How can I ask my girlfriend to get a bigger butt and what exercises are good for it?

My girlfriend is very active, probably the opposite of what you thought she would be if I said she had a small butt. But she isn't just active, she is too active, whether it's dancing, swimming, or working out. Her thighs are amazing, they are a perfect tan, round and smooth, but her butt doesn't feel the same. When ever I feel any part of her body, all I feel is muscle with only a little fat, it's not bulging muscle, but bigger than the average girl. She says she wants to be at least a little comparable to me since I am pretty lean myself. The problem is that she has so little fat for a girl, that she doesn't have as many feminine features as the average girl, she has big arms for a girl, strong abs, even a pretty strong back, which leaves no room for fat to make the natural curves. Whenever I touch her butt, it's really hard compared to the girlfriends I had before, and a lot flatter even though she works out way more than them. I'm not asking her to stop exercising and gain a ton of weight, I just want her to adjust her diet and workout to make her butt a little fatter. Even she has wanted to do it but she doesn't know what exercise how much of it to and what to eat do in order to get it fatter. So what can she do to make her butt fatter? I hope this doesn't come off as petty because that isn't my intention, I like her a lot more than any other girl I've had and I wouldn't leave her over something like this.
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She WANTS a fatter butt too, but she doesn't know how to do it, I don't want you guys thinking she is against it or anything.
How can I ask my girlfriend to get a bigger butt and what exercises are good for it?
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