East Asian Beauty Standards for Women

Every region of the world has its own beauty standards.

In today’s discussion, I would like to present to you the East Asian beauty standards, specifically for women. (I will address East Asian beauty standards for men in a different discussion).

Proviso 1: I am discussing East Asian beauty standards because that’s who I am and that’s what I am most familiar with. I believe that many of the points below are applicable to Asians from Southeast Asia as well. In other parts of Asia, though, I believe the beauty standards are quite different.

Proviso 2: I am not going to be talking about make-up. Make-up application and how it differs between East and West deserves its own post – and that post will be much, much longer.

Okay, first, let’s talk about the elephant in the room:

What is considered beautiful for Asians in the West (specifically the US)


What is considered beautiful by East Asians in Asia

It’s no secret to East Asians that what Americans consider beautiful in Asians can be quite different from what is considered beautiful right now in East Asia.

Many Asians in Asia are perplexed at how Americans can sometimes hold celebrities like Lucy Liu, Kelly Hu, and Brenda Song up as the epitome of “exotic” Asian beauty. These celebrities are considered attractive in American pop culture, but in East Asia, they would definitely fall outside East Asian beauty standards.

Let us briefly compare the two beauty standards.

What is considered beautiful for Asians in the US:

Natalie Chanary. I assume she's a model.
Natalie Chanary. I assume she's a model.

What is considered beautiful by East Asians in Asia:

Zhang Zetian. One of China’s youngest billionaires. This photo of her went viral in 2009.
Zhang Zetian. One of China’s youngest billionaires. This photo of her went viral in 2009.

Just to be clear, I’m not saying one is better than the other.
Only that they are different.

Personally, I think East Asian beauty standards are far more restrictive compared to American beauty standards, and this creates a narrower definition of what is "beautiful" in East Asia.

So, what is it about East Asian beauty standards that make them far more restrictive?
Well, let’s get into the meat and potatoes of it then.

#1 - Neotenous Features, which includes having a “Small Face”

Neotenous facial features are highly prized in East Asia.

What is Neoteny?
Neoteny is the retention of juvenile features in adults.
East Asians have a mutation in the EDAR gene, which scientists believe to have first appeared about 35,000 years ago. Researchers believe that this mutation in the EDAR gene is what causes the majority of East Asians to retain a lot of baby-like features well into adulthood.

In East Asia, men find neotenous features in women desirable, and this has been the case for a very long time. Men everywhere find neotenous features in women desirable, but from my personal observations, this desire for neotenous features is especially heightened in East Asia.

One of the most prize neotenous features is having a small face.
What is a small face?
In Chinese, it is 巴掌脸 (palm-sized face), in Japanese it is 小顔 and in Korean 얼굴이 작다 (both meaning “small face”).

Small face applies to both men and women, although, as expected, it’s not as restrictive of a beauty standard for men.

The measurements of a small face is vague. There are plenty of YouTube videos where you can see people measuring faces to see whether a face is “small” or “not small”

If you add up the number of Neotenous features and "small face" together, you get non-celebrity East Asian girls who look like this:

East Asian girls lip-synching to the popular “Learn to Meow” Song.
East Asian girls lip-synching to the popular “Learn to Meow” Song.
More East Asian girls lip-synching to the popular “Learn to Meow” Song.
More East Asian girls lip-synching to the popular “Learn to Meow” Song.

#2 – Under-eye Baby Fat

I honestly don’t know the English term for this.
Under-eye baby fat deposit?
In Chinese it is 卧蚕, in Japanese it is 涙袋, in Korean it is 애교살.

At first glance, many people might think this refers to eye bags.
But no – it refers to that baby fat deposit under the eye.
A very different thing compared to eye bags (which are considered unattractive)
Under-eye baby fat deposits are thought to make women (and men) look more youthful.

Here’s a comparison, with digital manipulation of course, between: with under-eye baby fat (left) and without (right):

With (L) and Without (R)
With (L) and Without (R)

#3 – Milky or Porcelain Skin

It’s no secret that one of the cornerstones of East Asian beauty standards is pale milky or porcelain skin.

Despite what you might have read, East Asians wanting milky or porcelain skin doesn't mean they are after "white people"-tone skin.

If you read ancient Chinese, Japanese, and Korean literature, like back when people were living in huts and castles and carried swords and wore armor – East Asians already had the milky/porcelain beauty standard going on, way, way before they ever came across white folks from the Western world. I repeat, this beauty standard existed way before Europe ever came into the picture.

Here’s the actress Liu Yifei, who is going to play the part of Mulan in the Disney live-action film of the same name.

Special Note: One thing that many East Asians have mentioned in various forums, is that they’re very glad that for once, Hollywood has decided to go with an actress who fits East Asian beauty standards, rather than one who fits American beauty standards.

