Struggles Of Being Very Hairy Guy


Struggles Of Being Very Hairy Guy

Body hair in general is a creepy thing. Unless it's minimal amount and what and average human gross it is fine and is worth fighting against.

But once you are in the category of overly hairy man , the never ending pain struggle starts.

1. Having so much hair makes you feel so weird and abnormal to begin with.

2. It effects your self esteem, self confidence and self worth especially in terms of women and sex.

3.It reduces the chances of women liking you and finding you hot, appealing and attractive.

Most of the time you are merely a good friend since they don't want to be sexually physically involved with a very hairy bodied man.

4. Every time you take your clothes off you feel like a naked beast.

Not aesthe pleasing site at all.

5. It's a long lost life time battle.

Anything you do goes in vain since its the hairs that wims the battle in the end. You choose any mods of hair removal and it's back staring at you within some time depending upon the method you choose. You keep it , and your repel women , you resemble half beast half man. You trim/ shave and still you repel women since you get stubbly prickly growth and no woman wants rug burn on her body. You ALWAYS end up loosing.

Struggles Of Being Very Hairy Guy
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