Are addicts weak people?

Most addicts are as they are because they can't cope with reality. Many don't care to get help. Many don't care for their own health as long as they can shoot up. Many don't care who suffers as they feed their addictions willing to rob their own family members. Etc., etc., etc Everything about them says weak.
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1 y
For the naive ignorant fools saying no explain why. These people don't care. They'd happily beat you to a pulp, kick the shit out of you, etc. for your purse or wallet.
1 y
I find the defense of weak minded and weak willed individuals amusing. And that's all they are, weak willed & weak minded. Low to no morals.

Drug addicts as example. Willing to steal from their own relatives to feed their weaknesses. Caring little for their offspring that they put in harms way.

What else are they but weak? Someone asked if I could do away with phone, etc. as an example of simple addictions. Easily as I am not a weak willed or weak minded individual.
Are addicts weak people?
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