Liu Yifei, Mulan in training
Liu Yifei, Mulan in training

And here’s Fan BingBing, an actress famous for her pale milky skin:

Fan BingBing. She played the role of Blink in X-Men: Days of Future Past
Fan BingBing. She played the role of Blink in X-Men: Days of Future Past

#4 – Double eyelids (versus Mono eyelids)

Despite what you might have heard or read, not all Asians have mono eyelids.
Natural double eyelids in Asians is common, especially in Southern Chinese and Japanese. I don’t know what the % is, but it’s definitely large enough that I don’t really notice whether one prevails over the other when I travel among the various East Asian countries.

Of course, double eyelids are widely considered the preferred look in East Asia, for both men and women.

However, there is a growing movement in the region which holds that mono eyelids can be just as beautiful.

Hashimoto Kanna – Double Eyelid
Hashimoto Kanna – Double Eyelid
Jeon Soo-jin – Mono Eyelid
Jeon Soo-jin – Mono Eyelid

# 5 – Height, Being Tall Is Pretty Good

Northern Chinese and Koreans are said to be among the tallest Asians, while Southern Chinese and Japanese are thought to be slightly shorter.

Unlike the US, where short women appear to find more favor with men compared to tall women, in East Asia, being a tall woman can be a pretty sweet deal.

Being short is generally associated with being cute, while being tall is generally associated with being gorgeous. However, this isn’t a hard-and-fast rule: short women can be gorgeous and “hot”, and tall woman can be cute too.

But, if you are physically attractive and tall, as a woman? It can be a good thing, unless, I suppose, if you’re very tall, say 1.83+ meters (6’). But generally, 1.7 to 1.75 meters (5’7” to 5’9”) is considered quite nice for a woman.

Personal Story: Two women I dated actually tried to apologize to me for being short, along the lines of “But why? I’m not tall.” At about 1.63 m (5’4”) or so, they weren’t particularly short, just average. I told them they were being right silly!

Liu Yifei, the actress who is going to play Mulan, is 1.70 m (5’7”)

Here are some other actresses who are considered tall and gorgeous:

Guan Xiao Tong, 1.73 m (5’8”)
Guan Xiao Tong, 1.73 m (5’8”)
Jeon Ji-hyun, 1.73 m (5’8”)
Jeon Ji-hyun, 1.73 m (5’8”)
Nanao, 1.72 m (slightly less than 5’8”)
Nanao, 1.72 m (slightly less than 5’8”)

#6 – Weight

I think weight remains one of the most brutal beauty standards for East Asian women.
There is a common “rule” where women try to keep their weight below 50 kg (110 lbs), regardless of height.

For example, for the tall actresses I mentioned above, their weight is (as far as I can tell from Google searches):

Liu Yifei: 1.70 m (5’7”), 50 kg (110 lbs)

Guan Xiao Tong: 1.73 m (5’8”), 49 kg (108 lbs)

Jeon Ji-hyun: 1.73 m (5’8”), 48 kg (106 lbs)

Nanao: 1.72 m (slightly less than 5’8”), 49 kg (108 lbs)

It can be even more ruthless if you’re a K-pop singer.

Jung Eun-ji, a member of the K-pop group Apink, who stands at 1.63 m (5’4”), started off at 62 kg (136 lbs) but slimmed down drastically to 46 kg (101 lbs).

Jung Eun-ji Before (Left) and After (Right)
Jung Eun-ji Before (Left) and After (Right)

Okay. Those are celebrities.
But how does it affect normal, non-celebrity women on the streets?

On the streets of Tokyo
On the streets of Tokyo

Do you remember the 2016 A4 Waist Challenge?
It was an internet trend that began in China.

Basically, women were holding up pieces of 8.3-inch- wide A4 paper to show how tiny their waists were.
The A4 paper was held vertically, in front of the women’s torso, with the purpose of covering their entire waist, which was done to prove that their waists were smaller than the width of the 8.3-inch- wide A4 paper.

If you did the calculations, this would mean that all the women who succeeded had 25-inch, or smaller, waists.

The A4 Waist Challenge of 2016
The A4 Waist Challenge of 2016

#7 – Looking Good as one gets older

It goes without saying that, because of the strict beauty standards, East Asian female celebrities are expected to keep themselves looking youthful even as they get older. Hollywood has nothing on the East Asian beauty standards when it comes to putting immense pressure on women to look great at every age. This trickles down to the ordinary, non-celebrity women on the streets, and results in massive amounts of money feeding the behemoth that is the East Asian beauty industry.

