Do men appreciate a woman who takes care of herself?

Do men appreciate a girl who puts effort into her appearance? I'll use myself as an example. I am somebody who likes to take care of her body and health. I like to look good and have good hygiene. I do enjoy buying nice clothes for myself so that I feel both comfortable and good. I am by no means vain or stuck up. But sometimes I feel like I may intimidate men because of the way I dress or style my hair or wear my make-up. Now, let me clarify that it's NEVER over the top. I like to keep myself as real and natural as possible and I always dress for the occasion. But a few people have told me that something about the way I look (referring to my style in general) is too put together (LOL). I don't even know what that means. I am a very laid back person but I obviously don't want my looks or style to stop men from approaching me or getting to know me.

I know that men aren't very fond of women who are high maintenance but I am far from that. So can someone please advice me on what I can do different? Or do I need to do anything different?

If you're with someone right now, wouldn't you want them to put effort into their appearance for you or for themselves (male or female)? I personally don't see anything wrong with looking "put together" for majority of the time and I know that if I am ever in a relationship with someone, I would prefer them to at least look presentable instead of sloppy. But this is why I am asking this question .. maybe it's all in my head.

Any help is appreciated! Thanks in advance!
Do men appreciate a woman who takes care of herself?
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