Baby Name Problem. Please Help

Ok Guys and Girls, the future happiness of a child is in your hands.

Some family friends asked me a couple days ago to be Godmother to their new baby girl. She's two weeks old, still needs a name and her parents want me to give it to her. I think a name is incredibly important, it is the first thing of value that you are given and a huge part of your identity. It stays with you your entire life and is one of the first things that people find out about you, I want to name her something unique and with meaning but I have to choose wisely and carefully.

My favorites at the moment are;

1. Azure - She has the biggest most vivid blue eyes that I have ever seen... captivating

2. Sapphire

3. Ciara (k-ee-ra) - Means Light

4. Bethany- She kinda looks a bit like a Bethany

5. Illyria - Just like the name

In that order

I gave her parents the list so they could veto anything they hated, but they liked them all and I still can't decide.

So what would your first impression be if you met someone with this name? What thoughts do they condure up in your head? And can you think of any mean or taunting nick names (kids can be cruel) or any cute ones?

Thanks for the help and Baby (blank) thanks you too :)
Name her Azure
Name her Sapphire
Name her Ciara
Name her Bethany
Name her Illyria
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Oh, just noticed I miss-wrote the pronunciation pf Ciara its K-ee-a-ra
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Also I hear what people are saying about not giving her a stripper name or one that is to hard to spell or pronounce but I just don't want her to go though life with something too ordinary. We're (her parents and I) aren't aiming for something trendy just something that will fit her like a glove for the rest of her life.
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I keep thinking about her being at junior school and boasting that her name is Sapphire because she has such blue eyes and her friends calling her 'Sapphy'. About her future husband falling in love with her when he hears that her name is Azure, and seeing his children with the same psychedelic blue eyes. Her introducing her self at university or her first job interview as Ciara. Or someone at work calling her Lia and her turning round. I see a cute little girl Bethany, but never an adult.
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Her Name is Ciara (KEE-a-ra) Meaning lights.

It's pretty and unique and I think she's going to like it!
Baby Name Problem. Please Help
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