Why marriage is awesome!

Recently i have been seeing a lot of negativity surrounding this topic, especially and mainly from people from the states, and i really felt the need to turn this around and tell you some of the awesome aspects that you get out of marrying the right person ✌️

why marriage is awesome!

You get to be with your best friend forever

If you are no best friends, you are not meant to marry. Marriage is forever, so you have to make sure that both of you are able to be sad together, silly together, happy together and most importantly; be yourself. Your husband/wife should be the first person you share storys with that happened throughtout the day. And he/she is somebody whom you can trust fully.

You can be 100% yourself

You have somebody who knows the real you, and who fucking loves it. You can just be yourself, and dont have to worry if he or she will leave you for it.

More sex, better sex

Well this is actually funny because I recently saw an mytake which claimed the exact opposite. That sounds a lot like bullshit though because when you are married you have sex at least a few times a week (thats hpw it should be). I doubt that single guys are able to get laid with different women several times a week, or even friends with benefits do not provide the circumstences to have regular sex as much as a married couple, who loves together does. Since i got married, i actually do have more sex. Approximatly at least 5x a week. And guess what, the sex is a lot better too because you know your partner in and out. You know their body, their fantasys, their weakpoints. Experimenting comes in play a lot because there are no boundaries between the two of you anymore and you dont have to be ashamed to let him or her know that you actually like to receive rim jobs or get your toes sucked 🙈😂

Married life vs Single life

You have someone to come home to, forever. There is literally no better feeling than coming home to your husband or wife after a long, stressful day at work. I have been single and i have been enjoying it, or at least I thought so, but after i met him, i understand that i never knew that life can be so much better. What i thought was fun, getting drunk, meeting tons of dudes turned out to be just shallow and exhausting. I have never imagened myself ever thinking about kids or getting married. But then he came and i became a whole new person, for the better.

Different kind of commitment

You guys are right, you dont need a ring on your finger or a licence to be a happy, commited couple. But to actually have that licence and having that bond that is on a whole new level, is awesome. I love to call him my husband. I love that he loves me so much that he actually does take all the risks that so many men are afraid of. I love that he has the trust that we are real and forever. And that he commited to that, officially. We work harder on issues that we have, than we did when we were just dating. You just know that you got to make it work when you are married, and its totally worth it.

Note that I am not religious, neither have I been a women that ever imagined the desire to get settled. I have never been one of these lovestory fangirls. I loved to get drunk, travel the world and just meet dudes and forget about them. But now when i think back, what other people still call fun and the best time of their lifes, I'm just like 'nah' 👋

Marriage aka commitment is great, the real problem are not the laws or the women, its the people. This generation is lacking commitment, and is too selfish to actually carry the responsibility to make their partner happy, forever. Because nobody wants to work things out anymore, not even married people do. They just fill in the divorce and then complain.

Many people marry for wrong reasons. Very often it is way too soon. But if you marry the right person, life is at its best. ✌️ I am married and I am proud to call myself a wife. And i dont really want to hear shit about my opinion on marriage, because this is supposed to be a positive mytake ✌️✌️


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  • You keep telling guys to not marry a bitch if you don't want to get screwed over.

    I was with the most wonderful woman in the world for 10 years before we got married. We were the envy of every other couple we knew because we were best friends, lovers and as tight as tight can be. We were really somthing. I trusted her completely. We got married.
    4 years later my 2 year old daughter tells me that mommy said she didn't love me anymore. (My wife had been talking to her friend in front of our daughter) when I confronted my love, best friend and soulmate about this, with a smile she told me that our daughter was making things up, and she loved me as much as ever.
    One week later I came home from work and was told that she didn't love me anymore and that I hade to leave the house.
    She has since taken the house, everything I ever worked for, left me financially ruined and (what many people don't realize in a long term relationship is that you often loose all your single friends and are left with couples' friends who don't tend to remain close after a divorce ) I lost my friends and life that I knew. Not to mention the emotional side to everything. Having your heart ripped out is not fun.
    All I have left is my daughter (fortunately my ex turned out to be a crappy mother and dosen't like taking her daughter, so I get her about 75% of the time.
    In the blink of an eye my life was set ablaze and the person I trusted the most in this world was the one holding the match.
    For 14 years she would talk about how it's stuped how people give up so easily. For 14 years she told me how she would never be the type to screw a guy over, that things should always be equal.
    In fact she sounded much like you and your attitudes.
    For 14 years I never cheated, always offered her the best of myself, did everything I could to make our lives great, and made her very happy.
    People change and not always for the better.
    For me marriage was a disaster. For some it may not be. But nothing is written in stone and the future cannot be seen. Now given that almost all the risk is put on the man now, it makes sense that men are starting to think differently about marriage and if such a thing is worth possibly getting destroyed by.
    In the end, as I descovered, you can only truly trust yourself in life.