Here are how some “older” East Asian celebrities look:

Vivian Chow, still performing at 51, at her Macau gig in 2018
Vivian Chow, still performing at 51, at her Macau gig in 2018
Koyuki, 42, the actress who starred alongside Tom Cruise in The Last Samurai
Koyuki, 42, the actress who starred alongside Tom Cruise in The Last Samurai
Ha Ji-won, 41, still shooting drama series
Ha Ji-won, 41, still shooting drama series

#8 – Short Skirts are Good, But Don’t Show Cleavage

This is technically not an East Asian beauty standard, but more a way to dress.

In East Asian women’s fashion, it’s perfectly all right to show miles of leg, but cleavage remains a no-no. You can bare your shoulders, but no cleavage (of course, the "rule" sometimes gets broken).

Short skirt as shown in a fashion catalog
Short skirt as shown in a fashion catalog
Legendary K-pop group SNSD
Legendary K-pop group SNSD



All of the above are just some of the factors that come together to form the shiny, relentless machinery that is the culmination of East Asian beauty standards.

I wish to point out that I am just reporting these beauty standards; I don’t necessarily support them. It goes without saying that these beauty standards can be very restrictive, which in turn creates a very narrow definition of what constitutes being "beautiful" in East Asia.

Thank you for making it this far!

East Asian Beauty Standards for Women
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Most Helpful Girls

  • dancing_in_nebulas

    I think the mono lids are GORGEOUS!

    Its such a unique thing to Asians and gives a very intense dreamy look.

    My stepdad and step family are south Korean, my cousins my age rarely wear makeup and coach me about weight lol.

    African American vs East Asian standards are VERY different lol so we argue about how I'm supposed to be full bodied, vs being slim like them lol. I have been given two hanboks, and we have fun trying to squeeze me into their largest sizes ha ha

    We have dressed them in hip hop clothes and cocktail outfits, which they enjoyed strutting around in downtown 😆

    They of course are more americanized, so even some of the Korean boys and girls on campus, would date various races / different beauty standards.

    I think East Asian beauty is lovely, but the neotoneous aspect can get weird when it seems like a small child is intimate with a grown adult - as depicted in several animes and porn.

    *disclaimer - I like interracial porn, and when Asian stuff pops up, there's a lot of, "Teen Asian girl gang banged by endowed men -" on the side feed lol - and the girl has pigtails and looks 11 😑...

    Its really odd to feel sexual towards child features, since our culture aims for more of a sultry, mature look.

    Interesting right?

    Is this still revelant?
    • Lol. Now I feel like getting rid of my double eyelids :D

      As you already well know by now, weight is a family affair in East Asian (and most Asian) cultures. Parents, siblings - your weight is fair game. "Oh, you've gotten fatter..." is a common refrain at family and relative gatherings.

      As for the apparent age gap due to neotenous features, that is par for the course.

      There's a very popular Korean drama called 도깨비 (Goblin) which features a mid-30s man (at least in looks; he's actually 900+ years old) who falls in love with a high school girl, who I believe is supposed to be 19 years old. While both actors are closer in age in real life, the fact that her character has a lot of 애교 (aegyo) and he acts cool and calm-headed (he is 900+ years old after all) tends to make their on-screen age gap look even wider.

    • Oooh I'll have to check it out! Oh yeah, my halmeoni makes it a point to tell me how plump I'm getting - I just blame her cooking and she says, " well you get peas and eggs then," 😆

      She herself was never small, well medium in US sizes, which can be XL there. She just wants me to fit in the hanboks she gives me lol. They fit fine on my waist, but black girls tend to be busty and booty ha ha. I have a gorgeous one she gave me, and she told me to take pictures from the front, or my huge rear will be distracting from the elegance 😆

      I'm only a size 3 mind you, but it's all in good fun. I know some Asians starve or diet too hard, so fortunately even that part of my family isn't so concerned about it.

      I forgot to mention about the girls being tall, that surprised me. Makes sense now why the girls at my Korean church complimented my legs when we would change. (5'9ish) I always saw height as being unfeminine to East Asians.

      I guess all put together I look kinda anime-ish, with the long thin legs, slight leg gap, a butt and kinda big tits - so more of that fantasy aspect than the actual beauty standard.

      In fact, I was nicknamed Yoruichi after the girl from Bleach when I wore long purple hair to school ha ha.

      Not quite as pretty, but I'm not arguing lol

      I wonder then, what standards are for men?

      I'm gonna say from what I've experienced, more on the professional side, neat, and guys tend to go for a mature or dreamy k-pop look

    • Yes. Being tall for an East Asian woman is perfectly fine. Unless if you're REALLY tall (for a woman), like over 6-feet.

      I have seen some girls who cosplay as Yoruichi. Maybe you should give it a go. Who knows, you might start a new sub-career. :)

      I'll be a writing a follow-up to this discussion, where we can discuss the East Asian Beauty Standards for Men. Honestly speaking, it's a little more challenging to write, because while the standards are still pretty strict, it still isn't as narrow as it is for women. More research needed on this one! Stay tuned!

