My boyfriend has TERRIBLE protein farts. any solutions?

long story short, we both lifts weights and track macros. with my macros, i seem to be fine unless i get more than 25g of fiber... then i look 5 months prego for a couple of days lol

but as for my boyfriend, he sh*ts himself ALL DAMN DAY and it's HORRID!!! it's literally the worst smell in the world because it smells lethal/like death. yeah yeah i know it's hydrogen sulfide that's causing that putrid smell. but (no pun intended lol), is there a way to make it less suffocating?

earlier yesterday i was making food for when id be done in the gym and he walked over and just let one rip right beside me, then walked away. i nearly fell over dead cuz it was that bad. plus the smell lingered for a LONGGGG time

i asked him if he's eating too much protein and he said no. he's also not someone who has issues with lactose and he doesn't use artificial sweeteners so that's why im asking here because I don't know what else it could be truthfully

in my experience with protein, yeah i get really bad gas if i eat too much protein and if most of it comes from dairy. and yes you heard me correct. i, a female, have had terrible protein gas before but dont really anymore because after a few years of trial and error with certain foods, i learned what sources of protein work for my body and what doesn't when eaten often/in large amounts

anyways, is there a way for my boyfriend to lessen the horrendous smell of protein gas because he craps himself probably 15 - 25 times an hour and every single time it smells worse and worse lol
My boyfriend has TERRIBLE protein farts. any solutions?
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