    • I don't know what's wrong with my typing skills today. Guess I need sleep. Lol

    • Sad story, but thanks for sharing. I've heard too many like it.

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  • Just wanted to add my 2 cents:

    Random Benefits of Getting Married in the US:

    1. For immigrants ~ US Citizenship

    2. Tax Purposes: You will receive a higher refund check filing jointly.
    there's More: turbotax. intuit. com/.../INF17870. html

    3. Medical coverage if you don't have it but your spouse does.

    4. You have more protection if your spouse dies. “If one passes away without a will, the state is going to dictate where your assets go,” Toal says. If your significant other still has parents and siblings in the equation when that happens, they may receive assets over a nonrelated boyfriend or girlfriend.

    5. If your significant other is in a car crash, you may have more difficulty seeing him or her at a hospital if you aren’t a blood relation or a legal spouse. And if a judge has to name someone to make healthcare or financial decisions on behalf of your partner, you may be overlooked in favor of a parent or sibling if you aren’t married. “What if the parents of the other person don’t like the significant other?” Toal says. “They will be in court battling for control of everything.”

    6. You can receive Social Security benefits. “Spouses have the option of filing for a spousal benefit, which gives them the potential to collect up to 50% of the other spouse’s benefit amount,” says Michael Lynch, vice president of strategic markets for Hartford Funds in Radnor, PA. There is also the possibility for a larger benefit upon the death of a spouse, he says. Imagine, for instance, that you are collecting $1,000 a month in Social Security benefits and your spouse is collecting $1,200 a month. If your spouse dies, you could start collecting survivor benefits of $1,200—a $200-per-month increase. As a domestic partner, you have no such option.

    7. You can receive survivor’s benefits from a pension plan. If your spouse is lucky enough to have a pension, and they’ve elected to have survivor’s benefits, you will continue receiving pension benefits after he or she dies. “The benefits are the biggest thing,” says Ted Toal, a financial planner with Rockwood Wealth Management in Annapolis. “Especially for those who are older.”

    8. You’ll qualify for an estate tax marital deduction. When one spouse dies, his or her estate passes to the surviving spouse, tax-free. That’s not true for domestic partners, and even though the federal exemption is fairly high—currently $5.34 million—the exemption in some states is low enough to catch even moderate estates.

    • 9. IRA Benefits - An Individual Retirement Account can be used a few ways in the course of a marriage, including rolling over a deceased spouse's IRA to your own, or you can contribute to a spousal IRA, which is an account that lets an employed spouse contribute to an unemployed spouse's retirement account. There's one caveat, though: You must file a joint tax return to do this.

      10. Prenuptial Agreement Benefits, dividing assets fairly between the spouses should the marriage end - Domestic partnerships don't have this.

      11. Leave Benefits - Through your employer you can usually take a family leave if your spouse is sick, or bereavement leave if your spouse or someone in your spouse's immediate family passes away.

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    • Number 12 men live longer in marriage so do animals in a zoo that doesn't mean that they're happy I'd rather be free and happy and die at an early age than live longer in incarceration

    • @Nicolás25
      You obviously didn't comprehend what was written, so why did you bother commenting?

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  • In the US the male is at a huge disadvantage if the marriage ends up in divorce court. Other than my parents I only know of one couple that are still married from their teen years and they are around my age. Everyone else has at least one divorce and the guys share their nightmare horror stories on how his ex took everything she could from him and a lot of them get to make monthly payments while she is banging guys.

    Who wants to sign up for this crap?

  • given that half of marriages end in divorce, and women file 75%+ of those divorces... marriage isn't forever, nor some situation where you can relax and not worry about having to keep her charmed.

    if anything, you have much more on the line requiring you to keep your game sharp.

    a girl dumps you, live and learn. wife leaves you, prepare for bankruptcy in family law court.

