Beauty Standards in Scandinavia - Tall, slim, elegant


Beauty standards may be different. In some countries.

When I saw this video, first thing I said was "so what about Norway, Sweden or Denmark" as a scandinavian culture lover. So I made a little research about beauty standards in Scandinavia. I know some Swedish and with help of google translate, I read some threads in forums.

here is some:

Here is what Scandinavian guys think attractive in woman.

Beauty Standards in Scandinavia - Tall, slim, elegant


Height considered attractive in Sweden because it is sign of healthy childhood, better genes and beauty.

Most teenagers go biking or swimming, take care of their diet and sleeping to grow taller. There is no "short guy discrimination" in Scandinavia because guys also care height of woman as woman do in US. Men dont like such height difference, as you read first link, men prefer their woman maximum 3" shorter.

As you see here, there are some girls whining about height preference of men.

(why guys think petite woman are unattractive)

(why guys prefer tall woman)

Short woman considered unattractive in Sweden, in general.

(aren't short girls really unattractive)

Average height of woman in Sweden is 5"6, guys preferred range is 5"9-6"1. I am 5"10, then I can be calm. :P

Beauty Standards in Scandinavia - Tall, slim, elegant


Healthy and elegant is sexy.

Swedes in general are rather slim, and want to stay slim, so I suppose that this is a widely accepted norm for good looks - and for health of course. Lots of people go to gyms. Both anorexia and overweight is turnoff. Ideal BMI is 22, so ideal weight depends on height.

Beauty Standards in Scandinavia - Tall, slim, elegant
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