TEST: Old school psychology: which are you?

Without thinking: Pick A Face
Which are you?
TEST: Old school psychology: which are you?
According to Szondi...

1: "The Sadist." You were most likely dominated by a lot of authoritarian figures, such as parents or teachers, so you repress the feeling to dominate others, as you've been through your formative years."

2: "The Epileptic." This means that you "react to motions rather intensely, good or bad," and you repress negative emotions. "As such," the post reads, "you probably wear a strong emotional mask and are good at hiding the negative feelings from others whenever they bubble up under the surface."

3: "The Catatonic." is intelligent with an "overactive mind." In order to fight that overactivity, the post reads, "you've most likely become dutiful, inhibited, and rule-driven."

4: "The Schizophrenic." If you chose her, then you are probably "repressing apathy" for others. You might have trouble making interpersonal connections and relating to others.

5: "The Hysteric." But if you chose this picture, you might have "attention-seeking tendencies" that you repress. Maybe you were told to keep quiet or not to show off as a child, so you grew up to be quite modest.

6: "The Depressive." seems happy and bubbly on the surface, but deep down, you struggle with feelings of "self-worthlessness, even self-loathing and guilt." You have low self-esteem but try to combat these feelings by focusing on your work and other people.

7: "The Maniac." isn't exactly what it sounds like. If you chose this picture, you are probably "logical, mature, and balanced." You get annoyed when others are chaotic or loud, and that's because you are repressing your "hyperactive tendencies."

8: "Dissociative Identity Disorder." "bullied, defamed, or traumatized" by an authority figure as a kid, which may have made you "question yourself as a sexual partner." Now, you might try to adhere to the ideals of your gender, like being a "macho" man or an ultra-feminine woman.
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I’m the epileptic, which seems to have some truth. But it’s like astrology, we could find truth in anything.
TEST: Old school psychology: which are you?
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