    • Again, in america. These laws dont apply worlwide. And women are not hoes everywhere

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    • @tl656

      Google it. I don't like bothering to post sources anymore since people on this site don't care about sources.

    • Here's one site that has actually statistics: www.divorcestatistics.info/...rate-in-the-usa.html

      There's 4 more and all of them say you're wrong and got yours out your ass.

  • Look, on #PenAndPaper marriage sounds good. But I'm sure that as a man the moment that you're sitting in that courtroom (reality) hearing about how ___ is going to get this or that out of your life's earning. I can almost guarantee you that most guys either want to

    A #WantToKillTheBroad.

    B KillHimSelf for biting into the American dream. Even though it's been proven time and time against that men get screwed over constantly by it.

    C #JustGOFuckingBerserk because the girl is going to be getting the kids, house, car, dog, lint out his pocket all while he becomes a hobo in the process. Ya know all due to the girl that he thought once "so called... loved him" YAY!!! (sarcasm)

    And that's why I agree with @AlphaMale1 in the sense it of coming back to the "Who wants to sign up for this crap?' line. Cuz marriage seems to be the wrong choice for any guy thus far if and when things fail LOL.

    " I love that he loves me so much that he actually does take all the risks that so many men are afraid of." Why take a risk like this when the girl can leave at any moment she deems necessary ONTOP of getting paid to do it by the court system? She knows it.. he knows it -_-.

    "More sex, better sex" Word on the street is that ___ doesn't even have to give you any pussy + you can't go get it from anywhere else (morally speaking). So what are you supposed then? Go beat your dick even though you have a so called wife? See the stupid that sounds? I mean ___ expects you to be loyal to her yet she can't take a couple of minutes out of her day to help you release? #NiceTakeThoughILikedIT ^_^

  • Sincerely written by a female, who isn't going to lose if a divorce is going to happen. Guaranteed!

    Don't get me wrong. Marriage today seems like an abused tool in society. Your take represents your aspect on how marriage is awesome for you and likeminded people. It's alright. If it's better for you, then go ahead and follow your goals. We all have different desires.

    Studies have shown, that single men are happier than married men. I don't exactly recall the article about that but it represents quite a number and valid arguments on why men remain single and how it's better for them. I suppose you are aware of that one as you created this take.

    At least nobody forces anybody anything yet. Except in some 3. th party worlds of tyranny and dictation that is.

    • Well I am against divorce unless there are big reasons like cheating or abuse. And if for whatever other reason i would divorce, which is not likely, i would never take his money, only in case he cheats on me, and ruins our marriage, i would. Other than that, no. Why would I? I am independent and i certainly dont want to ruin people

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    • I know 3 woman who've lost everything in devoices... Get your head out your ass... That's just a stereotype.

    • Agreed! Noouugh times I've seen men leaving their wife for a youngg chick and the wife can't even pay for notghing no more. I onlly hear one sided shit from the guys

  • Too many risks involved. In the U. S. marriage is usually a tragic thing to happen to men. You are unhappy, you're a slave to the woman you marry, and of you split you're the one that gets screwed over. You lose everything and she gets to bang other guys at your expense. You are essentially signing up to give all your stuff to a woman wether you like it or not. In the end you are either unhappy for the rest of your life, or you lose everything (and are still unhappy)
    That's how marriage is portrayed, that's the example that has been set for me, that's what I've seen and heard of. As a young man marriage seems like a REALLY bad idea.
    I want to get married, have kids, be with my best friend forever, but it just seems too risky.

    • You watch way too much tv and believe in stereotypes too much. I've know more women then men who've lost everything in devoice. The only type it isn't split fairly is when the man cheats or is abusive. That's literally the only time.

  • Yeah, marriage is awesome, I've always said that. If the marriage is perfect (obviously I'm exaggerating), it's the best thing ever. But the problem is that that never happens, or very rarely happens. With the amount of people in the world, it's more probable to marry someone you aren't fully compatible with, than actually marrying one that is.
    If I ever find the perfect girl for me, I would want to marry her, but I don't know if I'll ever meet her, so I'd rather stay single, or in a relationship without marriage, than marrying someone that can rip me off if we get divorced.

