Do you hate it when someone wakes you up for a silly reason at night?


I am going to a doctor tomorrow to have my wounds checked and my dressing changed and I wanted to sleep on time to go there well rested.

My cousin and I are very close, we grew up together. She is a neuropsychologist and she got a very good job offer from NYC. She needs to send some documents and she wanted me to double check those. I don’t have any more qualifications than her, to be honest, I think she just has anxiety and wants me to confirm that everything is in check.

I have not slept properly for 2 days, as it feels quite uncomfortable to sleep with one of my leg immobile.

I finally fell asleep and suddenly my mom’s call woke me up. My aunt called her, telling that my cousin has been calling me unable to get to me and whole family called me to wake up to check my cousin’s documents.

I woke up and am about to check her documents and then keep on sleeping.

I know family is family and here I am, helping her, But I am a bit annoyed, It’s been just a few days post surgery, is it really necessary to wake me up midnight to check the documents any of my waking cousins could check? 🤦🏻‍♀️

Enough complaining, gotta go help her out. Just had to rant somewhere.

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It’s a bit funny though that She’s in the NYC and wakes me up from there here in Shanghai. 🤣

I feel needed. Feels good.
Do you hate it when someone wakes you up for a silly reason at night?
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