Would you rather eat right or exercise?

If you had to choose, would you rather eat right or exercise?

Option one "Eat Right" means:

You have to be super careful about what you eat which means you have to eat only healthy food, have good control on the portions you eat and count your calories. You won't need to workout AT ALL. You will be in great shape, weight and health ONLY by eating right.

Option 2 "Exercise" means:

You will have to do intensive exercise (cardio, strength training, etc..) each and everyday. You cannot rest any day. You can eat whatever you want and still have a great shape, weight and health.

So, which one would you rather choose?

P.S. Of course we all know we need to eat right AND exercise, but it's just a hypothetical question. ;-)
I would rather eat right. "Option 1"
I would rather exercise regurarly. "Option 2"
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Would you rather eat right or exercise?
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