Epidemic deaths and measles vaccine, didn’t doctors know the low rate?

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1, i was reading about ancient epidemics. a town with 500 declared an epidemic when the 9th person died after 3 days of 3 deaths per day. they were primitive and lacked antibiotics all they could do was pray, they fasted from food and water. they prayed.

2 that made me wonder about modern epidemics. the information i had on measless and covid was sketchy so i needed some research... what i found today is shocking.

the worst year of measles epidemic here in u. s. was 1916, when u. s. was stilll nutral during world war one.

2, in 1916 in Florida only 77 people died of measles in a whole year in a whole big state of almost a million people. ten 10 deaths per 100,000. for that i had to get a needle? i hated needles. they hurt! but despite mentioned this my question is something else.

don't doctors know that very few people died from measles... relative to population? sure you can add deaths from year to year and all over the world and TOTAL millions! but that is not an epidemic at a specific time as above! even in a year low rate, it was just a trick to sell vax! and that was the worst year!

now average people like me and you dont have access to this until it is too late... but not even one of the days was a real epidemic! in fact even the annual total was a low rate as above.

although this is shocking and i feel tricked about the "mmr" vax ouch, this question is something else.

3, we do not distinguish between what is a high number of deaths and what is a short time! unless we compare to ancient standards 9 of 500 is 2%! in 3 days, but less then that rate, they would not even make a big deal!

but doctors... don't doctors know that measles as above, was not a deadly illness due to low fatality rate?

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Epidemic deaths and measles vaccine, didn’t doctors know the low rate?
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