Lots of subcutaneous fat with a low body weight, help?

I have a weird history with eating disorders and finally getting back on track with therapy and lifting. But my body was really effed up by my eating disorders(INCLUDING CRASH DIETING AKA MAJOR MUSCLE LOSS)... basically my stats are:

163 pounds


20 years old


So I have a couple questions...

1: Why do I have so much subcutaneous(pinchable fat) at a low body weight?

2: How do I get rid of it?

3: How do I know if it's excess skin, or actually fat?

4: This is off topic but I noticed while I was binging(one of my eating disorders) and not doing ANY excercise, I started to gain weight on the top part of my stomach. So the middle of my stomach is sorta a "pouch". Is that just a sign of fat gain? It USED to be just fat on the bottom, but now it accumulated on the top part(from belly button to chest)

5: What body fat do you think I'm at? I remember before I started lifting(same weight too) I was 19.56% boyfriend according to the electrical caliper. Now half a year later(long story) after toning up a lot it says I'm at 14.50% boyfriend. Do you think that's true? What do you estimate my boyfriend is?

I can literally grab about 2 1/2 inches of pinchable fat around where my ribs are... and I just think to myself "why?" because there's people heavier then me with no gut or moobs and can actually see their rib cage when they suck in their stomach, unlike me.

I really could care less about getting big and buffed, I just want to actually LOOK my weight. Heck I'd rather be skinny and a low weight then fat and a low weight. Oh and here's another kicker... I wear a size medium shirt which has recently gotten a bit big on me x.x

My main goal is to lose subcutaneous fat honestly, any advice?

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Lots of subcutaneous fat with a low body weight, help?
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