Marriage: What "Traditionalists" Believe the Bible Defines as Marriage vs. What the Bible Actually Defines as Marriage.

I know that the Supreme Court ruling for making gay marriage legal throughout the country happened a little while ago, but the subject is still prevalent, so therefore I will speak about it.

Christian "traditionalists" claim that gay marriage is a slap in the face of God, that it defies nature and should have been kept illegal. They also said the same thing 50 years ago about interracial marriage, but I digress. They claim that marriage is strictly defined in the Bible as between a man and a woman, as if the Bible can dictate what laws should be made and what laws should be voided. But just like with everything else, these traditionalists love to pick and choose what parts of the Bible to obey and what parts to consider as "obselete" and "not with the times" (like the part where it says to not get piercings or tattoos).

Marriage: What

"Blasphemy! How DARE you mark the body that the Lord gave you with that style of font?!"

So what exactly does the Bible say about marriage and what qualifies as marriage? For those of you who have your handy dandy Bibles on hand, turn to Genesis 2:24.

"Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh."

That seems pretty straightforward, doesn't it? A man leaves his parents and moves on in life by joining together with his wife and becoming one flesh (giggity). It's still done that way today, right? Well not exactly. At least not in Western society. See, back then marriage wasn't done because a man and a woman loved each other. That was unheard of. It was about conveinence. It was about two families merging together via a young, and usually unwilling, couple. The families wanted to ally themselves together and share resources with each other so that way they could grow even more prosperous. That, or they just wanted to put an end to the senseless fighting.

"Okay but the Bible still says that marriage is between a man and a woman, right? So that settles it, now let me go home."

Noooooo. No. No that would have settled it had the Bible only stated that. But just like you, it had a lot more to say about the subject. The Bible REALLY loves to get specific about things like this.

The Bible also defined marriage as between a man, his wives, and his concubines [concubine - (in polygamous societies) a woman who lives with a man but has lower status than his wife or wives.] Father Abraham has 2 concubines in addition to his wife. Abraham's son Jacob had 1 concubine, but 2 wives. Solomon the Wise had 300 CONCUBINES as well as 400 WIVES.

See guys? Wisdom is what gets you pussy." -Solomon the Wise

The Bible defines marriage as between a man, his woman (because women were considered to be property), and his woman's property (but even the property had their own property) in Genesis 16:3-6:

"3 So Sarai, Abram’s wife, took Hagar her Egyptian maid, after Abram had dwelt ten years in the land of Canaan, and gave her to her husband Abram to be his secondary wife. 4 And he had intercourse with Hagar, and she became pregnant; and when she saw that she was with child, she looked with contempt upon her mistress and despised her. 5 Then Sarai said to Abram, 'May the responsibility for my wrong and deprivation of rights be upon you! I gave my maid into your bosom, and when she saw that she was with child, I was contemptible and despised in her eyes. May the Lord be the judge between you and me.' 6 But Abram said to Sarai, 'See here, your maid is in your hands and power; do as you please with her.' And when Sarai dealt severely with her, humbling and afflicting her, she fled from her."

Wow. That just screams "Novela". Which is basically a really short soap opera, for you non-Hispanic/Latino people.

The Bible defines marriage as between a man and his deceased brother's wife in Genesis 38:6-10:

"6 Judah got a wife for Er, his firstborn, and her name was Tamar. 7 But Er, Judah’s firstborn, was wicked in the Lord’s sight; so the Lord put him to death. 8 Then Judah said to Onan, 'Sleep with your brother’s wife and fulfill your duty to her as a brother-in-law to raise up offspring for your brother.' 9 But Onan knew that the child would not be his; so whenever he slept with his brother’s wife, he spilled his semen on the ground to keep from providing offspring for his brother. 10 What he did was wicked in the Lord’s sight; so the Lord put him to death also."

That's right fellas, God will smite thee if you don't knock up your dead brother's wife.

That's right, Barney. God doesn't give a shit about your "Bro Code".

