What it's like growing up hairy

What it's like growing up hairy

Hi all. Welcome to my Mytake :)

I'm hairy and also a girl which is viewed as disgusting. Yes I find it weird that the hair on my arms, legs and everywhere on my body that I was born with is found disgusting. I can't do anything about it. I get my hairy genes from my dad's side. How am I so sure? My mum has never shaved her legs her whole life and she didn't know people did that. Her legs have no hair and so do all my cousins on my mum's side of the family. Her uncles, sisters, brothers...all hair free. But on my dad's side there is hair you can see from a mile away. I think it may have to do with the fact my grandpa is from India but I don't know.

1. You have hair everywhere

What it's like growing up hairy

2. Pretty much your whole body needs shaving

What it's like growing up hairy

3. You always were hairier than anyone your age

What it's like growing up hairy

4. The hair grew back and you had to shave it again quicker than most people

What it's like growing up hairy

5. Even some dudes told you to shave.

What it's like growing up hairy

6. Finally, the ridiculous jokes made about your hairiness

What it's like growing up hairy

Tadie has more hair on her arms than on her head" - my best friend

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What it's like growing up hairy
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  • BlueWalker
    That second gif! LOL! 😂 What girls put themselves through to look attractive to men though. *rolls eyes

    I live in North America and I am not opposed to hair on women at all. It can actually be very sexy. I find it just as sexy as shaved. I am neither "pro" or "against" either.

    To @txdiie_ : rock what you've got and don't follow societal norms if that's not what you want. Besides, it's easier and costs less money to not to have to shave all the time as well. Not to mention all the wasted time saved! And there are also other benefits of hair in certain places too that trap and hold natural pheromones, which can be arousing for a mate as well. Hair ain't all bad in my opinion. 😉🙂
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    • txdiie_

      thank you so much xx
      thank you for a positive answer

    • BlueWalker

      You're welcome. 🙂

  • es20490446e
    I like hair on girls.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • SuperNovaRoyalty
    I don't remember ever saying that to you lol
    the struggle is real. even josue has less hair than us lmao
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    • txdiie_

      omg josue

    • txdiie_

      now i feel worse

    • Lol, she is your friend who said that?

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  • RedMatch
    Well I'm also fairly hairy for a girl. My body hair is brown so stands out, and the hair on my legs and arms are about an average of 2cm in length. I have not a lot but visible hair on my stomach and breasts, some on the edge of both ends of my lips, and the ends of my eyebrows have visible hair that connects to my head hair. As a kid the only time someone said about it was my cousins who called me hairy, i didn't care, wasn't insecure and hadn't for along time until about a few months ago when my boyfriend expressed how he doesn't like it, we have had multiple debates over it and now its got to the point when i see my hair i think of the upset its caused and if i were to get rid of it he would feel guilty unless i wanted to get rid of it. But Im not going to shave, and I'm not going to waist money on creams or waxing. And he naturally has very little hair on his body only place where there is more is his lower legs and slight lip stubble that he gets rid of. Its just frustrating cause I am (well was) fine with my body hair, and if he had a lot of hair I wouldn't complain, because if thats what he was happy with then i would leave him.
    • txdiie_

      woooah ur boyfriend...

    • txdiie_

      im sorry

    • txdiie_

      oh ur australian 2?

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  • Warmapplecrumble
    Exactly how I feel but now I don't give damn and walk with hairy legs everywhere.

    Yeah... the Indian thing I don't know how true it is but I'm Indian and I have body hair and probably stink like curry even though I don't remember when I last ate one Lmao.
    My life is fucked.

    I feel like a hairy monster. *-* hope the hair falls off from my body and rejoins on my head hair. *-* ... ehhh LOL
    • txdiie_

      i love curry

    • txdiie_

      i can relate

    • To be honest I just gave up bothering about it, sometimes I get upset and get the epilator and tweeze it all of. Sometimes I enjoy it.

      I just wish society would accept its normal. :/ all women grow some kinda body hair some more visible than others.

      I remember I got bullied soo much at school in dance classes because my Mum never shaved. She had no body hair. And I strolled in and the teacher said remove your socks. When I did.. I had them hairy legs.. and every one made fun of me. It really made myself esteem very low.

      I just wish it'd stop but it gets worse every year. New trends come in.

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  • Purple_Babe14
    I've been really hairy... lol, this is the weirdest My Take that I've ever seen. I have a nice amount under my arms, my mf mom won:'t let me shave. I'm like, i should have the option to shave my body if I want. I don't have hairy arms or legs though. Mostly on my head.
    • txdiie_

      my mum didn't let me shave till i was in the 8th grade

    • Dang, I'm 14, and I'm in 9th, but I'm still not allowed to shave. My cousin is 12, and her mom, which is my auntie lets her shave. It's sooo not fair.(It says 16, because I was tired of GAG users basically saying I didn't know anything, because I was only 14. But when people ask I tell them I'm 14.

