Don’t Make Your New Year’s Resolution Unrealistic: Here’s How To Start It Off Right!

Don’t Make Your New Year’s Resolution Unrealistic: Here’s How To Start It Off Right!

To say and boast about something a lot before you begin is terrible. It is because you indulge in various activities that make your words fly into the air. It is a time to promise to have a new beginning.

A beginning is based on realistic goals and things that you can do. Not just go to the gym in January and exit it finally with six pounds more. This becomes a waste of the resolution you wanted to make. But all is not gloomy until we have your back.

Check out these ten realistic resolutions, which you can keep for 2022.

#1: Do Not Stop or Limit Book Reading

Don’t Make Your New Year’s Resolution Unrealistic: Here’s How To Start It Off Right!

Looking to start with a bang? Or at least start with something realistic? Let’s get back to primary school while we were around 5 to 6 years old. The words of the teacher then and now are to read more books. At this age, I do feel we need to adapt to book reading sooner. It is because such a habit makes us shift from books to newspapers. And eventually to magazines. And thus, we do not have to worry about charging our phones to watch the next episode.

#2: Begin a New Year with a New Pillow

Don’t Make Your New Year’s Resolution Unrealistic: Here’s How To Start It Off Right!

The most straightforward and most realistic resolution is to buy a new pillow. But you might feel the discussion is about to go wavy. Instead, it has just begun. Many people, including myself, love to sleep on a fluffy pillow. But after a while, we feel like the pillow is our best friend. And the bond becomes so strong that a night away from home becomes tricky. Thus, on this New Year, try to give yourself a brilliant present in the form of a new pillow.

#3: An Extra Sleeping Hour But Not Two

While sleep of 8 hours feels limited for a few, a New Year’s resolution for almost all of us is in the bag. So let’s open it and get an extra hour of sleep. An extra hour’s sleep takes away every inch of darkness, tension, anxiety, and even stress out of us. Try to feel the impact of sleeping an extra 60 minutes in the winter. When the bed is warm and the quilt is cozy. However, do not make this 120 minutes, which is costly to your mental fatigue.

#4: Give Your Wife a Supportive Hand

Don’t Make Your New Year’s Resolution Unrealistic: Here’s How To Start It Off Right!

Leave away the habit of just eating, sleeping, and working. Your wife is your partner for life. So do not judge her on the money you earn for her and your family. Just make sure you give your wife a helping hand that feels like you are helping her. Try to resolve to help in at least one chore of the household daily. In the beginning, there will be skipping but even an on and off habit will give your wife the importance of your presence.

#5: Don’t Stop Easy Learning

Often people tend to make realistic goals but also require your attention and patience for a long time. The smart ones try to mingle with a few tweaks from the tech world to keep them active. A good thing to do is learn a language through an online platform. This is a great idea when spending zero and earning a lot. Do not try to waste the short period playing poker and scrolling through your Instagram feeds.

#6: Do Not Skip Leg Days

A leg day is something related to the gym. But here it is not about the gym. A gym is becoming the next meme headquarters where people enter and leave within days. The importance is diminishing. But all you need to do is stand for an hour or even half an hour a day. This is the best thing to release stress and anxiety that develops during work. Or, if you want to do more, just walk for a few blocks.

#7: Improve Your Water Consumption

Almost every second person now suffers heat strokes as well as stress. But in these cases, they tend to drink all the unhealthy stuff such as soft drinks. Instead, all they need to do is get back to nature. If you consume four glasses of water daily, try to make 6 per day. On this New Year, give your body and health extra nutrition in the form of more water consumption.

#8: Switch to Black Coffee

We all love to drink coffee that has cream and sugar. In addition, we tend to add more sugar and cream to it to make it a recreational drink. But coffee is a drink to keep you active and make sure you begin your day actively. Thus, reduce the number of sugary coffees you drink and shift to black coffee. This coffee has less than five calories at best. Whereas the one with sugar carries around 100. Hence, a winner is simple to predict!