The Bible even defines marriage as between a rapist and his victim in Deuteronomy 22:28-29:

"28 If a man happens to meet a virgin who is not pledged to be married and rapes her and they are discovered, 29 he shall pay her father fifty shekels of silver. He must marry the young woman, for he has violated her. He can never divorce her as long as he lives."

The Bible, an advocate for feminism since 1400 BC.

The Bible defines marriage a between a soldier and his prisoner of war in Deuteronomy 21:10-14:

"10 When you go out to war against your enemies, and the Lord your God gives them into your hand and you take them captive, 11 and you see among the captives a beautiful woman, and you desire to take her to be your wife, 12 and you bring her home to your house, she shall shave her head and pare her nails. 13 And she shall take off the clothes in which she was captured and shall remain in your house and lament her father and her mother a full month. After that you may go in to her and be her husband, and she shall be your wife. 14 But if you no longer delight in her, you shall let her go where she wants. But you shall not sell her for money, nor shall you treat her as a slave, since you have humiliated her."

Translation: "When you go to fuck someone's shit up, and you see a fine honey that you wanna dip your fingers in, you take her, make her shave her head and do her nails and strip naked in your house. And after a month of crying for her folks, you go and claim her as your prize. But do NOT be a douche to her, because you already ruined her life as it is."

Last but not least, the Bible also defines marriage as between a male and female slave in Exodus 21:4:

"If his master gives him a wife and she bears him sons or daughters, the woman and her children shall belong to her master, and only the man shall go free."

Which would be the modern day equivalent of dog breeding. Even their puppies will still belong to you.

But dogs are so much cuter.

"But, but things were different back then!"


"Well Paul said that gays shouldn't get married!"

Ah yes, Paul. The former Christian persecutor-turned-disciple who also believed that women were to stay shut in church and let the men do all the talking. Please tell me how his opinions are relevant to this day and age, especially in politics.

TL;DR The Bible's definition of marriage doesn't mean shit. For those who'd rather look at a pretty picture that explains everything instead of reading, here you go:

Love won the day gay marriage was ruled legal, deal with it.


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  • I hear what your saying you can't pick and choose from the Bible. Like if you believe gay is a sin before God you can't mark your body with tattoos. I agree with you. If your going to live the Bible which is the word of God live it all the way. I totally agree with you. That being said your opinion doesn't matter. The Bible is what's important and you really shouldn't talk about God or the Bible in a bad way. God is real and is hearing everything you are saying. God have mercy on your Soul.

    • All of the bible? Even the Old Testament? For that matter, what about the miserably sexist/otherwise horrible sections of the New Testament? Covering your hair while praying and all that?

    • And that's your personal opinion and no one cares about it. So you should not dictate it to others. He is free to question what the bible says and you are free to be oblivious to everything...

    • You said it right I am free to say whatever I want and no one was talking to you because its not your post. So maybe you should mind yours. The truth hurts and the Bible is the truth. You don't like it then fight with God. And I feel sorry for you if you even try..

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  • You are wrong on a trillion counts. But for starters:

    The Bible acknowledges polygamy and concubines happen. That does NOT mean that it was given the seal of approval. Never once was the Jacob-Leah-Rachael debacle portrayed as a good thing.

    It mentions that many things happened, but does not give them a special seal of approval. Jesus was very specific talking to his disciples about what was ordained and what defined love, and excluded a lot of the things you define as "love."

    Moreover, I find proof in the pudding. "By their deeds shall you know them."

    Traditionalists may have harsh words when their sensibilities are openly violated. But they don't go around vandalizing buildings, performing lewd public displays of perversion, forcing children to view public nudity, selling pornography to minors, demanding that food companies pay tribute to their sexuality at every turn, zapping businesses that refuse to comply, etc.

    It is the very fact that the mentality of homosexuality does these things that proves it can NEVER equal love, and that it was condemned very specifically, and not light-heartedly.

    Love did NOT win in the Spineless Court. The American SA achieved an illegal victory.

