My sister really suffers from her skin color

I put this in the health category because I think it borders depression.

Anyways, our dad is black our mom white. My older sister nad twin bother look pretty much like what you would expect. bit lighter skin than my dad, but clearly African American. I stand out, becuase I'm white. A bit darker skin than my mom and black hair but more Caucasian than black.

My brother doesn't have any issues with it at all, but my sister does, because she got it into her head that black women are unattractive.

I don't know where it's coming from really, but she's certain no guy could ever find her attractive and she's destined to be alone. It has gotten so bad she doesn't even leave the house anymore. She tried to bleech her skin a few months ago, with something that gave her an allergic reaction, that she almost died off, since thenit got even worse, she just spends all her time in her dark room, eating chocolate. I don't know what to do really? How could I help?

That's one side of it, the other one is that she's so jealous of me for being white. In her eyes I'm much prettier than her and she feels life is treating her unfairly. Recently she even cut my hair in my sleep, so I would look more like her. It just makes it much harder to be there for her, I want to help and I'm not mad t her for doing that, but I aslo don't really want it happen again, I find it harder to trust her since then.

Sorry if this was really confusing, but the general question is, what can I do?

I looked online for support groups or something like that, but I couldn't find anything. Generally there isn't really that much advice for it online
My sister really suffers from her skin color
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