Perks of being a short woman!


People often question my height. Others in a positive way and others in a negative.

Most people who are short are wishing to be taller and tend to miss the positive side.

I on the other hand decided to arm myself with a dose of humour...

So, why stress about it?
So, why stress about it?

After all...

Perks of being a short woman!

So here are some perks of being short!

1. You will always be adorable!


2. You look younger than you are...

3. You have a bigger variety to shop from. I find plenty of nice clothes in the kids section and some pants even fit me without having to hem them.

4. Speaking of pants... you can always hem pants to make them shorter, but you can't make short pants longer. Not to mention that capris can fit you as regular pants too.

5. You can wear heels without being too tall

6. Guys are always taller than you are

7. Hair to height ratio makes your hair look longer

8. Tippy toe kisses

9. Lots of legroom

10. You can fit basically anywhere. I for once can sleep perfectly fine in an armchair πŸ˜‹

Funny story...

We were out with friends strolling and at some point I heard them laughing behind me. So I turned around and asked what was going on... they laughed even more.

One of them asked me to look up...

What had happened? There was a tree branch hanging low and over my head. Because my height I not only didn't need to duck my head to pass under it, but I didn't notice it being there ar all. All others had to walk around it.

P.s. that's another perk! πŸ˜‰

That being said... Don't let our adorable looks and shortness fool you... here's a little reminder πŸ˜‹

Perks of being a short woman!
Perks of being a short woman!
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  • Anonymous
    There's nothing good about being short and this is coming from a fellow short girl (5'6). - Most tall guys prefer tall girls
    -Even with heels you'll still look short
    -You can't wear maxi skirts and jumpsuits because it looks like you're drowning in fabric (I'm jealous of the way tall girls can
    -Tall girls seem to carry their weight better and look more elegant.
    -About bikes... I can't use an adult bike because my legs never reach the ground

    I'd have leg lengthening surgery, if I had the money but unfortunately it's very costly, unlike fillers etc.

    The only negative about tall people is that they seem to die younger and are more likely to die from cancer in post-menopausal phase, according to surveys
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    • Fellow short with 5'6"? Are you serious? You're perfect! Girl I am 4'10"! I was shopping from the kids section for shoes in your age because there was nothing in my size in the women department...

    • Anonymous

      @lazermazer we don't care

    • Anonymous

      @lazermazer get out of my comment you fucktard
      No one asked your opinion

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  • AL1994ind
    Relatable :)
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Most Helpful Guys

  • Xoirwinkan
    I don't get why short girls are so obsessed with height. I'd think that most guys would think short girls are cute!
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    • I was obsessed too...
      There are some factors that play a role, like weight is distributed differently, so although I have a natural - for my age - weight, I appear to be more chubby than a girl that has the same weight but is >5'
      You have to opt for different clothing, like as someone mentions you can't wear some types of clothes because you don't have the proportions.. so you see it, you like it, but it's a disaster when you wear it.
      There are also the "standards" that are fed into our brain from magazines and TV. Tall, slim, good looking, big breasts, etc.
      Once you get past those ideologies and accept yourself, height is just a number πŸ˜‰

    • Xoirwinkan

      Your life is just a number.

    • Sorry, I didn't get that...

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  • Guardian45
    I could fall over... er... for a short woman! Just jesting about the height thing. Nevermind.
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  • davids88
    Short girl = tall guy
    Short guy = tall girl

    So being a short girl is very good because then all the guys are taller than you. Also I saw in an article short girls got a lot more messages in dating websites than tall girls
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    • I don't know about dating websites, in personal experience I have gotten some attention because of it, but it tends to be a little more complicating as I get older. People often don't believe my age or they tend to assume I am younger and underestimate me. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ
      But well, those are not life threatening problems, I can live with it. ☺️

    • davids88

      "Women over six feet receive forty percent fewer messages on OkCupid than their 5'4" counterparts." here's the text from that site.

  • Lliam
    I agree that short girls are adorable. Little spinners are sexy as hell.
    I'm 6'2" and none of my girlfriends was over 5'5". One was barely 5'2". I love when they have to raise their faces and turn their eyes upward to look at me, and when they stand on their tip toes to kiss. I love being able to pick them up.
    Some of sexiest celebrity women are in the range of 5'-5'3". Based on their figures, one would never know that they were short unless they were standing next to a guy.
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  • Flatmanlewis
    Short girls, believe me - petite is ideal. I’ve dated 4’11” to 5’4” and married 5’2”. That is ideal. I could give you a list a dozen items long as to why that is prefect.
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  • tanya110290232
    I'm 5'5 and despite of above mentioned advantages I would never want to be short. Firstly because psychologically I feel myself less confident than high people (unconscioussly), because they look at me from above like parents to child. Secondly my children may be born short as well, and if its boy I don't want for him to have less self-esteem because women like tall guys. And finally if I gain weight its not so visible
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    • Lliam

      My dad was 5'7" and my mom was 5'2". I'm 6'2". But my mom's dad was 6' and my dad's grandfather was a big guy.