    • Yea its the people. Women are not what they used to be neither are men. Thats why i went for someone with traditional values as i am traditional as well

  • Nope marriage is not for me I'm going to get a surrogate mother and just be with different women I'd rather not bet my child, money, house, pet in a marriage that has a 50% chance of failing

  • Indeed there is too much negativity about marriage but I also think it's great and I hope one day to marry the right person

  • The next-next generation will consist of mostly of single mothers or the few remaining married parents. In a way, this kind of solves overpopulation and a lot of the failed ideas and values that lead to us to this place won't get passed on.

    I kind of look at it like a self-correcting process.

    • Its not really a good process if you ask me. Kids will not learn any values anymore or will learn that love takes time and patience. I grew up in a very unstable family and I want nothing else more than to make it work better than my mother did.

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    • LOL yeah, I don't think the problem is a particular gender. When I was young I viewed women as a strange and exotic race of people, but I've come to learn that we are all fundamentally the same, and I think that is kind of an Asian thing. You did mention feminism in your answer and it does remind me that Asia skipped out on any kind of women's movement; they just went straight from footbinding to egalitarianism. I found that both in China and in Singapore these social changes were largely the result of singular decisions by executive leaders. I'm not entirely sure what to make of that, but there it is.

    • America is barley keeping it's population up... There's no overpopulation here... If you live in Asia then it's a problem.

  • Sorry, but any guy who says his girlfriend is his best friend is either lying or is a loser. The whole point of dating is to get things that you can't from a friend; I can see why a woman's boyfriend is her best friend since typically women want to involve themselves more in their guy's world than a guy wants to involve himself in her world, but I cannot see what a girlfriend would provide a guy outside of a romantic dynamic (meaning that anything platonic that I can do with her I can do with a guy, and the fem/male relationship dynamic is different from m/m or m/f friendship dynamic).

    I'm not going to waste time cutting this down since it's just my opinion, but realistically everything you listed is in the interest of women and not of men. Men can already do all of this stuff with their mates, and the 'more sex, better sex' thing is a joke since, ask any married guy, sex slows down. There's so much I want to say, but it's pointless; Marriage is dying, and personally I hope it never makes a comeback, because it's just a one sided, cutthroat institution.

    • If you are not best friends with your partner as well as lovers than you are not going to be happy for a long time and surely you should not marry because you cannot rely only on feelings. Your partner needs to be the first person you want to tell things to and feel like you can be yourself around. My husband has male friends but i am still his best friend since i am the only person he can be fully himself with and do all th things with he likes. We have a lot of sex, good sex, we play video games together and have overall fun. i guess youve never been in a successful long term relatio ship that did not get boring

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    • Lol yea you're just a dumbass with no clue about relationships ✌️ But whatever i am the one so, ebody commited to. Must have its reasona

    • Acting like you all know me qnd shit 😂 you're just dumb man, just dumb

  • Wow, great take i must say. Its was lovely to read :)

    "You have someone to come home to, forever." - my eyes went a bit watery when i read this line... and its so true, everyday when i leave home for work i can't help but count the seconds when i can drive home again just to see her standing at the front door... i love it so much. Marriage has been amazing for me knowing that i get to spend my life with her, i mean for me life does not get any better than that

    Thanks for this :)

    • 🙌 glad you found the one and married her

    • Thanks, yup, i am glad i married her :)

  • Good for you nobody cares 99% of everything you just mentioned is found in relationships that live together so no real positive in getting married haha also the problem isn't the law its the people bahahaha fuck off you just got married 3 years later you'll start making my takes on how to file for divorce

  • This generation is lacking commitment. I coudnt argee more with this i thought i find someone truly Special she loved me and i has nothing tooffer her... I was joining the marines at the time but give it up for her she didn't want me going so i didn't wanna lose her because she was more important to me. Ill make this short her parents forced a break up on us over a little disargement we had she was doing something i didn't like so i got upset and told her if it does change ill leave her did mean it but got mád. How would you feel if you. Other half had man speaking too them inappropriately? Even if she was flirting back itsstill wrong its not about what they are sayin. But its about what she says back i was always some what of a doormat and understand because in the past she was treated really badly by man has 6 boyfriend before me and im the first too give her flowers or anything for that matter which is sad. Anyway she cried for months didn't even try standing up too her parents i tries fighting but failed she replaced me 3-4 months later as soon as a guy come in tve picture with a car she blamed. everything on me wouldn't even be their for me while my sisters almost died From cancer fuck u. Right? can't begin too tell you how ifeel about girls because of this now and how ifeel about people. Haha i asked the girl toomarry me thought it would wake her up since she always talked about marrying me in a fes things but her parents were 90% of the problem im now foucsing on mylife n slowl. Improving and learned to never put anyone needs over my own because then ill hav. Nothiing when they leave.

