I missed a birth control pill but took a Plan B, will I be okay?


So this week I was super stressed from tests and things as I’m in college.

I am on the combined birth control pill Mirvala 28 and I usually take them at 10 pm every day, never missed one. I took my pill regularly on Monday, but I completely forgot about Tuesday’s dose, and when I went to go take Wednesdays pill I saw realized I forgot and just took both pills at the same time. So at that point it had been almost 48 hours since I took my last pill.

I went over to my boyfriends house Thursday, and didn’t think to tell him so we had unprotected sex and he came inside me.

So I freaked out and the next day went and bought a Plan B and took it, 15 hours after the unprotected sex, and then just took my birth control pill like normal that night (which was yesterday)

My boobs are extremely sore and I have some lower cramps but just barely.

Did I do the right thing? Am I going to be okay? I told my boyfriend we’d just hold off sex until next week when I get my period because at that point I had only had 3 active pills left before my placebo week.
5 mo
Hey guys thank you for your answers they put me at ease! Got my period yesterday (or withdrawal bleed) so we’re all good! Not pregnant woo!
I missed a birth control pill but took a Plan B, will I be okay?
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