New to working out and what I learned along the way


I am 36 years and am a diabetic for the past 15 years. I have had issues with keeping myself in shape and losing weight throughout my life growing up. I used to weight 160 pounds in high school but entering college, I gained 20 pounds and weighed 180 pounds. In my 20's I continued to gain weight and went 189 pounds. In my early 30's I was at 198 pounds close to 200 pounds. I felt tired and like the energy had been drained out of my life.

200 pounds 2014
200 pounds 2014

Last year I started doing treadmill which I have for 40 minutes a day or an hour. Besides the treadmill, I started doing yoga but not traditional yoga, DDPY. It's a program that I had in 2013 but never really kept at it and saw results like my A1C drop from 9.5 to 6.3 in three to six months but only lost like 5 pounds. I started back on DDPY in November 2020 with the Beginner 2.0 program. I got my Manduka Pro mat and did Diamond Dozen which was the tutorial. I did the first week and it was hard. I got a yoga block and heart rate monitor and even subscribed to the App to track my progress along the way. By the end of November I had gone from 198 pounds to 190 pounds. December I was wearing large shirts again which before I used to wear X Large shirts cause Large was tight. My stomach being to shrink and I started not feeling hungry anymore. I cut off soda, sugar, greasy foods, milk, candy, junk food, juice, bread, tea, etc and started eating salad for lunch and dinner. January 2020, I weighed myself and now weigh 186.6 pounds! I am not done yet as I want to reach my goal of 160 pounds by June 2020. I learned that I can workout if I stick with the program and I gained my confidence back which was gone in my life. DDPY has changed my life and I wished I had done this in my 20's and stuck with the program! I am 36 years old and feel like I turned back time and am in my 20's! I feel so much better and have more energy and love myself now. I used to hate seeing a overweight 20 year old in the mirror looking back at him. Now it's slowly coming together my body.

New to working out and what I learned along the way

January 2021, 186.6 pounds.

New to working out and what I learned along the way
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  • yeahguy2
    You can do it man, just like my dad has done.
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    • art84

      My dad used to run when he was in his 30's and that's how he got in shape. I know I can keep in shape if I keep at excercising daily.

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  • Razzamatazz001
    Dude I'm not reading all that. All I can say is man up and use some willpower. Just diet and exercise and get it done.
  • the_sinner
    That’s great.
    Keep going.
  • Anonymous
    Kudos to you. A lot of people just complain and never put in the work, but one step at a time, and you'll eventually get there.