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  • I’m surprised about the height. I thought e erupting was the smaller the better.

    I yess keeping your weight under 110 is understandable and not a big deal at all if the average height is close to five feet~ but it would be unhealthy for people over 5 8. Though I don’t think there are many women over5 8 there.

    It’s odd about the baby face. Not bc that would be considered attractive~ I expected that, but bc babies have really big heads in regulation to their bodies. Not little. A person looks younger when their head is a bit bigger eyes bigger cheeks chubby ~ not small head.. Peoples faces get smaller as they age not bigger.

    Anyhow the rest is no surprise , well written😊

    Also bones tend to be smaller and narrower over all so a 25 inch waist on a small boned five foot person is not the same as on a large boned 6 foot person. id imagine it would be common without even being too skinny, as it’s not even uncommon here if you are thin.

    Anyhow well written 😊

    Is this still revelant?
    • Oh sorry my point was I I don’t think the beauty standards are more restrictive just different.

    • The height thing - it depends where in East Asia you are.

      Those unfamiliar with the region and the various ethnicities in Asia tend to underestimate the height variance that can be found in this region. For example, there are 50+ Chinese ethnic minorities in China alone, each with their own "look".

      Like I said above, those with Northern Chinese and Korean blood in them tend to be the tallest.

      Take my sister, she is 1.72 m (a little under 5'8").
      She would be considered quite tall in Southern China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan.
      She would be considered "just a little" tall in Northern China and Korea.

      In general, in the East Asian social circles I swim in (which mostly includes people from my generation), girls' heights and expectations usually follow this:

      1.63 - 1.65 m (5'4" - 5'5"): Average
      1.66 - 1.69 m (5'5" - 5'6 1/2"): Above Average
      1.70 - 1.73 m (5'7" - 5'8"): Tall
      1.74 - 1.77 m (5'8 1/2" - 5'9" 1/2"): Very Tall

      The "sweet spot" is usually considered to be:
      1.68 - 1.73 m (5'6" - 5'8")

      My sister likes her height. It's tall, but is not seen as "too tall".
      East Asian females rarely go beyond 1.76 m. (although I have come across one or two who are taller than that)
      Anything taller than that might be seen, by society, as being "too tall", for a woman.

      Like I said, girls and women who hit the "sweet spot" are usually the one who turn heads, and considered "gorgeous". Shorter girls and women are usually "cute".
      My sister much prefers the former - she does get grief from my mother for being 53 kg (117 lbs) though.

      I remember when I was around 9 or 10.
      The most popular girl in our Year was also the tallest girl in our Year.

      Of course, this also depends on your facial features, your complexion, and your general body shape.

    • In regard to "small face", I believe it's not the size of the head in proportion to the body - it's more about the "compactness" of your facial features.

      The Chinese phrase for it, 巴掌脸 (palm-sized face), is probably a crude approximation.
      If you put your palm in the middle of your face, your mouth, nose, and half of each eye should be covered, and your finger tips definitely go beyond your eyebrows.
      The further all these features "drift" apart from each other, the less of a "small face" you have.
      Obviously, the size of your palm also affects the measurement :D

      Of course, one should also have a "nice" facial shape.
      Currently the "U-shaped" jawline is very popular.

      As for the 25-inch waist, I think it's not a problem for most East Asian girls.
      That's why that social media trend had a lot of East Asian women taking part.
      But obviously, those who didn't fit the criteria were unlikely to have taken part!

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Most Helpful Guys

  • Levin

    Yeah, maybe I shouldn't have these thoughts for such a grave situation, but during Hong Kong protestors footage, the women look absolutely stunning.

    Part of this is surely down to neotenous features. I definitely value that in women, too. It's interesting that they're also seen as the dreamy ideal in pre-raphaelite (obviously, Western) paintings.

    East Asian Beauty Standards for Women

    Some of this can surely be attributed to orientation of cultures. Western is traditionally seen as extroverted and outlook looking, whereas, in the East, one is more preservative and inward looking.
    Poor diets have to be a culprit, too. Western diets are laden with animal protein. Whereas, traditionally, Eastern diets derived most of their protein from plant sources. They used to say, you can tell the condition of the heart from the condition, and size, of the nose!

    The Jung Eun-ji before and afters actually illustrate my point. The before, you would associate her with being more Western, worldly, sexua;, the after, more, again, 'Eastern'. All from the body size! It's weird, that you can almost tell a person's personality size, from their physiognomy and body.

    To me, hyper pale, light eyed, smallish Western women are still my ideal.

    Is this still revelant?
    • But, ironically, it is an increase in animal protein consumption (among other things) that have made the current generation of East Asians taller than their parents. Back in the old days, as my parents are won't to tell me, it was much harder to procure meat for meals.

