To all those who struggle with insecurity


To all those who struggle with insecurity

We've all wanted to be the idolized, stereotypical 'attractive' person we see splattered on every single magazine cover. Every time I see a pretty girl, I think to myself 'life must be so happy and easy for her' she naturally has what others spend years yearning and pining for. Although, what we see may no be what she sees.

In reality, our sick and twisted society has created the ultimate trap. When he/she looks in a mirror, they don't see all that we may see, they see what they are NOT.

To all those who struggle with insecurity.

Once people have decided to judge you solely on your looks, that becomes the most scrutinized quality you have. People tend to judge a book by its cover immediately. People say first impressions are everything. Maybe thats why so much of us suffer from social anxiety or are even antisocial. We think, no, we know many are going to see us for whats on the outside and are not going to want to look deeper, deeper into what we are really. Everyone is afraid of rejection. And that may be exactly what we have coming if we don't fit the cut.

People have made looks much too important. And thats miserable because its something we have nothing to do with it, we didn't choose to look this way. Its all a competition. You may be pretty, but she's prettier. He may be hot, but he's hotter!

To all those who struggle with insecurity

We all think the attractive person has it best, yes it may be true, their lives are easier. They're treated better, they most likely have more friends, more people who are interested in them. But all that glitters is not gold. There's always going to be a more attractive person than us, ALWAYS. We downgrade our existence, our qualities because of the way we look. We’re conditioned to safe guard this fleeting and elusive quality that we know will leave us one day.

Even attractive people think they're not worth it, they're not beautiful enough, 'just a little bit prettier', there's no stop to it. We see ourselves for who we were, not who we are. You see your middle school and high school self with the braces and acne and awkward body structure you were still growing into. Not for the beautiful or handsome person you've blossomed to in your adult years.

To all those who struggle with insecurity

People will make you believe beauty is all you have. What happens when your beauty starts to wrinkle away hidden under grey hairs and saggy body parts? Does that make you any less of a person? What terrifies us most is that its temporary, we know that something we may have depended on is going to fleet away, whether we think we are attractive or not, we know we're only going to get less attractive, and that scares us in our masked society. 'Will he/she still love me? When i'm old and fat and ugly?'

We constantly compare ourselves to others, acting as if giving that person a thought about their physical attractiveness or wishing to be them would suddenly transform ourselves? Some of us get plastic surgery thinking it will fix everything. But nothing will change. Other than your brand new, partially fake body part. We lose weight, even though we don't need it. Sure, you lose 10 pounds, even 10 pounds lighter you'll still be unhappy with your body.

We blind ourselves, thinking beauty fixes everything, but truth is, thinking you're beautiful fixes everything. We can't fix the fact that we strive to be attractive, we want to feel attractive, so what can we do? Think we're beautiful.

In reality, being anymore beautiful doesn't do the trick because the thing thats warped about you isn't your looks, its your mindset. So thinking you're beautiful will give you happiness. Your looks and your body isn't with you forever, what is with you forever is your soul.

Anyways, if you're with someone who only cares about looks, whats the upside to that? You want someone who sees you for what you really are: a beautiful, intelligent, humorous person.

The idolized body and face will change. Throughout history what we see as beautiful has vastly changed from Ancient Egypt to the 21st century. Point is, its all temporary. We should be attracted to whats forever.

We may never feel comfortable in our own skin unless we believe that we're worth it. We hide ourselves from the world, sometimes under makeup, under baggy clothes, anything, but all we need to do is open ourselves up.

Is this really what we want? Do we want ourselves to become some lifeless person, who's lost their spark and their wonderful personality because of some artificial mindset saying we're not enough?

To all those who struggle with insecurity

So if a woman doesn't have curves she's not real?


To all those who struggle with insecurity
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