    The Jews did not REQUIRE a man marry his deceased brother's wife. Don't twist that verse. It says that the brother had the option to marry her IF THE MARRIAGE HAD NOT YET BEEN CONSUMATED before the original fiance died!

    Soldiers likewise had the OPTION to marry female prisoners of war, but ONLY if those prisoners of war consented and converted. Again, it was case-specific.

    Deutronomy's verse does NOT apply to rapists marrying their victims. It refers to MANIPULATORS being made to marry the women they seduce. The misconception that it's about rape comes from a very sloppy translation of Hebrew that some English translations are guilty of.

    • "Traditionalists may have harsh words when their sensibilities are openly violated. But they don't go around vandalizing buildings, performing lewd public displays of perversion, forcing children to view public nudity, selling pornography to minors, demanding that food companies pay tribute to their sexuality at every turn, zapping businesses that refuse to comply, etc."

      What about the Christians who openly 'hate fags', publicly assault them, demonstrate at gay weddings, set fire to abortion clinics, misuse their religion as an excuse to commit racist acts, see women as second-rate citizens still and shy away from progressive ideals at every turn? And let's not forget about the many child-abuse cases among Priests and other Christian workers.

      Not every Christian is a perfect saint, just like some homosexuals feel the need to rub their 'gayness' in your face at every chance they get. There are extremists in every single subculture.

    • Look at Christ, and know who is what by their deeds. Westboro is a fraud. Always has been. Cheap media fodder to defame the real institution. Peaceful demonstrations at pseudoweddings, I agree with. But not violence. Again, Westboro is an elaborate hoax. Groups don't burn abortion mills; but a few individuals have resorted to murder and arson. Those are not the result of any Biblical teaching, since they are unsupported vigilante acts of violence. In each instance the individual was motivated by a personal grievance that pushed them over the edge.

      "Second-rate" women is not a Biblical concept, though I question how you define that. The term "progressive" has been hijacked for some of the most medieval, retrogressive things to come out since deSade. The Catholic Church - Italy - Omerta. Of course they'd be infiltrated by perversion. Especially due to the extra-biblical prohibition of priests marrying, violating Paul's warnings. As Luther predicted.

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  • Great take dude!!!
    The bible has mannnny issues. I pick sense out of nonsense with it though. You can't whole heartedly go off everything in there. Its a shame millions don't get that.

    • Thank you! And yes, exactly. While there is truth in the Bible as well as many valuable teachings worth abiding by in life, all the laws in shit dictated in the Old Testament have no place in modern society. I only go by what Jesus taught, and he never said anything about gays. Only to love Him and to love others.

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    • I never said it explained everything. nor did i say that evolution was false. To think that i did would be completely moronic. Also, if you would of read your Bible you would note that all Christians are part of the family of Israel, this stated obviously many times. To oversee such a thing you would have to be truly dense (oops). To further my point, i never said i hated gay people; persecuting sojourners is against my religion. However, there is no place for them in Christianity as it is clearly spoken out against in Bible. You state that putting your personal beliefs before that of God is alright. I happen to disagree; you see God clearly stated that we were to follow his words and his precepts (commandments, rulings, law, etc). You state,
      "Fuck all that other noise because it doesn't make sense to me."
      Well in reply to that i must say the following. Ignorance is not being stupid or uneducated. Ignorance is not wanting to learn. With that i mind i have one word that sums you up

    • greatly. That word would happen to be ignorant (but im sue you saw that coming)

      I have my own morals and thought and i am most certainly not a zombie ( i dont even know where you could get such am idea). But the Bible does layout certain rules and if you do not follow those rules, well im sure you understand where i am going.

  • I'm a Christian and I don't support gay marriage and think it's wrong but I also believe that Jesus died for us

  • Well done sir!!! Marvelous take!

  • You know why Bible says that? Because people lived that way, those where their traditions and customs. Not all of them can be applied in the modern world.
    People will always look at the side it's more convenient for them, no matter what they believe in.