#9: Meditation

Don’t Make Your New Year’s Resolution Unrealistic: Here’s How To Start It Off Right!

Do not buy a new carpet and some t-shirts to prepare for meditation. All it needs is your will and a few minutes of your time. Both of these requirements feel like a big thing to ask from you. But that is what we call a ‘resolution.’ This New Year needs a new you. But for that, you need to make full use of the outside nature. Just sit on your lawn or any open space. Close your eyes for 10 minutes and feel everything that makes you happy.

#10: Stay in Touch

Often we complain that our friends do not call or contact us anymore. Whereas sometimes the contact is very minimal. But we do not look towards ourselves. We, too, do not like to be in touch with them frequently. Let us end these barriers of hatred and unwillingness. And let us make the best resolution, i.e., call the people we love at least once every week. Thus, that time is not far away when everything gets back to normal, and we resume the meetups we used to have!

Don’t Make Your New Year’s Resolution Unrealistic: Here’s How To Start It Off Right!
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  • OlderAndWiser
    Excellent suggestions and I may follow at least one of them.
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  • BrosephBrostar
    Here's the thing about coffee. I find when most people complain about black coffee tasting awful, it's because they're using stale beans and stale grinds.

    The three easiest things you can do to make better coffee is:

    Use filtered water. If you don't have a home RO system, carbon filters work fine. A Breta pitcher is pretty cheap

    Get a grinder and grind your beans right before you brew the coffee. Grinding your beans at the store, or god forbid, at the packaging plant before they're shipped to stores exposes more of the beans oil causing it to go rancid faster. Grinding right before you brew obviously reduces that time, and you don't really have much to begin with before the quality degrades. I'm talking seconds for espresso grind. Electric burr mills are a bit pricey, but they're significantly more even than blade grinders.

    Use fresher beans. If you're getting whole beans and grinding right before you brew, you're probably in the clear here. I'm a madman who roasts my own coffee at home, but the coffee you get in those plastic cylinders with the levers is usually pretty good.
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  • kespethdude
    The only reliable New Year's Resolution is the one to not make a New Year's Resolution. They have a 100% (Not 99.99999999..., EXACTLY 100) rate of being broken, and as someone who hates liars, I cannot make a liar out of myself by partaking in this nonsense. THIS is what I always say Bah Humbug too.
  • anon171999
    I actually only made new years resolutions for this week and the month of January because I work on goals too quickly to have an idea of what my goals for the whole year will be.

    Anyways, my goal is to just set up a routine and stick to it.
    - work 16 hours a week in side job
    - take over cleaning the beds, kitchen, and laundry for the hostel my boyfriend and I run
    - hike and try a new church every Sunday w/boyfriend
    - meal prep every other day
    - make smoothies every morning
    - make tea every morning and night
    - workout w/boyfriend because he's a personal trainer and he's going to start training me
  • exitseven
    Very good MyTake. I don;t make New Years resolutions. I just try to do better every day.
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  • WarningWarning
    Stay sober
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    • Joeshamo

      I am very happy you're making that choice. A lot of people think drinking only effects them, but it effects everyone. We need to drop the stigma from people getting help & come together as a society to help & take care of one another. When we were babies we needed care from someone else. We may not need a high-level of care like we did back then, but we still need other people to make us feel better every now & then. Even if we don't like the person we should try to help them because how far has shaming others for their problems have gotten us? The world is changing & we need to change along with it. We need to be more supportive to each other. I'm really you're doing the right by staying sober.

  • Jonny59
    don't forget HEALTH this is the most important thing
  • TrillXHippy
    I was going to say that none of that has anything to do with what I want to do but then I seen #1
  • J3LueMooN
    absolutely reading?
    learn a new language
    and I'll get master about electrical car.
  • LemiaOfChampions
    To gain more confidence
  • ranvjsc
  • Anonymous
    Weak ass shit
  • Anonymous
    I'm literally slipping a baby in her on New Years. That's my goal. 😉👍
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