Americans, how do you stay healthy?

Since I moved to the U.S. with my husband I gained 15 lbs in just half a year.

I don't even know where it all went wrong, but I need to change something.

I started riding my bike to work again and eat fruit with knife and fork the past 2 weeks, but I feel it's really hard to live healthy here.

We live in Houston so the heat here makes it hard to work out sometimes or even just walk to work instead of using the car with ac.

We have a pool but it's not big enough to work out in and I hate working out in air conditioned rooms. People who live in hot climates, how do you work out?

I guess part of the reason why I gained so much weight is because I bought more processed food than at home and just kinda underestimated how much calories it has. But no processed food is def harder to get here. Like we usually buy at wal mart and they don't even have really fresh salad, like they just have plastic bowls with already prepared salad. Or the plain yoghurt I used to buy still has a lot of added sugar. I would have never thought that. So people where do you buy? What do you avoid eating? Where do you get cheap, healthy food? If you eat out where do you go? What do you pack for lunch?

Of course everyone can answer, but I'm particularly asking for opinion from Americans here, because I feel your eating culture is very different from other countries.

And sorry if I made some mistakes, it's the first time I live in an English speaking country
Americans, how do you stay healthy?
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