  • morthnenuf
    I was told i was short all my life and it used to devastate me cuz i could play football or basketball and be varsity. But then i lost my virginty and suddenly i was small anymore i was actually big !!! So from that day forward i dont care about short jokes i laugh with them
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    • And if there was a life or death situaution i want to be able to rescue my wife so i dont have to see her die... sorry big girls i love em little so i can save them from certain doom

  • Clarity01
    In my experience, guys tend to find petite women cute!
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  • John_Doesnt
    Short women are damn cute.
    Perks of being a short woman!
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  • Ordinarygurl_
    Yeah I'm short but my parents keep telling me that it's a lie that there is no way that I'm 5'1 like how is it a lie if everytime I get measured it is the same thing lol
  • Twalli
    I am 5'4" so some short girls are my height or taller.
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  • itsjustlew
    is 5'2 short? I feel short bc most people I know are like 5'6+
  • Nxtawm
    I don't know if 5'2.4 would be considered short or not or if it's only considered a bit below average but tbh I think between being tall or being short, being average would be best or a little taller on the average side. I feel like people often refer to shorter girls as cute and as nice as that is, I'd prefer to be looked at as capable and strong (which I feel is sometimes harder for shorter girls, I can't be a boss lady while climbing counters to reach a shelf lol, it's not impossible tho ig personality says a lot). I think 5'4-5'5 would a perfect height tbh.

    I'm not saying you shouldn't love your height tho lol, tall or short, each has its perks and downs
    • Thanks for reading! Yes, it's true, every height has its perks and downs, but focus on the downside? πŸ˜‰ after all there's nothing a nice pair of heels can't fix πŸ˜†

  • WolfsRoze
    "Fun Sized" this was a fun read and yes some kids have clothes that I wish were my size
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  • princessfromjupiter
    Uhhh is there anything that isn't a perk about being a short woman?
  • Zebadee88
    LOL at the girls 5'6" and saying they are short !!! WTF.
    My girl is under 5 foot tall...
    • Lol, yeah, makes me roll my eyes when I hear that... I'm 4'10''

  • bhavy24
    Nice take
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  • LovelyBones13
    I am 5'11/180cm haha
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    • davids88

      Do you fee guys approach you less than girls that are short?

  • lofii
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    • I don't qualify as a midget. I am 148.
      Lesson of the day: dwarfism is more than short stature. It means that the person most probably has other health issues to deal with too. And health problems are not something to make fun of.

    • lofii

      i couldnt hear you from all the way down there

  • lovedejj_xo
    I’m 5’4 lol we may be short but we are powerful 😂
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  • Secretgardenblood
    Good take..
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  • legalboxers
    good take. I date short because Im short..
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  • Thiccy
    there are none
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  • bradpitto
    awesome dude =)
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  • liquidsolid
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  • ivanhunterjo
    Nice Mytake
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  • AlwaysBelieving
    #1 is a big bonus for me.
  • Hawky_
    Perfect for blow jobs ofc
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  • Poormanscomedian
    Let me see you. How short?
    • 4'10" / 148cm

    • Trying to picture that

    • @BlackRoseRairy That's pretty damn short for a German girl (unless you're not really German and just happen to reside their as a migrant) since most Germans are typically tall people.

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  • JustWowMan
    awesome :-)
  • Anonymous
    Don't forget the two biggest perks: If you have great curves they REALLY pop on a short frame and standing sex! :D
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    • Anonymous

      How much have you enjoyed those two, QA? :D

  • Anonymous
    All of my favorite and sexiest gfs were short. They were crazy too...
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  • Anonymous
    Perk1: if the guy is tall, you don't need to kneel for a blowjob
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  • Anonymous
    Problem arises if you are a ahort women in Scandinavia. Most guys here want tall girls ao you feel just undesired
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    • Don't worry, you will find the right guy who will appreciate you as you are! ❀

    • SvanUlf

      Yeah, if you think it's difficult being a short woman in Scandinavia, try being a short MAN... actually, scratch that, women seem to have the bigger problem with that too since "they can't wear heels as they're already the taller part".

    • @SvanUlf I agree... it's definitely harder for a man... but nothing is impossible!

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