Got any idea what kinda food should I eat?

So, I'm in college and I got a pretty busy schedule.

I gotta get to class at 7:30 am and I still have a 1 hour commute from home to school. We also end a bit late which makes exercise almost impossible. I have classes Saturday too :)

I need to lose weight for my health and I just wanna know what kinda food do I eat and avoid to help me lose it.

I live in a place where rice is the main staple but I have restricted myself to 1 (or less) cup every breakfast only and no bread, no pasta, and water only for the rest of the day this past week. It has helped me maintain my weight and lose a bit of it. You don't usually see veggie salads here too Because of the rice thing...

so, any ideas?:)
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I have to lose 20 pounds to get to the normal range of the BMI. but my doctor says 40 :S I don't really know if I should lose 40 because I got bigger bones than anyone in my height range...
Got any idea what kinda food should I eat?
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