Do you have anxiety and your mind is always distracted?

I know a lot of people here also suffering from anxiety and other disturbing uncontrollable thoughts. Let me share a remedy with you that will work as easy as pie.

So whenever you have extreme anxiety or you feel distracted do ice therapy. I know few of your liberated and conditioned mindset won't understand this because to you it looks superficial. I would suggest before you form any weird assumption about anything first try it or at least make an effort to get to know its very own nature.

Go to your refrigerator, take a slightly medium-size ice cube. Rub the ice cube on your left collar bone continuously. You may rub it on your neck bone also. This will trigger your vagus nerve and it calms you like magic. You might feel very cold but your heart rate will slow down and your blood flow to your brain (your nervous system) will increase. You will feel your body will relax like I said as easy as pie.

This is a kind of therapy that originated from ancient meditation theraphy. Meditation is like food unless you don't eat it will not work for you. But it takes time to shift from junk food habits to healthy food habits (using it as a Metaphor).

If you have any questions or need any other tips based on your own variant of so-called anxiety lol, you may text me.

Go try ice therapy, tell me in the comments about your experiences.
Do you have anxiety and your mind is always distracted?
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