  • JimRSmith

    Another fascinating read, and one which really brings the subject to life. There aren't really all that many people who are familiar enough to analyse these kinds of differences, and explain them, but you do an excellent job of doing so - thanks for sharing!

    Is this still revelant?
    • Honestly, I could write a book about it. And I consider what I've written to be the brighter side of things. As with beauty standards anywhere around the world, there's always a dark underbelly. The streets and subways of Seoul are filled with flyers and posters for cosmetic/plastic surgery - it's kind of scary. In fact, the forecast is that, with more and more disposable income - particularly in China's case - even more people in the region are going to get cosmetic/plastic surgery in the near future.

    • JimRSmith

      I can certainly believe that. And as you say, it is scary...

    • You should write at least one book. You’re writing is really good!

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What Girls & Guys Said

  • The under 50kg thing is so true 😂 I was like, 55kg when I did martial arts class and my Chinese kungfu teacher always commented that I need to lose weight. But in South Asia things are very different, at that weight my mom, aunts and basically everyone commented how skinny I am 'omg you've become so skinny oh no no no no are you ok' it was fucking hilarious 😂

    • One thing that is common to ALL Asian families and communities: people making comments about your weight left, right, and center.

    • Oof yes 😂 even the most petite women were so embarrassed to talk about their weight, it was very surprising for me.

      By the way, the under eye fat thing could be mainly because it casts a shadow under the eye which makes it look like you have bigger, more portruding eyes. My face is weird because I have it on only one eye.

    • Yes. I think eyes can be really interesting. I've seen people with mono eyelids, who, after getting a little older, their eyelids change to double eyelids. I've seen someone with one mono eyelid, the other one a double eyelid. And obviously, plenty of people with eyes that are a markedly different size.

  • Greenfield25

    Yee yee time to get triggered Imma not eat at all today and restrict back to 66 lbs/30kg and probably go lower to like 50lbs/22.7kg and since I'm literally south chinese I'm short, stocky, muscular, etc,. But I do have a small face and double eyelid. But I have dark skin and am short.

    • No need for any of that. I'm sure you're great the way you are.
      There are plenty of attractive people in Shanghai!
      So Southern Chinese rock as well!

    • I was looking at some very old photos of Chinese people the other day and I noticed the girls were actually kind of chubby. One of my friends is southern Chinese and all her life she was called fat and felt she should lose weight but it’s obvious her body type is square ish and even at a low weight she is not the lanky type. I think there’s a huge misconception about the idea that all Chinese people are the same long stringy shape.

    • @nerms123 There are over 50+ ethnic groups in China. Some people think that all Chinese people are Han Chinese, but no... at least 8% of Chinese are not. What some people might not know is that China is huge, so there's a lot of variety, even going from South to North.

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  • ilovecurvychick

    This is rubbish. My girlfriend and I used to work in Singapore where the majority of the people there were Chinese. She got sexually harassed by mostly Chinese men. One guy even followed her from the train station just to stare at her big tits and curvy body. My girlfriend is Punjabi (5'3, big eyes with olive skin tone). According to this rubbish, she is not beautiful. Strange 🙄 There is also one Chinese guy whom she knows from her friend that won't leave her alone despite knowing she has me. The height thing is wrong. I know these two Chinese girls who complain about guys not preferring them because they are like 170 cm which is what you mentioned as head turner 🙄. I feel like this Take is all about "We have higher taste than western men"
    The eyes part is hilarious. Almost all Asian girls I know are dying to have big rounded eyes which is why they wear all those weird looking eye contacts. Don't deny this just because you want people to like the mongol eyes.
    Stop flaunting the height thing. You like what you like. Don't push your preference on others. I know there are many Asian guys who like average height of women.

    • You said it. You went to Singapore. Last time I checked, Singapore wasn't in East Asia.

    • Come back and let me know what you think when you've spent about 10-15 years in China, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. It doesn't have to be 10-15 years in each. 10-15 years in total will do!

    • Until you do, you're just another white guy who thinks he knows more about East Asia compared to an East Asian who has actually lived in East Asia.

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  • pleasestopthis

    East Asian beauty standards are crazy. It puts way too much pressure on people to fit into the beautiful cathegory.
    I've seen k-pop singers who look almost anorexic... they would look so much prettier with more meat on their bones. Apparently, extreme diets and eating disorders are extremely common.

    • Unfortunately, this is very true. My sister is 1.72 m - and even though she isn't a K-pop singer, my mom always gives her grief for being 53 kg. It's gotten to the point where a few rude relatives have started calling her "meaty". =.=

    • But... it's absurd to expect someone of her size to weight less than 50 kg. The taller, the heavier... you know, common sense.

    • I know. And I agree. But unfortunately, I don't see the loosening of any of these standards in the future. I don't even think there's a sizable movement to create a counter to these standards. Everyone just goes with it.

