why they are called socio (as in society) paths not psychopaths the latter of which increasing research says psychopaths literally don't give a fuck because they can't feel empathy. This is why the average sociopath has mental or physical disabilities that has led to either their mental, psychological, physical, sexual abuse, and/or isolation and harassment by society. As a friend once said as a figurative comparable kick a dog enough & it'll bite your leg off. That is what has become of sociopaths. That is why, as a rather easy example it's become so commonplace, school shooters are sociopaths as some have been labeled they're the fault of society failing - failing to realize there's a problem, failing to intervene, etc. - till it got to the point these people decided to 'bite the leg off'.

    Ignorant anti-scientific people uneducated about psychology think it's a sociopath's fault. They fail to realize that dub means it's more society's fault things happened.

    I'll turn it to masks.

    Some people can't wear masks. Autistics as an example can't easily wear them. People with other developmental issues can't easily wear them. People with a history of lung disease ironically can't easily wear them. People with asthma can't easily wear them. People who are chronic smokers can't easily wear them.

    Does this make them a sociopath? No. Not even close. Are they selfish? No. Not even close. Society will make them selfish sociopaths in their ignorance & stupidity which, as above, is typical of "sociopathy". Society's to blame.

    In essence, because these people stand out they are "sociopaths". The ignorance of society is what makes society pathetic in this case. Much like how society's ignorance of a bullied child makes society pathetic when that person shoots their tormentor.

    Some people won't wear masks. It infringes on their rights, etc. Are they sociopaths? No. Not even close. Are they selfish? Yes. To degrees. Does that make them a sociopath? No. Not even close.

    Like I said at above the dub sociopathy is often used by ignorant anti-scientific people. In this situation, it is used to try and force conformity and little more. Thus the study is nothing more than slapped together rubbish unfit for a psychologist to wipe their ass with.
  • Anonymous
    I take it you didn't actually read the study

    Ever heard the phrase "correlation is not causation" ?

    How about the phrase "there are legitimate reasons to not wear a mask"?

    Oh and what about the one "there is no scientific basis for the wearing of masks"

    • "correlation is not causation." Well, if you don't have enpathy for other people's health, then why would you wear a mask? If you have empathy then you would wear a mask for the common good (e. g., not spreading a virus).

      "there are legitimate reasons to not wear a mask." Then cite it before you go rambo on store owners dumbass, that is, if you have any "legitamate reasons."


      "Republicans are suddenly fond of subpoenas again. They plan to issue them to “a wide variety of Obama administration officials” in connection with the FBI’s investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential campaign, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said last week: “The American people deserve answers about how such abuses could happen.

      Republicans famously defied subpoenas issued by the House during its attempts to investigate discrete aspects of President Donald Trump’s sprawling criminality. Indeed, even the most somber constitutional endeavor — impeachment — was met with a near-blanket stonewall from the White House, which refused to make documents or personnel available."

      When it's Obama, "yes, yes, yes, subpoena his ass; I've been waiting for this moment for 12 years." When it's Trump, "Oh no, we can't do that, we have to respect the rule of law."

    • Anonymous

      @HomerSexual I'll stop you right at your first sentence. There are reasons not to wear a mask other than not having empathy for peoples health. With the correct knowledge, one realizes that wearing a mask actually endangers not only your own health, but the health of those around you as well.

      It's called a false premise, the premise that masks are healthy or stop viral transmission.

  • Anonymous
    I am a psychopath or a sociopath still I love wearing masks and basically putting as many social barriers as possible ( although that may have to do with my introversion ). I was wearing masks years before this pandemic ( discovered the custom in east Asia ), have been wearing hoodies / hooded clothes with huge hoods since my teen years, bandanas, caps / hats, sunglasses etc, anything to put as many social barriers between me and the people.

    That being said I love that mask became socially acceptable throughout the world by becoming compulsory, that social and physical distancing was imposed, that crowds are discouraged / banned and all that.

    So there are psychopaths and / or sociopaths that not also don ' t oppose those rules, but welcome them.
  • Anonymous
    Why would I take you serious? Look at your Communistic picture...
  • Anonymous
    “A study says this and that, therefore it’s true.”
    Here’s a better one
    “The experts say this and that, therefore it’s true.”

    Right because studies are always unbiased and 100% accurate. What an absolute joke. Talk about an argument from authority. What is actually more concerning is how you leftists are using psychiatry and psychology as political weapons much like how the Soviet Union did during the Cold War.
  • Anonymous
    LOL. "New research from Brazil has found that people who are unconcerned with adhering to measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 tend to display higher levels of traits associated with antisocial personality disorder, also known as sociopathy." Just because you exhibit some traits associated with sociopathy doesn't mean you are a sociopath. Some probably are sociopaths, and some probably aren't.
  • Anonymous
    I only complain about the mask when it’s super hot outside and I can’t breathe properly. But even then I try to avoid larger crowds and stay home. I will wear my mask 😷 to protect myself and others. Beyond that I won’t fuss and it is what it is. Hopefully this passes but this covid thing should be a wake up and better ourselves. But I get the feeling when it does pass, people will go back to their same stupid ways.
    • joeblow123

      You make it sound like we brought COVID-19 upon ourselves.

    • Anonymous

      @joeblow123 well if it’s man made it could be, I’m not ruling this virus was created in a lab. You can deny the facts. But this world will witness another economic collapse worse then the Great Depression and then WW3... two thirds of the worlds population will be wiped out one day. Hmm the economic, virus, war thing seems eerily similar to a particular time during the 1900s, what happened after WW2? Oh that’s right the establishment of the Zionist regimes for world domination and “ethnic cleansing” by western powers. This goes beyond a “mask” and I wouldn’t be surprised if you read this and thought “pft! Whatever” but I predicted it things in 2018 and 2019 about this new decade and so far has all come to fruition. No I’m not a psychic, I actually read books, listen to different inputs and understand religious prophecies.

  • Anonymous
    I am against the masks and actually scored low on every sociopath test I have taken. I just have enough experience in the medical field to know that masks do not stop viruses. However, one does not need medical experience to realize this if they just read the small print on the packages of the masks they by as the CDC themselves list viruses as things the masks cannot stop. The whole mask thing is just a measure to make people feel secure but does not serve any purpose against COVID-19. Another interesting thing about psychologists and psychiatrists, the ones who design personality tests, is that 80% of them score high on tests to determine sociopathic tendencies.
  • Anonymous
    This is not "science" it is BS. People are right to complain, first because they were told NOT TO BUY masks when this stared BECAUSE THEY WERE INEFFECTIVE. We were lied to, and we have a right to be mad.
    Second, MY BODY MY CHOICE! Guess what, if complaining about wearing the mask makes you a sociopath what does that make the abortion crowd? You people can eat your cake or keep it, but not both. The seeds you have sown must now be reaped.
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    Better to be a mindful robot without a mask, then a mindless one with a mask.
  • Anonymous
    The research says

    "Lower levels of empathy and higher levels of Callousness, Deceitfulness, and Risk-taking are associated with lower compliance with containment measures."

    sounds like a typical trump supporter alright.
  • Anonymous

    True sociopaths will try to blend in to convey whatever cunaving or naferious acts & thoughts they posses
    • Aak1980

      What in the hell is going on?

  • Anonymous
    Yeah it makes sense and it’s also true for me. I’m not concerned about complying with the safety measures whatsover and I do always score very high on internet sociopath tests.
  • Anonymous
    I’m so tired of this crap. All of it.
  • Anonymous
    Anti-science? or Anti-virtue-signalling? Hmmmmm. . .