Should I trust the coach in my Gym (in terms of fitness knowledge) ?

Okay so he asked me like 3 weeks ago what were my fitness goals, I told him to lower my body fat % and increase my Muscle mass to become toned.
He gave me a plan, everyday cardio for 40 minutes ( I use the elliptical with a certain intensity and certain speed not to go under).--> My heart rate is between 155/170 during the whole session.

On top of the cardio he told me to do strength training everyday, one day upper body, and one day lower body ( using the machines like biceps curls machine for example, 5 for the upper body and 5 for the lower body 3x15)+ abs everyday.

The coaches in my gym are athletic fit and hot lol but they are not like Bodybuilders, they are not very jacked, like most of the muscular guys on here are bulkier than them (they still have hot and muscular bodies though).
So I'm not sure, and after reading some articles it says that cardio is not that beneficial unless you want to run a marathon or something. Plus apparently it could be counterproductive as it destroys the muscles you build during weight training.

Should I keep on doing 40 minutes cardio + 30/40 minutes weight training everyday and trust my coach?

Yes trust him.
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Nope don't trust him.
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Should I trust the coach in my Gym (in terms of fitness knowledge) ?
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