ADHD Awareness 2 : What is ADHD?


Hello dear GAGers, readers. 😍
There's the second Take of the series, and I already feel like George Lucas 😉😅

So what is ADHD? 🤔

Ok if you're a professional, there are actually lectures on YouTube on the matter, from sources like the University of Pennsylvania. These are detailed complex explanations about ADHD which are so valuable. If you're looking for the basic knowledge in this subject, you can also find a lot of information online.

"I got it"
"I got it"

I admit that I don't completely understand the differences between terms like "disease", "syndrome" and "disorder". In fact I am not qualified to explain any information to the public with regards to this field. But what I am doing here, is trying to reach out for the confusion that might be there even with all these available information. When there is confusion in any subject, I think we tend to neglect it. And please don't do that..!

  • We may usually be aware of the causes of many preexisting psychological conditions that are attributed mostly to developmental psychology or traumatising life events. What's interesting about ADHD is that it has a neurobiological cause that's - from what I understand - caused by one gene. A gene that to some degree deprives the brain from two important neurotransmitters, which are dopamine and norepinephrine. [What's their function? 🤔 How about in text Take đŸ˜Ŧ]
Brain structure
Brain structure
  • The frontal lobe, is the most important part of the brain in any human body. According to my poor information, starting from the Amygdala towards this part of the brain, the neurological structure becomes more and more developed and complex. And it is found that an ADHDer has a lower blood flow in this area of the brain, and higher blood flow in the Occipital and temporal lobes.

Trust me :-

An ADHDer is an awesome person. If your child has turned out to be one, you should understand that they can lead a very normal and successful life, and that you are an awesome parent too that you want to see that happening.

ADHD is supposed to be one of those conditions that are meant to be lifelong, but thankfully with the help of medication and behavioral therapy, ADHD can be DEFEATED, its symptoms limited and tackled.

With the help of medications such as treatment and stimulants they can help the brain get well relative to a nurotypical, behavioral therapy or CBT, council, support groups, are also important for them to coexist in a neurotypical environment that doesn't understand them, where they are also required to compete.!!

This very apparent neurological problem manifests various symptoms in people that show up in different categories:-
1- Inattentive (ADD)
2- Hyperactive
3- Combined

ADHDers are classified into two groups:-
2- Adults

Now how can we recognise ADHDers? How do they vary in terms of age and symptoms?

For that we wait for the next Take 😅 God help me. Thank you for reading 🌹I hope this was helpful and entertaining.
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1- My story with Attention Defecit Disorder.
2- What is ADHD
3- About ADHDers.
4- ADHDers are coming at you!

ADHD Awareness 2 : What is ADHD?
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  • Darksign

    People with adhd are so much more interesting than neurotypicals. I've always known I was different from everyone else and although I wa smarter than everyone else it was harder for me to do things socially/emotionally. This is a basic overview of adhd and its important to mention we feel emotions stronger and usually have another mental health issue that comes with adhd. Mine is social anxiety disorder

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  • pjf1958

    I was diagnosed with ADHD in 2010 at the VA in Loma Linda. I also was diagnosed with Narcolepsy when I was nine. Again when I was 32. There is a link between the two disorders.

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    • invalid1

      In ADHD we don't feel sleepy, we feel unmotivated mostly depressed. Which even if you aren't sleepy, you just want to sleep because nothing makes you happy or excited.

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  • Kas19

    I have had ADHD since I was a child. I was put on a medication that turned me into a zombie and was apparently taken to court a few times :')

    I've yet to be treated for it and it has made learning and just functioning pretty difficult. I've been picking up on certain things that have made it a little easier, but it's still pretty difficult lmao. Finally seeking treatment now that I can afford it.

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