Facts about "A Charlie Brown Christmas" The Christmas special we all love!

Facts about A Charlie Brown Christmas The Christmas special we all love!

In 1965, a Christmas special that would be a timeless classic first aired on US television on CBS. Every year it is replayed for all to enjoy. But, how did it come to be? How did a comic strip gang become the face of Christmas all over the world? Here are some facts about this special Christmas special.

1. Coca-Cola (The special's sponsor) only gave CBS and Charles Schulz $76,000 to make the special. Compared to the next year The Grinch would have $300,000 budget. They also had a 6 month time frame to work with. It was completed jut 10 days before the premiere in Dec 9, 1965.

2. There was supposed to have been a laugh track added. In the 1960's it was standard for every half hour comedy special or sitcom to have a laugh track. Schulz did not like this idea as he felt the audience should laugh when they felt like it, not when they were cued to.

3.CBS hated it at first. They thought it moved too slowly and had no energy. They also said there was not going to be anymore Peanuts Holiday Specials in the future, however when the Nielsen ratings got a 50 share (meaning 50% of the US tuned in) They loved it and agreed to make more. That week it was in the 2nd spot only behind Bonanza.

4.All of the voice actors (Except Snoopy) were real children and actually couldn't read. The children were mouthed the dialogue and Bill Melendez (Snoopy's Voice, and lead animator) memorized it line for line and helped mouth the dialogue to the kids.

I really thought these were interesting things to share, because this is one of my favorite all time Christmas specials.

Facts about "A Charlie Brown Christmas" The Christmas special we all love!
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  • I love this! It is really cool to see how classics were made and what they had to go through. I think on one of the dvds for Charlie brown Christmas they had a making of it.
    It was fun to watch the making of home alone on Netflix :)
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  • Lunch_Long_Legacy
    I can't imagine what this would've been like with a laugh track added
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  • fantasticass
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge about one of the best Christmas Classics. We watched it as kids every year, it was a family tradition. 😊
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  • KaraAyna
    Good mytake
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  • talloak
    Not to mention that it has one of the best Christmas soundtracks ever! I'm amused when people say that Christmas is over-commercialized when that was the them of this special 54 years ago! Some things never change.
  • 420cat
    Thanks for the info. I learned something new. Great job on the research 👍
  • ChiTown33
    Learned something new about Charlie Brown today. Thanks man!
  • legalboxers
  • Gsm24diecast
    Very cool mytake! Great job!
  • chinchin2140
    Oh wow
  • luvsemthic
    I really could care less, i never seen it!