    • You are right. This generation doesn't know how to love other, ho to commit and how to work things out. Its sad, that is why i am glad i found someone who shares the same mindset and mentality as i do. mi am sorry about your story, hope you will find a better woman

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    • This was about my friend n his ex girlfriend and my other friend and her ex boyfriend inever been cheating on yet so i wouldn't know how that feels but i know people who have been cheating on. So pretty much you slept around with man but neve. Had a boyfriend till now just sex? Well we all do all own thing i bee. With 1 girl before my first real girlfriend which my first girl was just sex not a relationship so nothing wrong with that. Was just making the point that you can never be too nice in a relationship and i can understand why man won't marry or dont wanna marry.. and i can understand why girls dont truest man.

    • Dude your English sucks !!

  • I would like to apologize, to many bad comments for you sweetheart.
    I would like to congratulate you on finding the love of the life.
    I hope that you never have to regret what you said in this take (I hope you have a fairy tale life).
    You points in the take are all right and opinions differ from person to person on experience with how many good or bad people they meet.
    You topic is nice and things you said are exactly correct.
    Faults : such a topic is very sensitive and people have personal opinions thus making it not a very good topic in a my take.
    Many Happy couple who realize what does a successful relationship as a marriage, are happy in their life and with their kids, they don't waste their time on websites like this. So you won't find people with positive opinion here.
    My opinion : it's a good and true take (but the truth is ugly), and one point is that women only use divorce as a weapon against his husband when the husband have scorned her and her life to a very high extent while they were married. And wasted years of her life. That is why it is said, "Hell hath no fury, then a women scorned."
    Overall nice i will follow this take.

  • ahhh, you are korean... it makes sense now.

    Koreans are way more conservative, and marriage is really important for them. But you know that divorce is still quite high in SK, right? And i also heard soo many guys cheat there

    How do I know that? my girlfriend is from seoul, she wants to come to Canada here and marry me, which is great.

    The only thing I dont like about south korean culture is that they want to marry so fast, like, you cannot live with her if you are not married... which is way too fast in my opinion.

    But anyway, im probably gonna marry her next year (even though i will be just 21)

    Since its sooo important and she's soo important for me.

    Anyway, good take, I agree with most of that.

    P. S: how old were you when you married?

    P. P. S I went to seoul this summer, it was pretty awesome.

    Have a great day! :D

    • I am not korean! My husband is korean and i am european 😉
      And beware korean women though. Especially the native ones from korea. As soon as theyre married, they change faces. And they are veryyyyy conservative when it comes to marriage, which means basically they do not want to work. Dont marry her before you know her 100%! I live in korea and I've met a lot of korean girls and foreign guys telling me these storys but anyway good luck to you

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    • Yes but you are still in your love bubble right now 🙈 unless you guys lived together in the same house for a while its impossible to know her 100%. Id never ever marry like that. And also, Asians do not marry fast usually, unless the social status is very well. That she wants to marry you asap is rather weird. Have you ever met her parents? How long are you guys dating, and from that how much time have you spent together?

    • And also its not just about you and her, you also marry her family. there's more here to love than the two of you. She should know that.

  • I look forward to marriage myself, can't wait.

  • You don't need marriage for commitment. Marriage is just a legal contract.

  • No one gets married thinking they chose the wrong person.

    If by getting married all I risked was a broken heart then I would support it. Reality is though that men risk losing their children, their home and their retirement. The suicide rate for divorcing men is sky high!!

    Plus add the legal system which is set up to destroy any mans life who actually fights for his rights in a divorce can lead to jail time for crimes he didn't commit, loss of drivers license and a life time of indentured servitude (alimony/ unaccountable child support) for the rest of his life.

    Even if you don't divorce plenty of married people are unhappy with their relationship, I saw someone break down the numbers once and it's something like 17% of married couples end up happy together, wish I could find the link again.

    Non married committed couples have the most sex which also suggest's they are the most happy.

    • The sex part is just plain wrong lol. At least definitely not for healthy coupls because i want sex everyday at least every second, and my husband worked on that pqrt and we have it more now

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    • It doesn't matter because i have a very high sex drive from the very beginning of our relationship. My husband tend to be the lazy one. Also i see sex as a priority in marriage, even if i wouldn't want it, id still do it and act like i would because pleasing your partner sexually to me is very importent. Thats why he changed a little and puts more effoert into sex as well.