    • txdiie_

      you're 14 like me

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  • CubsterShura
    I'm not gonna say I'm bushy hairy but I am... moderately hairy?

    The place where I come from, almost all girls don't shave except the privates and armpits, and some thread their eyebrows. Otherwise, no one shaves. Many people in fact discourage shaving by saying "You're human not a chicken meaned to be hairless and roasted" "It's absolutely unnecessary and bad for you."

    And yes, "She looked way better before removing all that hair" is a real thing. I actually noticed some women who are really beautiful and their facial hair rather looks like it makes them look more beautiful. I don't know how. Maybe we all are created in such a way that our flaws also add to our beauty.

    I do remove the hair from around my lips but that's just because I like doing it and even I say that it is completely unnecessary. You and I don't have to do it at all. Removing all of facial hair can actually be harmful and remove a protective layer from the skin.

    And in the place where I live there is a LOT of dust in air so if you shave your arms and legs, you are gonna get horrible rashes anyway.

    I believe that hair removal is totally optional. Do it if you like it, don't do it if you don't like it. And if any guy has a problem with your choice, he can go such a dick.
  • Fatboy98
    To me, women, girls, and trans-girls are beautiful, sexy, pretty, gorgeous, and cute regardless how they look. That includes hairy girls too. never had a hairy girlfriend before. I think it would be unique to date a hairy woman. It would probably take me 4 hours give or take to find the center of her Tootsie Roll with all the hair covering it. If I get her hair in my mouth, then it was worth it.
  • freakyzeaky
    Hair is made up collagen. I wonder if because your body is making tons of this collagen that your skin will also stay more supple as you age. Maybe that is a positive to this?

    If you hate your hair, you could try electrolysis. It only lasts for 5 or so years, but I hear that the hair will not grow back to the same thickness as it did before. Of course, this will require money, but if it is that important to you, you can always save up for it.
    • txdiie_

      sounds expensive

    • It can be, depending on how much needs to be removed. Doing a quick Google search, it looks like it costs $50-80 an hour. For every 100 follicles, it costs about $10-15 bucks.

      Some places charge by the body part, others by the hour, others by the hair follicle.

      Bikini area – $400-500
      Chin – $350-400
      Upper lip – $350-400
      Legs – $1000+
      Back – $2000+
      Eyebrows – $100-150

      That is a rough estimate of the costs for full treatment.

      So let's say you have very hairy arms, which seems to be the body part many "hairy" women are conscious about. I would assume it would cost about $1000 per arm.

      Expensive, but not as expensive when compared to many other cosmetic procedures like bariatric surgery (which I may need after my weight loss).

    • txdiie_

      what is bariatric surgery?

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  • FashGordon
    Hair on women's bodies isn't attractive, regardless of what you think or feel about it, peoples response to it will just keep on being the same because it's natural for them to react that way. Human beings have a nature after all. To argue with that nature is the same as arguing with the wind for blowing or the sky for being blue. That would be incredibly stupid or crazy. Get out a razor and shave or put up with people being repulsed, it's how it is.
    • Kai02

      Women grow hair naturally though... So you're saying its unnatural for women to naturally grow hair?

    • Body hair is a natural thing and any guy who gets disgusted by women's body hair disgusts me.

    • FashGordon

      @Kai02 this is true and no it is not unnatural for a woman to grow hair. Of course , this has nothing to do with what a man thinks of it.

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  • vishna
    I once had a guy tell me quite rudely to shave my arms. What even... I wasn't like the Brawny Man but even if I was dayummm
    • txdiie_

      omg the same thing happened to me. So i have this best guy friend and i was writing on his arm. and then he wanted to write on my arm so i stick my arm out and he was like
      'WOAH, your arms are so hairy. Their harier than mine. You should shave them'

    • vishna

      right, I don't think they get how rude and intrusive that. it's like 'excuse you sir' haha

    • Yeah a man at work said what is this... on my arms its ugly. Then I went home cried and epilated. It burnt like hell. And... I finally found courage to re grow it.

  • oddwaffle
    That's terrifying... so hairy... like a monkey.

    Do you know if the laser treatment work on your whole body? Wouldn't it be great to be able to go completely hairless (except the head) for like 6 months at a time?
    • txdiie_

      yeah imma go for laser hair removal

  • BaileyisDarcy
    people saying theyve been bullied for hairy arms n legs... whos peers look that closely?