  • Киттйлинк

    Majority of Asian women who are the most beautiful tend to have done a lot of stuff to themselves to look that way.. from filters to tapes, skin lightening miracle makeup that makes them look like a complete different person.. etc. etc.. they don’t like the way the look naturally. The natural ones hardly ever make a big impression.
    Now with alllllll that added they do look nice.

    • Let's not forget about the surgery thing. I mean Korea rank one of the most visited countries for plastic surgery.

  • GuidoThePizzaMaker

    Thanks for reminding why I liked my ex so much! haha. She was so adorable!
    I do appreciate the East Asian beauty standards but they are too restrictive as you eloquently explained.
    I actually always found the eye-lid thing crazy haha. I love the mono eye-lid :) my ex had the mono eye lid and the baby fat underneath and she was so irresistible

  • desidoll

    Interesting take! As someone who lives in SE country, I am aware of these standards. I questioned myself once because being an Indian here, I was approached several times by some Chinese/Vietnamese guys. The only thing that I fit is the big eyes trait but I guess not everyone see beauty the same way.

    • That's a good one! I don't think Indians even have mono eyelids.
      Yes. I agree with you. East Asian beauty standards are very restrictive.
      It's better if people just chill and be able to appreciate different kinds of beauty.

    • But I do believe that Indians have their own beauty standards to live up to!

    • OrangeBoy2

      Do you feel you inimidate Asian guys?

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  • I thought in China short women find more favor with men while in the US tall women do (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜... I am 5’7” tall (but I look like 5’9”) and few men around me look taller than me. I thought I could find tall men in the west but now it seems hopeless hahahaha ( •̥́ ˍ •̀ू )

    • You need to hang out with men from my crowd - we are above 1.80 m :)

    • I dream to 😍☺️

    • -Asca-

      I don't know where you got that from. Europe is more in favor of tall women than the US

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  • I'm pretty sure Americans can appreciate East Asian beauty. Most people think Irene is gorgeous.
    East Asian Beauty Standards for Women

    • She's iight.

    • Not all though, of course. For some reason, I seem to run across many - strangely, especially women - who just think that all East Asians are ugly. You'd be surprised how many people have this mentality.

  • JKingOff

    So the answer to your question is actually a lot more complex than you've made it out to be, and that's saying a lot looking at the length of your post. I can't speak for Asian men but I can speak personally for myself as a US citizen, and the member of the male gender. So just to start off not all men have the same taste in women please understand that my opinion is simply just that. I find Asian women attractive, mostly the ones that are actually from part of Asia. In my experience men typically find petite young women more attractive than women that are taller than them, and more heavily set, or ripped as f***. that's not that were intimidated or anything like that it's purely primal. Women like big dicks, men like tight pussies. men are attracted to women with a smaller frame because in correlation they are more likely to have a tighter pussy. Women are attracted to larger men because in correlation they are more likely to have a larger dick. For my personal reasons it actually goes a little bit past that. I like intelligent women, I don't necessarily want to have a blonde date with Barbie and have to make up her mind on what she wants to eat for dinner, let alone have to do that for the rest of our lives together. everyone has their different specialties, and areas of expertise. marriage is supposed to be a mutually beneficial Union between two people. I am not vain and ignorant enough to declare that I know everything, thus I am attracted to women who have knowledge and experience in areas that I do not. it just so happens that for some reason Asian women seem to be a lot more educated than women in the US, generally speaking. There's also the fact that they seem to be a lot more respectful when someone ask something of them, or requires something of them. I'm pretty sure it's a cultural difference. But the fact still remains that these are the reasons why I find Asian women attractive. maybe you would be kind enough as to explain to me what women in Asia fitting my description find attractive in men from the US. I swear to God if the number one answer is money then I'm just f****** done with the subject.

  • Red-Blaze

    Really informative and really interesting
    Thank you so much for this give me what to think about
    And learn a lot

  • Holy fuck you went really in depth XD

    Honestly I just came to say: "Girls' Generation we don't stop!"

    • This is the abridged version.
      I didn't want it to be too long :)

  • June871

    The weight is fake. I'm Korean and many agencies admitted deflating weight by like 5kg and height by about 5cm

    • That is true. It's because everyone is desperate to not hit the 50 kg mark. Although, judging from the ribs I can see on some of them, some of them really might be quite light.

  • saeyamazaki

    I'm not sure about the tall being better but yeah... this sounds about accurate.

  • itsmeamy

    The girl from fast furious 3 the Miami one was so pretty

    • I can't remember Fast and Furious 3. I think you are referring to the actress Kitagawa Keiko.