  • nice reminder:)

    i guess separation of church and state was never meant to be taken literally or, without qualification like ' separation of church and state except when we dont feel like it'.

  • Haha, thank you! I love it!

  • So, what do you know about the New Testament? Probably not much... since you never heard the part where Jesus erased many of those laws. Interesting take, otherwise.

  • Nice take!

  • Okay stop, you're so dumb it hurts, since humans got a brain we can think for ourselves, a man and a woman, that's it. in the new testimony the bible never mentionend that gay marriage is forbidden BUT it is still clear that it is wrong! if god would have nothing against it it would have been mentioned and no one would have ever thought of gay marriage as something unnatural, plus if it'd be natural and beneficial they would be able to reproduce.

    • "we can think for ourselves"

      Do you NOT see the hypocrisy here? I feel sorry for you if you don't, it's hilarious.

    • Since humans got a brain? Lol you're stupid. Humans have always had a brain, do you even know what evolution is? And its not clear whatsoever that its wrong. Your retarded stone age morality reflects your profound ignorance. Obviously God supports homosexuality since homosexuality is present in all mamal species. Are you so foolish as to think that God would create homosexual behavior in all species and then detest homosexuality in humans? You don't really know anything do you? Go back to school kid.

      Also what makes you think you particular religion is right? Because you grew up with it? I bet you'd be saying the exact same thing for the quran if you grew up in the Islamic world. Your arrogance is astounding too--you think that your particular religion is right and you think God would tell measly humans like you about what he thinks is moral and immoral? People like you disgust me. You're ignorant, stupid, and religious. The worst combination.

    • okay keep your mouth shut don't be so rude you're the dumb kid not me and by the way i'm living in germany and i'm not that good in English if both of you wanna make fun of me then let's speak arabic or german? i'm pretty sure such geniuses as both of you are fluently written and spoken in both languages, and it's obvious that homosexuality is wrong for humans the bible is our "rule book" means we need to follow it if we want to please god, life is full of tests and hurdles and you either pass or you don't, means if you ask for forgiveness or if you try to supress the urge to sin you "pass" and why don't you read about people who were homosexual and had god heal them? it is possible and god loves the sinner but hates the sin, if you ask for forgiveness you'll be forgiven if you ask for help you'll get help, i got a lot of experience with god and know what I'm talking about, i am bicurious, do i have to practice it? no i don't have to but i did once and regret it. @serp777

  • I find it odd you wrote all that just to basically say get over it.

    Some people dont like gay marriage and you dont like Christians. Just get over it, you got what you wanted.

    • For the record i have probably been in a church twice in my lifetime and i really dont care who gets married.

  • 1. I would go thank for for getting people to flip through their bibles! That is amazing! Christians really should read their bibles more. I say this because a lot of your verses provide very little context. Someone who doesn't read their bible throughly would indefinitely be swooped up by your statements

    2. Despite the sad pictures that were presented here, all the marriages you presented were with a man & a woman. All of them. All of them. ALL of them.

    The bible is clear. as you said, people pick & choose which parts of the bible to believe, not seeing homosexuality as a sin is picking & choosing

    However, the hate & judgement brought about by the Christian community is a sin as well. Let's be loving people! But aware of what may grieve the Holy Spirit.

    Be blessed y'all

  • You're making the bible seem like a book of rules but that's not what it exactly is. You're missing the point!

  • Amazing take dude!


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  • Every single Christian that cites the old testament is a damn fool.

    Bible is an old Greek word for "library". Its a collection of several books, ranging from folklore (ie Genesis) law (the ever famous passages you described) the historical books (kingdom of Israel) and so on and so forth. The new testament tells the life of Jesus and the early acts of the apostles, as well as Paul's travels and predicting the ever famous second coming to name a few

    The thing is, I'm catholic, so I abide by catholic doctrine and teaching. All of those " traditionalists" keep citing the old testament but keep forgetting that Jesus overwrote many of those laws. Like seriously the Jewish laws described there are on par if not worse than Islamic Sharia law.