    Hoenstly. I've only had one comment on my legs (which i shaved once at 14, big mistake, im now a gorilla. Never shaved them again) i was asked if i was a gypsy or a hippy. No, im just lazy.

    But that was because id joined a conversation about body hair.

    I've never had someone walk up to me and tell me i was too hairy. I dont get why that even happens to people.
  • Allie_Oops
    Most minority women tend to be more hairy than white and Asians, which sucks since we live in a white society (I'm assuming you live in America). Most countries actually don't care about shaving too much, but ours unfortunately does lol. Just keep shaving. Waxing might be a better option for you considering the effects last longer.
  • archiz
    Yea I was hairy too
    No biggy, check your hormones level
    And if they 're stable start later on laser cause you 're still young haha.
    If they 're not then you d need a hormone treatment. When you start that for at least 3 months, you can start laser.
  • Intuitiongirl
    There is treatment with light that can eliminate hair permanently for life. The hot light burns diwn the folicules of hair and hair cannot grow again. It is very expensive though.

    You can buy a at-home-light-epilator but its expensive too... like 250 euros... but at least it is not like ten thousand of euros in beuty saloon.

    It can remove hair anywhere on body and its almost painless.

    It has to be repeated 10 times minimum (once a week). After that hair doesn't grow back.
  • _ARPY_
    It is true that hair is more important for women but it is also not fun for guys either. The worst part when it comes to guys is that most of them time it looks worse without any hair and kinda makes you look gay. I know how it feels since i have been shaving my beard since 13 years old.
  • sovetskii13
    Same thing happened to me. My mom's side is hairless but my dad's side is hairy. I got it from his side. It sure does suck even though I'm a guy. Too scared of the pain from getting waxed. I only shave my pubic and belly area. Someday there will be a healthy method to permenantly get rid of all unwanted body hair.
  • Acuxx_Reflux-arC
    Society shames women into thinking hair is unnatural for them and sadly. most women believe that.
    • Tomblebee

      Someone once thought i was wearing stockings lol.

  • Hemlock
    I'm literally the opposite, the only hair that really grows is the hair on my head.
  • Being_a_good_Indian
  • Gedaria
    Idont have hair. never had hairy legs or arms or body. I even started loosing hair on my head, i used to get teased about the lack of specially when doing sports at school ,, like you have legs like a girl i use to say thank you and took it as a compliment...
  • Moimaris
    I had to shave my armpits twice a day and other parts. So I lasered my hair but after 6 treatments it’s not gone yet. But it’s gone for 70%. I probably have to do my face too because my little cousin of 4 said he felt hard things on my face 🤔, hair…..
  • Brokenheartedx
    Everyone has body hair, some are blessed with very fine baby light coloured hair and then theirs folk that have more hair than a gorilla.. Genetics and aging plays a part, if one of your grannies plucks her chin hair you'll bet your arse you will be plucking your chin hair when you get older. It's sods law.
  • TacosRAwesome
    I feel you. If I didn't laser I'd be hairier than my boyfriend.
    • txdiie_

      omg i wanna get laser?

    • txdiie_

      is it painful? is it expensive? do you still grow hair?

    • txdiie_

      where did you get laser?

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  • emmily2396
    I personally shave because I like my skin smooth, but if I'd not be able to shave for a small period of time and someone commented on that they'd get an angry reaction from me, especially if it's from a hairy guy.
  • soleil2666
    I was going to say - it's great - but then I'm a guy, and girls always found it very interesting (to have a furry creature next to them, I guess to feel feminine).
    In your case though, yikes, trouble - I remember a pretty girl who was quite hairy, but how you solve that - gees, no idea...
  • WhereAmI
    Dayum... sucks to be you. Its good that you're not like some guys that need their back shaved regularly.
  • jacquesvol
    Mary Magdalene was imagined hairy:

  • humanearth
    Yeah I have genes like your dad. I have hair everywhere, Back of the neck across the back, it is everywhere, Two of my daughters have the same as you hair like me. I hope you don't mind me printing this out and let them read it. So they know they are not the only hairy females on the planet.
  • Shauny_B
    Hair doesn't grow on my arms or legs (much to my girlfriends and sisters annoyance) so I can't join in this one.. loool
  • TripleAce
    If you do laser hair removal... it should work or greatly reduce it...
    check it out when you get older... or ask your parents if you can do it..
  • OatsnWhey
    "What It's Like Growing Up Hairy"
    *Click the take out of curiosity*
    *Reads the take* ... "You have hair everywhere"