    • itsmeamy

      Yeah she had a weird/pretty face I don't know

  • DWornock

    That is all interesting, but every one of the girls has all the universal characteristics of beauty that you find in all races. They are:
    1. Bilateral symmetry; without that you are ugly.
    2. Small waist to hip ration with 70% being ideal. Beauty icons including Marilyn Monroe, Alessandra Ambrosio, Sophia Loren, Kate Moss, and even Venus de Milo all have ratios around 70%. Notice they have significantly different weights.
    3. Smooth skin
    4. Big eyes
    5. Youthful appearance.

    • syxibxni

      Your profile picture makes you look like Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds

    • DWornock

      @syxibxni Thank you, but I had to Goggle to see who that was because, although I'm on the internet a lot, I seldom watch TV other than sporting events. All the propaganda, ridiculous political correctness, and excessive advertising turns me off.

  • Little_Princesa

    People here be like these standards are crazy but like... its crazy everywhere. I don't know why its considered ok to tan your skin but bleaching it isn't alright. It seems people want to act like their own culture is better

  • LuWe22

    Do you know if foreigner could be classify as beautiful or are they just interested in the same race?

    • Of course! The younger generation especially, because they know more about the world - and many of the young generation LOVE traveling!

      In my experience, as long as the "foreigner" (I don't like to use this word, but unfortunately, it's commonly used in East Asia) comes close to the beauty standards mentioned above ( big eyes, milky/porcelain skin, small face, general body shape, etc.) they can easily be considered beautiful.

      Obviously some trends aren't beauty trends in East Asia. For example, the US' current obsession with "thicc" (having a big behind) is not a beauty standard in East Asia.

    • LuWe22

      I´m skinny (50kg), my waist is tiny, I have a baby face, white skin and double litted eyes. I even heard that some Asian like blonde hair so I was wondering if I would match the beauty standard.

    • I'm just one person so I wouldn't ever dare say that my opinion represents that of everyone in the region, but, if you put a gun to my head and asked me to name one non-Asian female celebrity that many East Asians do find attractive, I would say Emma Watson.

      Maybe young Anne Hathaway and Chloe Moretz.

      I think it also depends on the make-up. Like, for example, I think many find Taylor Swift's style of make-up quite old-fashioned.

      This is just my opinion!

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  • Thanks for the very informative and thorough explanation.

  • Likes2drive

    Wow that was an interesting mytake on Beaty standards there , they seem more strict than here actually

  • Kutaiichu

    It can be hard to explain things like 'small face', but you hit the nail on the head!

    • Actually, I still don't know how to explain small face.
      Lol. I don't even know the measurements :D

    • Ah, and where are my manners - thank you!

    • Kutaiichu

      Haha very welcome ^^

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  • As an East Asian I always wanted bigger eyes 😂😂 I don't like my mono eyelid

  • LoU_Hades

    Men of European descent are in average more masculine than east Asian guys, therefore we prefer more feminine traits on east Asian women.
    That's very likely the reason for different beauty standards.
    As example: East Asian guys prefer women with more massive jaw line (at least from what I have seen), personally I find it's a trait of masculinity, hence I find women with massive jaws less feminine.

    • "East Asian guys prefer women with more massive jaw line" - This is completely false. Facial contouring cosmetic operations in East Asia are always to make the jawline more petite, more V-shaped, although now U-shaped jawlines are becoming more popular.

    • CallmeJazz

      Lol more masculine it depends on individual i have grown up with European men.

  • Stoner710

    Personally I prefer Asian women over white women I especially love the Japanese especially since I can actually talk to them. Only know 3 words in Chinese and 1 in Korean but I can get myself around in japan easily

  • OrangeBoy2

    I can't deny they are indeed pretty attractive, but I do wonder how much girls may suffer since child ages to feel they are accepted. Maybe these are the main reasons why there's not a lot of fat or even chubby girls.

    I wonder whats the % of Asian teens hurting themselves (from the big cities) , or even young suicides, compared with eu or us.

    • Oh. I know this only too well.
      Suicide rates in East Asia are high. Higher than in the West, definitely.
      I don't have the numbers with me, but when I previously saw the numbers, the difference was very marked and obvious.

      Socio-cultural factors play a huge role in suicides in East Asian countries.
      For example, if you can't get into a good school because your grades are just not good enough, many people might consider that as you, the individual, bringing shame down upon your family.
      If you're a man, and you lose your job, and you can't feed your family, that's also bringing shame down upon both you and your family.

      There are so many socio-cultural factors that can lead people to suicide.

    • OrangeBoy2

      O man... They really need to chill a bit 😔
      I'm assuming you are an Asian living in the US, is this pressure the reason why you left your home culture?

    • I have always lived in other countries. I can't really say there's one specific factor. I do love living and working in other countries - I love understanding different cultures!

      But, obviously, there are certain things about East Asian culture that I am not especially fond of.

      The socio-cultural reasons I mentioned above is one of these things.
      Then there's the social hierarchy as well - where you have to be able to quickly ascertain who is older than you, who is more senior than you, (and the opposite, who is younger than you, who is your junior), and then use the proper language to reflect that difference in stature.