    Point is, I believe marriage is between one man and one woman.

    Homosexual couples can pursue a state civil union, but I will never call it a marriage or support it or endorse it.

    Besides, I follow the ever famous "give to casar what BELONGS to Caesar, give to God what BELONGS to God"

    Let homosexuals do their thing, but let me disagree with them.

  • Ok here is a disclaimer: I am a Christian... and wait for it... OH I SUPPORT GAY MARRIAGE. "Wait what? How can you be a Chtistian and support gay marriage? Pish posh!"

    Well its simple. Yes, according to the Bible, homosexuality is a sin. But so is LYING. And we all do that on a daily basis! Even us Christians! Therefore, homosexuals are no more sinners than teh rest of us. Which is why (this is directed to the Christians that oppose gay marriage) you shouldn't "point out the splinter in the eye of another, while ignoring the LOG in yours". That verse sound familiar?

    Also, the Bible says that followers of God are to follow the morals and teachings of the Bible. So why should we impose those morals and teachings upon people who are not followers of God?

    And as for you take owner, you accuse us of cherry picking things from the Bible, when that's exactly what your doing. "Heheh time for the daily Bible bashing. Let me skip over all of the love and acceptance the Bible teaches as well as the valuable life lessons, and find the most despicable thing the Bible mentions that people did back then, and try to pass it off as if the Bible condones that behavior! Oh what fun!"

    *standing ovation*

    • If you're a Christian you do realize that gays cannot be religiously married then, right? I understand that you want to show them decency but why do you condone sin under the guise of "acceptance" ?

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    • Actually they are, every one is. If they choose not to follow them they will burn in Hell forever

    • @DaddyRollingStone
      Well then let them burn in Hell. Its their lives. If they wanna burn in Hell that's THEIR decision. Its not your place to force them to abide by the rules of Christianity.

      It is our job introduce Jesus to people, but it is not our job to govern their lives and impose our own judgement on them, because God's judgement is all that matters

  • This is just another sad example of people that don't understand nor want to understand the Bible. The most of the verses you quoted are either taken out of context or misunderstood. I. e God never supported a polygamous marriage, but some men in the Bible, being normal sinning humans, did not follow his will.

    Also yet again you have ignored that a lot of the things you have quoted are from "THE OLD LAW" which is no longer viable. That was a law and guidebook for a group of people that lived thousand of years ago. It is impossible to try to put into our society today without it getting messed up. Now, I am not a theologian so I can't tell you why some of those seemingly weird things were viable before, but what I do know is that they are no longer in use!

    Also here is another Bible verse that I think you "forgot".

    Matthew 19:4-5, Jesus says: "He answered, ‘Have you not read that he who made them from the beginning made them male and female,’ and said, ‘For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one’?

    And here is what God thinks about homosexuals.

    Leviticus 18:22
    "You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination."

    1 Corinthians 6:9-11
    "Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who practice homosexuality, nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God"

    So while God indeed loves everyone and wants everyone to be with him in heaven, he is going to judge those that don't follow his word, homosexuals included. What you have to remember though is that gays aren't the only sinners in the world, but they still are sinners.

    You can have whatever opinion you want on gay marriage and Christianity, you can think we are judgmental bigots and that our religion is hateful. What you however can't do is try to lecture us on the Bible, because you fail horribly every time. Every Christian that knows his Bible and reads it with an open heart knows that what you are claiming is wrong and taken out of context, and while you might fool the rest of the world, we Christians will always follow the real word of God, which ultimately says that homosexuality is sin!

    Have a nice day and God bless!

    • 1 Corinthians was written by Paul. Who also believed that woman had no right to speak in a church. And just like I said before, those views are invalid in modern society.

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    • Yeah, when i see a priest or church being sued because they didn't marry to gays... it makes me sick.

    • @NedfromtheNed Yeah man it's not right..

  • Trust me, no one is a more orthodox Christian then I and although i did not have time to read your entire dissertation i can at least clarify one thing...

