Girls, should I go see a doctor?

haha i know stupid question, but im asking more for your experiences. k so i started my period almost three years ago and im still irregular. They say it's noraml to be irregular for the first couple years but it's been a bit longer than that. I get my period only every few months usually. never on the predicted date, like a week off. the thing that seems to be consistant is that it last 3 to 4 days. how long did it take you get your periods on a normal regualar schedule? I think i might bring it up at the docters if this is not normal. I could go on the pill or something to try and fix it.

Oh and P. S. I guess it's kinda weird that i would want it more often but I just want it to be predictable< not always suprising me
Girls, should I go see a doctor?
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