7 Things I Won't Miss About Having Hair

This is a mytake where I will point out the pros of having no body hair and no hair on the scalp.

7. You don't have to shave your leg hair

Seriously leg hair is just so annoying and for most people, and it will just keep regrowing over and over after about a week lol. Leg hair is just to unappealing regardless if you are male or female nobody wants to look at that even though we don't give it much thought leg hair is something in human evolution that needs to go.

6. No nose hair

Okay none of yours are probably like this lol, but still nose hair is annoying. One of the main reasons why is because it can become really itchy. Not to mention it grows back really quickly; yeah that's just what we need, a tickle in our nose 24/7. Another perk of me having Alopecia areata I don't have to deal with any nose hair at all. No more having to find tweezers in my dresser drawer while trying to pluck those hairs out.

5. No having to shave your pubic hair

Here is another thing I won't miss. I remember every few months I would get really hairy down there like a jungle gym; it would take so long even with a shaving machine, only for the hairs to start itching like crazy once trimming it down there. I would never even go fully bald there because it would itch too much and I couldn't be the only one, but I hated getting those red pimple like spots down there after shaving, but yeah I hated that too.

4. No more having to shave your beard

Don't get me wrong, a beard can be great cause many women love it if you have the right amount so in other words, meaning you won't have attractive facial hair unless you groom it which takes a lot of work. I also didn't like all the cuts I would get when having to shave it off even with using shaving cream, and even with the best blades I would still manage to get a few cuts every now and there. Having to shave your beard with a machine then having to use a razor to get a clean shave is just a bit too much work, especially if you were one of those guys who used to regrow so much of it after a week shaving. Just doesn't seem like its worth it.

3. No having to spend all that money on haircuts

Sure, having hair is great and it makes you more physically attractive, but being bald has some of its advantages as well. For instance, no having to buy adult shampoo to maintain a healthier hair, and you don't even have to use baby shampoo if you don't want. Just wash it with ivory soap. No having to dry your hair as well after showering or taking a bath, during the summer its cooler, less chances of getting fleas or lice lol, and people will wanna be your friend because they could use your shiny bald head as a reflection instead of using a mirror lol.

2. No having to shave your back hair

This is something men really have to worry about, more for some unfortunate guys they have to deal with lots of back hair which results in a pain in having to shave it off. So instead, if they really want to get rid of it they have to go and wax it it which is very painful. Thankfully, I never had back hair even before I got alopecia hallelujah.

1. No having to shave your butt hair

LOl hahah here is something I will miss the least. Shaving your coin purse can be a real hassle you can't just do regular shaving with this just like with back hair, the spots you can reach around inside your anus is very limited not to mention after shaving it it becomes super itchy. A good amount of you women have to deal with this too at least having hair grow on the inside or your anus and rectum lol. I am actually not fully sure, but I think that you can get your butt hair waxed or there is like a special type of blade you could get for it if anyone knows correct me if I am wrong.

Hair is annoying, but its better to have hair then to have no hair at all at least with hair you get to take it away when you want

Having hair in some spots is a great thing, too much of anything is bad don't ever forget that. Having alopecia areata sucks and I wouldn't wish on most people having body hair is a good thing trust me take it from someone who has lived through the experience.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I've always been very lucky to have minimal body hair, and even my eyebrows aren't bushy at all, but the one thing I do have is a thick, full head of hair. People say they would love to have it, and it definitely does have its advantages, but it's also an awful lot to deal with at times. Although I love it for the most part, it can take forever to fix it just enough to look presentable.
    I do wish legs shaved themselves though. Everything else is pretty easy except for that, because I always manage to miss a spot, which drives me nuts once I notice it, and it's hard to do my knees without accidentally nicking them.

    • Why don't you laser your leg hair? They can do that and it won't grow ever again they can kill all the leg hair folliciles.

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    • ya thats the only problem

    • Probably so, haha! I think I am going to try Nair and see if I like that better. The only problem is that I have very sensitive skin and I've heard it can burn sensitive skin.

Most Helpful Guy

  • It is funny alright - I am very bald hence the shaved hair but as I have got older body hair has become more heavy and I am not the most flexible, it almost requires yoga positions to hit some spots and I refuse to write to write a post on GaG about one of the main disadvantages of not having a partner is shaving that awkward patch of hair on your back.
    I have known you about a year or more and you make me laugh but I also admire your total openness and seriousness about your alopecia and your religion. Great take serious with a touch of a smile.

    • Thanks man I appreciate that. They have treatments that can kill hair folliciles but those can be very costly.

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What Girls Said 5

  • I would keep all of my hair if women weren't looking at as unappealing with it.
    I don't have that much arm pit and leg hair to begin with
    I find shaving it makes it grow back thicker and fuller.

    • it doesn't. thats a myth. but my sis says waxing keeps the hair off for longer

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    • That's a myth few all have 3 hair cycles our hair folliciles go under at best it might feel like its growing darker but your hair doesn't grow thicker or longer everytime you shave it.

    • lol..
      id say these days, women shave mpre than men anyway..
      i mean men only shave their beards.. and now , a lot of us dont do that either

  • Now you can have a badass tattoo on your head. :D

  • Just let me keep my head hair, eyebrows and eyelashes pls o_o

  • erk!! yeah body hair sucks, I dont have a lot thank goodness. Waxing every month takes care of it but the grow-out period, like about one week, is torture!

    PS shaving doesn't make your hair grow back thicker, thats just a mith

  • Sometimes I wish I had no hair. You mentioned all the benefits.

    • Has more cons then pros though trust me just look at my profile pic and cover pic.

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  • I have some problems with hair!
    I grow a lot of hair!
    I shave myself on my armpits, genital area, my ass and my legs! They grow back fast. :X
    Hair in those locations is SO GROSS!
    And I am not even sure what the ladies like in men having hair.

  • lol.. agree.. but leg hair has its benwfits too.. its a mild unsulatir for legs when cold.. same with beard... also i dont think leg hair is unappealing on men, i just think its normal