    Homosexuality is a sin in the Bible and likewise to all true men and women of Israel / The Christian faith.

    I'm not saying we need to change the laws of our country, but that is the law that all followers of God must obey. Remember that you put the Bible before your personal beliefs, for they are to be your personal beliefs. I see far to many 'Christians' in today's society putting their morals before the beliefs of the Bible.

  • @Xelebrum I'm a non believer myself, but your mytake isn't accurate. Many Christians read their bibles, and know it better than you or I ever will. The bible is a complex book, that many have argued theologically and historically over. Polygamy, concubines, etc was a common practice at the time. The bible is stating it's version on historical recollections, not all verses are a moral compass, or a do or do not. It would be like reading about nazi Germany and thinking the U. S condoned it's behaviour in that time period, simply because you read American historical records accounting for that period and what had happened. Religion in my opinion, is a superstitious man-made system that was cleverly crafted to manipulate the masses, for the benefit of the Empires they originated from. Your not going to successfully use a tool (The Bible) you disagree with to conveniently support a cause most Christians oppose.

  • I really find it hilarious that you said under @bards opinion, "all the laws in shit dictated in the Old Testament have no place in modern society." & "I only go by what Jesus taught" ... While in reality, Jesus is telling you in the New Testament that you must follow and practice those laws in the Old Testament until the last day on earth, otherwise, you will be called "the least"

    Mathew 5:17-19

    "Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them. or truly I tell you, until heaven and earth disappear, not the smallest letter, not the least stroke of a pen, will by any means disappear from the Law until everything is accomplished. Therefore anyone who sets aside one of the least of these commands and teaches others accordingly will be called least in the kingdom of heaven, but whoever practices and teaches these commands will be called great in the kingdom of heaven"

    ... So I'm not sure, didn't you say that you go by what Jesus taught? -_-

    • Jesus was not referring to the Old Testament when he was telling them to obey the law, he was telling them to obey the laws of the land and not commit anarchy just because he's the son of God.

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    • @Scrambled do you have a link for me about that. i'd be interested in reading about it. Although I don't think anything will change, I think most christian will just lable it as a lie as keep on doing what they are doing.

    • Correct!
      We can not discount the Old Testament! Everything stated in the Bible is the truth and without flaw or imperfection. However, if you can find the scripture in the Bible where God directly says something along the lines of "Yeah, you guys can forget that whole Old Testament part..." then I and @YazanAA shall forever be more correct then you.

      Um... Also, the law of God (Bible) comes before all other laws. So why would Jesus be referring to Roman Law?

  • Does it feel bad you wasted so much time writing this only for to be completely invalidated due to the fact that the laws in the Old Testament have never applied to Christians, and they never will?

    • Why do they still follow the 10 commandments then? Are those not in the Old Testament?

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    • due to the Cruxifixion of Christ, some Christians still choose to abide by these laws. I think that's silly though, I don't do that. @Coon88

    • Fair enough, I know many Christians also tithe as well which I believe is only mentioned in the Old Testament as well. So have to agree with the take owner that their is some picking and choosing. But I'm a live and let live person for both religious and gay people.

  • I will just say this. For me marriage is between a man and a women. Not joking here but there is a reason why guys dicks and women have vagina's... i think you get married and then have kids to create a family. I'am a christian and that is what i believe. Genesis is the old testament so things then were kinda wild. New Testament has some other things, But for my i think marriage should be between a man and a women.

    • I have no real issue with gay people but the simple fact is that if everyone turned gay, the human race would die off quickly. Women & men working together keep the human race alive so part of me thinks they should be valued more.

      But on the other hand, I realize I am abusing the slippery-slope fallacy because there is no we we'd ever have more gay people than straight people.

  • 3|3
    • I am a Christian, but I do also have a sense of humour.

      So I have to admit, this was funny :D

  • Besides revealing you clearly don't get the Bible at all*, you also managed to reveal the many hypocrites who claim to be Christians but really isn't.