    • yeah i believe you when you say you have a good mairrage/sex life etc..
      was just asking because if you haven't been married for like 10 years or more then you are probably still in the honey moon phase of being married and it will take more time to know if your bond will stand the test of time.

  • Those are all great reasons, but none of them are necessarily exclusive to marriage. You can co-habit with one partner for the rest of your life, and enjoy every single one of your listed benefits.

    • I agree ^^ I like the idea of marriage, but I have friend that not married and have those things :)

  • I am very happy to have read this my take. To often I hear people bash marriage way to much. It gives me hope to know there are still people out there who find the joy of marriage.

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  • This take made me really happy :)

    I'm not married yet but I met my person about nine months ago and I know I'm going to marry him. My relationship with him is exactly what I want for the rest of my life. I feel more me when I am with him, which I didn't think was possible before I met him. He brings out the best in me and accepts the worst. He balances out my weaknesses and complements my strengths. We are bith better with each other than without, even though we were both fine on our own.

    I am very excited because we are moving in together in a couple of months and looking at buying a home together in about a year and a half. I'm greatly looking forward to building a life together with my best friend and partner :)

    • Sounds really great! Just the way you should feel. Just really move in together before you guys buy anything. Thats like the true way of finding out if he's the one 👌👍

    • Yeah we both agree we'd like to live together at least a year before buying together. He already owns a house so I'm just gonna move in there under a roommate agreement for now.

    • "He balances out my weaknesses and complements my strengths"
      YES! Good marriages do just that.

      All my hopes for a happy life together, Sara413.

  • Of course a female wrote this, why am I not surprised?

  • Some men don't need it... they got fwbs, blow up dolls, lady Thai boys, fleshlights and internet porn.

    • ... really? friends with benefits works both ways, it takes two to tango. Lady Thai boys? Um I guess if they are into that sort of thing. Fleshlights, blowup dolls, and internet porn don't replace the real thing. Nothing beats real human contact. That's like saying women don't want men anymore because of vibrators. They are just sex toys. The reason most men do not want to get married, is because you don't have to legally marry to be with or live with someone you love. Why do you need a contract for love? You can enjoy that happiness without marriage, while also keeping the state out of your love life and finances.

    • Someone can't read

  • Well, that puts some of my marriage anxieties at ease. I'm not one to sleep around (in fact I've only ever slept with one guy before and I'm still with him now), but I'm terrified of getting married only to realize that he isn't good for me or vice versa then divorce. The idea of marriage sounds trapping to me, too... but whenever my boyfriend talks about how he can see us being husband and wife one day, I feel super happy. And I must admit, the idea of having your best friend around forever is a good one. Especially if I can expect crazy awesome sex as much as you 😉

  • You are so lucky. I have the same feelings that you do towards marriage and in would literally give all of my limbs and a few major organs tobe in a marriage to someone who loves me.

    Note I am extremely independent but I would love to be with someone for the same reasons you do.

    That was an amazing take and enjoyed reading it.

    • Good luck, hope you find your soulmate ❤️

  • really great take on marriage

  • Marriage can be blissful! :)

  • why not just get married w/o the certificate? just because it's not legal doesn't mean why can't wear rings!

    • Thank you, the pro marriage camp just can not see outside the box.

    • This is a pro marriage mytake, what do you expect @northeast106 i saidnobody needs a contract to be happy! To each their own.

    • *you instead of 'why' lol. but I <3 the idea of wearing rings and saying he's my husband, and people don't know it's not legal. I like messing with people.

  • Great take on marriage. What a lovely read.

  • I like how you put down other people's mytakes bullshit in your mytake and claim your mytake is positive. That's cute. I believe the mytake you were referring to reasons some guys have for not getting married. It's not fact it's opinion just like your mytake is opinion which you don't know how to respect

    • I know how to respect, but its mytake and my opinion. If people bullshit on it, i put them in their place. I never comment negative things on theirs either! Tell me about respect

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    • GOSH GIRL! its meant to be a positive mytake which should encourage marriage because there are so so many negative topics and mindsets on marriage. Gosh get a grip. Sorry that i am trying to defend our gender, because apparently men hate women.. As it seems.

    • Whatever ok