Why Guys Don't Like My New Lip Injections

Why Guys Don't Like My New Lip Injections

Injections seem to be on the rise, and with celebrities adding subtle enhancements to give their pouts a bombshell look, I decided to try the injections myself for the same results. Unfortunately in the real world, I didn’t get the results I hoped for. Here are three reasons why guys don’t like my new lip injections:

Permanent Duck Face

Guys always mock girls on social media for duck face pouts. Mine is officially stuck like that, so the mocking never ends.

It’s unnatural

For my pout to double in size in a short span of time, it’s evident I got lip injections. Guys love fake boobs, but clearly think fake lips are a different story

Kissing is weird

Though kissing may feel slightly weirder to me, when a guy knows you have fake lips, he will be completely weirded out through the whole makeout.

As much as I love my new, fuller lips, I definitely won’t be doing it again when these de-plump. From my experience, I’ve learned guys prefer natural girls.

Why Guys Don't Like My New Lip Injections
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