Got acne? me too, but are you sure it isn't your gut?

Got acne? me too, but are you sure it isnt your gut?

Hello and welcome (lol, I'm clearly not the best writer) Anyways, allow me to introduce myself- or.. shall we say my acne.

you see my acne started back when I was a wee little one in 6th grade on pictured day... yep, picture day. I know some of you are cringing through your screens right now- I know! carrying on, from that point forward it began to get painful, cyst-like red bump EVERYWHERE! oh and blackheads.. pfft, you thought they weren't going to tag along... if only. and of course, I did the unpardonable sin of picking my pimples because... I saw hope at the end of that tunnel ok?

But you wanna know what was worse than the acne itself? The Julies... oh yes.. we've ALL met a Julie at some point. " have you tried washing your face?" " you know it could be because of all that makeup" " ugh I can relate to you so much now, I just got 1 single pimple on my forehead" ( as I have a casual colony of pimples on my forehead) you get the point.

Recently I decided I wanted clear skin SO BAD! Like you know how you can get a real bad craving for Mcdonalds at midnight? yeah, I wanted clear skin THAT bad!

So naturally, one goes to see the person who knows all about skin. a dermatologist. I was recommended an antibiotic topic gel that had 1% clindamycin and 5% benzoyl peroxide.

Now when I tell you I was ecstatic to get this cream! OH, WE WERE ECSTATIC! this was the answer to my prayers. Ms. clear skin here I come. Oh pimples, your gonna be a thing of the past... the passstttt!

But of course, after a week of using it- I broke out. And not just, oops I got 3 pimples on top of each other, more like OOPS I GOT 3 PIMPLES ON TOP OF ANOTHER 3 PIMPLES EVERYWHERE! *sigh* I think we can understand my frustration. My dermatologist had failed to tell me that this antibiotic gel-cream does not work on sensitive skin. Oh, by the way, I have EXTREMELY sensitive skin.

At that point, I was done. Not even the mask could keep the pimples out of the line of vision of the cute guy I'm stalking at the grocery store.

I began searching for anything! literally anything!

I found a bunch of youtube videos linking the health of your gut and the health of your skin. Dairy was a horrible acne culprit because of how much sugar was in it, gluten was known for inflaming the small intestines.

at this point, I was willing to give it a shot. I cut out dairy and gluten. each morning I juiced celery and carrots which are known to help with the skin and gut health. I would also drink vitamin D in water and chlorophyll. I would also take multivitamins. (all in the morning before eating) I would then proceed to have my breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and then right before bed I would take a probiotic. (almost every youtube video of people who cleared their skin, everyone was taking a probiotic) I drank tons and tons of water. But I knew diet alone wasn't enough. so 4 out of the 7 days I did intense workouts to sweat and clean the toxins out. I kept my skincare regime simple! I would use a Cetaphil gentle daily scrub once a day with maracuja oil as my moisturizer. I also bought the play clay to mousse cleanser that exfoliates ( I use once a week) I also have the Aveeno unscented skin relief moisturizer, in case I needed extra moisture.

Slowly but surely, my skin cleared! Oh and I had those annoying white bumps on my forehead that wouldn't pop, yea those are gone too! my skin isn't fully clear but its progress and I want to encourage all of you to look into the relations between your gut health to your skin health.

A lot of topical gels and creams just treat the symptoms and not the causes. I understand how upsetting acne can be. so if you've tried everything and it isn't working, give this a shot!

if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Got acne? me too, but are you sure it isn't your gut?
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  • pleasestopthis
    What about the scars? I don't get pimples as bad as before but surely when I'm under severe stress a HUGE blind pimple appears!! it wouldn't be so bad if it went away after some time, but it leaves a big ugly scar.
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    • Anonymous

      I found when taking the vitamin D it helped reduce the appearance of scars. I would also put a raw honey mask on 1-2 times a week to help with the scars. I left it on for 30 minutes, but try 10-15 and if you have no problems, slowly build it up. overtime, and it is a game of patience, your scars will slowly go away. sometimes blind pimples, I've found, can be an irritated hair follicle. ill get horrendous blind pimples around my sideburns, and hair line area or forehead. eventhought they say not to pop it, i find personally that helps bring it to the surface so it can go away. but don't take my word on the popping of blind pimple.

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  • Shamalien
    Excellent take, I agree it’s important to treat the cause not the symptom and it starts with diet exercise and clean water
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  • Zealashton
    acne, what is it, simple,
    food, acidity, time tempature, oxegen and mostor.
    bactira also love sugger.
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    • Anonymous

      I agree. I think food out of those options helps to play a huge roll.

    • no food, is , your skin, you are litterly made up of food, bactira , eats you oils, your skin, and more, lols
      you are a liveing pice of food, lols

      if you take a cooking corus, they teach you about FATTOM.

    • also the bigest contributer for bactiral growth, is not , acidity, food, temp , moisture

      its Oxygen but their is no heling it, but high amounts of surger in a diet is bad for the skin

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  • Tea-Spaghetti
    Is that your skin? Wow I'm so sorry ! But your health advice sounds golden I will try I think thank you.
  • Iron_Man
    Is that your real pic?
  • Rangers
    You still look very pretty
  • omerkutuk
    Get well soon