Perks of being a short woman!

People often question my height. Others in a positive way and others in a negative.

Most people who are short are wishing to be taller and tend to miss the positive side.

I on the other hand decided to arm myself with a dose of humour...

So, why stress about it?
So, why stress about it?

After all...

Perks of being a short woman!

So here are some perks of being short!

1. You will always be adorable!


2. You look younger than you are...

3. You have a bigger variety to shop from. I find plenty of nice clothes in the kids section and some pants even fit me without having to hem them.

4. Speaking of pants... you can always hem pants to make them shorter, but you can't make short pants longer. Not to mention that capris can fit you as regular pants too.

5. You can wear heels without being too tall

6. Guys are always taller than you are

7. Hair to height ratio makes your hair look longer

8. Tippy toe kisses

9. Lots of legroom

10. You can fit basically anywhere. I for once can sleep perfectly fine in an armchair πŸ˜‹

Funny story...

We were out with friends strolling and at some point I heard them laughing behind me. So I turned around and asked what was going on... they laughed even more.

One of them asked me to look up...

What had happened? There was a tree branch hanging low and over my head. Because my height I not only didn't need to duck my head to pass under it, but I didn't notice it being there ar all. All others had to walk around it.

P.s. that's another perk! πŸ˜‰

That being said... Don't let our adorable looks and shortness fool you... here's a little reminder πŸ˜‹

Perks of being a short woman!
Perks of being a short woman!
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