    Overall well done, you are right about the law of land shouldn't be based on the Bible, as a Christian I agree. The law is for all citizen (non Christians included), and as long as the law doesn't prevents us from being Christians then the law is fine by allowing other to live differently.

    The Bible prohibits homosexual acts, but the Bible is for Christians and Jews only, everybody else shouldn't care about what the Bible says anyway.

    *I don't blame you for not getting the Bible 99% of all 'Christians' doesn't either, nor does most scholars.

    • Oh, and like you "just get the Bible"?

      I never said that I knew the Bible by heart, that would be a huge lie. But I know enough about the Bible to say that Christians using it as an excuse to deny gays the right to marry is bullshit. Which is what I did, and WHY I wrote this. Not to shame the religion itself. Because despite all the fucked up things that happened in the Old Testament, the Bible is still a valid and very important source of history.

    • "Oh, and like you "just get the Bible"?"

      Actually yes I do, because I have studied it for the past 20 years and I don't let personally emotions or ambition influence my Bible knowledge like most of the religious people do.

      "Christians using it as an excuse to deny gays the right to marry is bullshit"

      Yes but not because of the Bible's definition of marriage as you tried to show, but because secular law should be for all citizen regardless of faith and hence not be dictated by a or any religion.

      To understand the Bibles definition of marriage as it is for Christians, because there is actually only one
      valid definition Christians, since the law of Moses was only instituted until the death of the messiah or Christ:
      One man and one woman, nothing more or less.

  • Didn't even read this, the moment you put religion into the picture, it's flawed. Unless you use religion in the context of it being the tool of social engineering that it is, there is no room for religion and facts.

    • Since you didn't even take the time to read what I wrote, your comment is nothing more than redundant.

    • Dude, I'm sorry. Really, I was being a dick on this and I apologise. I had this whole thing tagged wrong. The way you have pissed off some the xtians in the comments below is a work of art. Now I'm definitely going to read this take later.

    • It's alright lol sometimes when a certain subject is mentioned, I tend to disregard things too

  • This take's non-sequitur logic:
    1. God allows polygamy
    2. Thus, Gay marriage is okay.

    Please tell me you have a better argument than that.

    • I'm not even going to bother explaining how badly you fucked up while reading my myTake.

    • No, pal. That's exactly what you said.

      You tried to paint the Biblical view of marriage as outdated and irrelevant due to its different passages on Old Testament marriage. But, you offered literally no argument as to why this was the case.

  • Given that gay men are 2% of the American population, yet have 57% of HIV infections, I'd say other things won the day too! :D Ahaha.

    • Given that the vast majority of HIV infections occur in sub Sahara Africa between Hetero couples, spanning different religions ( massive Christian following included ) and effecting women more than men, please... Elaborate as to what has won?

  • A lot of your stuff comes from the old testament, we live in new testament times.
    Thank you.
    Psalms, proverbs and songs of solomon are my exceptions.

  • what the bible says is immaterial. the USA is not a country based on God's law... and it's also not mandatory for countries to base their laws on God's law.

  • Marriage predates recorded history. Christians do not own it as much as they would like to think they do.

    • That and non-Christian societies practice the concept of marriage too. It's really just a general concept amongst humans. Christians just tried to claim it as their own.

  • Anyone who takes the bible literally like that is a moron. It's not Christian faith as much as the law of that time period which is clearly outdated and wrong. This doesn't mean all or even most religious people are narrow-minded bigots though

    • Besides not matter how strongly you feel about your religious beliefs, it's not supposed to affect a non-secular government. Like I think abortion is wrong and unethical, but at the same time I don't want to make decisions for other people or let my personal
      Beliefs affect them

  • I love this mytake so much lmfao.

  • you're over extending it you're adding in you're view of things, based off what's happening in that moment, but god said marriage between man and women, there that's it you're extending what's happening with what he said and mixing the 2 anyone that's smart can realize what you're doing

  • If you go by your logic you have to include the raping of Nanking before the nuclear family.