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  • shazer

    Wow what can I say, I love the Asin culture and food and everything about these strong proud people , and just thought that they are so cute, their beauty is timeless, . Your studies are very eye opening some of the things you mention I had no idea about. The A4 paper test wow, that is to me dangerous stuff and a bit extreme. I'm 53 and Australian Aboriginal, and I would die for porcelain skin , but I also strongly believe that beauty starts from within and shows outwardly, and beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. So what is beautiful to one person might not be attractive to another. , That's what makes us all unquie and amazing, Thankyou my dear LV Shaza

  • Holy_Ghost_Fire

    While they like following these standards, it isn't a must. They are not required to follow them. Every person should desire to set their own standard in what they like and not chase after what is popular.

  • xKatAttackx

    The height caught me way off guard. That's interesting to know.

    • Yeah it isn’t the impression I had at all I thought everything was cute and little.

    • It was only when I came to the States did I realize that a lot of American men preferred short girls, and that it was a different beauty standard than what I am used to. It's great to learn new things!

  • I really like Asians mono eyelids. I love it because I think it’s attractive and idc what anyone says.

    • Same I love it and I think it’s so sad how much they get surgery

  • Kdude010

    Their beauty standards aren't as strict as the west. For example, Western women praise the importance of height in their partners, but it is not really a big deal for east Asian standards. And in regards to weight, western women are more likely to put on more weight than eastern women.

  • GreatnessBack

    I'm getting sick of other people shoving down what I think should be considered beauty.
    I like what I like, fuck off.
    Not you, though, I'm just saying.

  • Dolemite510

    The only girl I thought I was pretty in the whole take was the one that’s considered pretty for Asians in America so I guess we know what we’re talking about 😂

  • Some of these match with the beauty standards in my country.

  • richhandsomeguy

    Ew wtf Asian bitch are ugly and flat from bottom to top. I wouldn't date one even if my life depends on it.

  • Warmapplecrumble

    I feel fat by these standards and ugly lol

    • No worries, most of us don't achieve the "ideal look"!
      It's unrealistic exactly because it is the ideal.
      If we all looked like the ideal, the beauty industry wouldn't be where it is today!

    • I don't know if I meet ideal in India or UK lol I think I don't

    • Well, most people don't.
      But we continue living our lives anyway.
      Looks is just one facet about ourselves.
      Let us just enjoy life and live a meaningful, substantial life!

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  • beautifuljoan

    Chinese and Korean have similarities but comparable.

  • MoscowMitch

    I'm sure this is just a thin excuse to post pics of hot Asian chicks but I'm okay with that.

  • I don't know the other two you mentioned, but I don't think Lucy Liu is exceptionally attractive for an Asian woman.

  • they want to conform to follow a script in life. I think most of Asia wants to emulate the US in standards

  • esotericstory

    I've seen a lot of hot thick Asian mature women too.

  • AkshiJanjua

    LOL but east Asians look super cute with those eyes

  • Fuentes

    All of them girls are to dang skinny i don't like that shit i loke thick southeast azn girls

  • François24

    I have not a lot of experiences, but the the Japanese Ladies I met, where really perfect !

  • I prefer the Asian American look.

    • Because I'm half Hispanic, I use to look more Hispanic than Asian as a kid then my mom's (Half Chinese) DNA in me got stronger which made me glad. I always wanted to look more Asian but not Asian Asian... I'm talking about Asian American. Just glad my naturally curly hair made up for it.

    • Thanks for sharing, Aiko!!!

  • Ur my takes are great

    • I will never fit Asian standards though lol the only thing I could meet is the 110 pounds or lower

    • In Asia how much should someone who is 5'1 weigh?

    • I don't think there is a "should" weight for any height. It comes down to the individual and the general body shape. I can't think of many female celebrities who stand at 5'1".

      Let me think...

      Maybe Sunny of SNSD? Obviously, as some posters here have mentioned, the "official" height and weight as published by the various agencies could be different from reality.

      But Sunny's official height and weight are 1.55 m (5'1") and 47 kg (103 lbs).
      However, at 30 years of age, she is a lot older than you, so it could very well be that she's heavier than you.

      At the end of the day, the number of people who don't meet these narrow, restrictive beauty standards is legion. So, there's no point worrying or stressing about it! It's just something to study and observe.

  • HereIbe

    What about crooked teeth?

    • That's more specifically in Japan.

    • HereIbe

      Glad to know that. So it's more part of the Japanese backstage pass to the freakshow of life thing.

  • another cool article 👏

  • Erykahbear20

    The height caught me off guard

  • CallmeJazz

    They have very strict definition.

  • Quhcvp

    I’m happy that I am not East Asian