    Wow OP, thank you for that incredible insight lmao.
  • bellpepprs
    Use hair removal cream (dont use it on your face though, I made a bad mistake in using it on my face and I got a big bump in the middle of my eyebrows for most of the summer when i was 12, use hair removal cream for FACE wax strips) Also I use baby oil Nair hair removal cream because it doesn't give me bumps like Aloe vera Nair.
    the hair doesn't grow back as fast. I know we're two different people but it wouldn't hurt to try. Whenever I use it on my legs after they're being hairy for a long time, they are smooth like baby for almost 2 weeks.
  • PrincessPie
    Thanks for sharing, i've never had this problem and i'm not naturally very hairy.
  • Kenneth14621
    I grew up strict UPC so I knew lots of girls who didn't shave makes no difference to me.
  • MysteriousDarkness
    Personally if a woman has visible hair on her chest, arms, armpits, midsection, legs, ass, pussy it is a turn on to me.
  • Cordy14
    I’ve given up out of sheer protesting. I’m done with others telling me what to do with my body. The body hair is there for a reason, it is ignorant to say it is there to pester us
  • terincvd
    I relate to this so much. When I was in elementary school I had hair when even the boys didn’t and I was nicknamed “the bear”.
  • ccampbell1
    i love women who have body hair there honestly more attractive and all natural.
  • ninjafemme
    Tell me about it... I wish i could laser it away but hair has protective features as well so i guess ill stick to shaving... i get dots on my legs because of shaving #strawberrylegs
  • Guxci_28_03
    can't Be Everywhere Right. I Mean For Sure You Dont Have Hair On Your Stomach.
    • you don't? lol everyone has very few light little hairs there, some people have more and darker

    • Yeah I Don't & I Dunno What U Mean By "Everyone" Because Not Everyone Grows Hair There Lol

    • Everyone does lol at least everyone I've met and talked about this with. No skin is completely hair free and smooth unless you wax/laser it.

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  • dandee55
    For me, I was an "early bloomer". I got body hair before other guys my age. I was proud of it. When I grew up, a guy with plenty of hair was looked at as being manly, virile -- but things are completely different now. And my feelings about my own body hair have changed some.

    As for my feelings about girls, I like hair on girls -- except for on the legs (unless it's blonde & not very noticeable). Not sure why, but that's a turn-off. But I'm glad there's a bit of a trend for girls to let their armpit hair grow.
  • Gopnik
    i don't mind a little bit of hair if it's nothing too gross.
    for myself, i was fucking excited once i noticed my leg and arm hairs were growing.
  • Stokes
    I once traveled to Sri Lanka for vacation.
    We visited this plantation way into the tropical country, where they had leaves, flowers and trees in all shapes and colors. Our tour guide made us try this weird gel they had. Since they couldn't try on my stepmom or sister (already shaved everywhere unless head). So my gorilla look alike dad and I had alittle rubbed on just abit above our knees, and within 2 seconds, that whole area was completely hairless. Gel just killed the hair at the root promt. Did grow back in some time though, but at least no harsh razors or foam was needed there. (heard shaving might even enrouage more hair growth dunno if myth)

    Girls didn't believe it and thought it was a trick, but nope
    I really can't remember the name of the gel / which plant it is made from. and probably very hard to find on market/ internet due to marketing and bulking agents. could imagine insane price aswell.

    Maybe this is research for you gals lol, cause I kind off like my hairs.
    • Menelin

      I know of a few ladies that would kill for the name of that gel/plant. Do you remember any other details about it to help me research?

  • red_knight
    Life growing up hairy is Much less painful life than people who waxed on the way 😂😂😂
  • Deathraider
    It really sucks for guys to remove hair. It's ten times harder.
  • lonelywarrior40
    A little hairy around vaginal parts is ok but these are eeeew...
  • guyuser2
    It's worse if you are a very hairy man... It sucks.
  • chrisbigman
    Slightly painful at times, when the hair got caught in something or somehow burned in the pants.
  • Muhammad1999
    reduce your testosterone levels and it may help reduce the hair growth , do it scientifically.
  • Pink2000
    Im very hairy.
    • txdiie_

      me too

    • txdiie_

      by the way are u actually 17?

    • Pink2000

      Yeah why lol

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  • Telefonkiosk
    Well, I have a malformation called pili multigemini, which causes me to have two hairs from almost every follicle. I have this on every part of my body, which makes me twice as hairy. My hairs are already abnormally thick and when I shave I get stubble IMMEDIATELY and I can't get rid of it. And shaving private parts simply does not work because of all the stubble is always there even when I think I shaved everything. It just ends up being very uncomfortable so nowadays I only shave when I know I'm going somewhere special or if I am going to wear a dress, which is like never.