Insecurity: Men & Women


Insecurity is the most terrible, yet common thing a person can have. All most every body (mostly females) are insecure because they want to look a certain way to feel good about themselves. A girl just want to fit in like others, and the way they think they can do that is by looking like them.

Almost all their insecurity come from one place, and that is the media, as in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, magazines, celebrities, and all that. They make you feel like this how you supposed to look if you want to be like so and so.

This makes them develop a level of insecurity and makes them want them to starve, binge, or get plastic surgery because they want to look like somebody. Which is not even a good idea.

It's the same thing with men. We can see you women talk about how cute or sexy a guy is and we try to act like it doesn't bother us. When it does. We want to be like the guys on the cover of the magazines, entitled the "sexiest man alive" because we want to be the once all the women obsess over too. We want to be the cover boy.

We are also insecure sexually. Isn't that obvious. Which is why some of us need to stop watching P*rnography . You see nothing but females having sex with penises bigger than yours. And you think the guy can fuck better than you can because of the girl's reaction to it. NEWS FLASH... p*rn is as fake as Kim Kardashian's ass. Even 50 Shades of Grey looks like p*rn , just with random crap in it.

Insecurity makes you feel like you're at war with this and that for the be body and shit when you're really at war with yourself. Insecurity causes damage to your mental/emotional health, which makes you do things that can be dangerous to your physical health. There's nothing wrong with trying to fit in, but going through incredible links like plastic surgery to fit society's standards is unhealthy for you.

Every body wants to fit society's standards. But take a look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself, am I as good looking/beautiful as that person on t.v. or in the magazines? Yes you are. Celebrities are not even better than me. Some probably cheat they way up to the top. Reach the top by just being you. Not somebody else that society want you to be. JUST YOU.

Insecurity: Men & Women

Insecurity: Men & Women
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