The Signpost To A Happy Marriage


Life is so wonderful, that nothing happens without a warning sign. Before the rain, there is always a cloudy weather, even animals are not left out in recognition of these signs. It is on record that several days before the eruption of Mount Pelée, all animals, from birds to reptiles, fled the surroundings of the volcano. On December 26, 2004 the Yala National Park in Sri Lanka was devastated by a tsunami that penetrated up to three kilometres inland and covered an area of 300 hectares. Surging waves destroyed buildings and transformed vehicles into deadly missiles. Although more than 200 elephants and numerous other animals lived in the park, not a single one succumbed to the tidal wave.

But man has always put away these signs and putting total dependence on his intelligence to guide him. Marriage is not left out when it comes to warnings. A lot of people neglect the negative signs during courtship believing they can change their spouse during marriage. No, it is like trying to stop the rain from soaking you, when you already saw the signs that it will be a rainy day.
Also a lot of people set their eyes on looks, wealth, money, avoiding the true character of the individual. It is worthy to note, that Character sustains relationship and not money, wealth and looks. A person might be wealthy, good looking, and sexy but might end up being a drug addict or a wife abuser.

My advice is this, in looking out for a life partner, check out your abilities and weaknesses, look for someone who will complements your abilities and weaknesses. Look out for someone who shares the same desires and aspiration with you. Look for someone who will be there in sickness and in health. Look for someone who will defend you, look for someone that will be there in good and in difficult times. look for some you can weather the storms of life together. Look for someone who will forgive and correct you. Look for someone who will make you smile, look for someone that will share with you. Look for someone that believes in you despite your past. If you get into the wrong marriage, it may affect you for the rest of your life, so before that happens read the signpost carefully and be sure of your destination. For some people the ugly experiences of entering into the wrong marriage has left a deep scar in their lives, that even though they are still young, they are afraid of giving love another try.

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  • Might I add? Never settle. If someone doesn't blow you away it isn't worth it


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  • Very nice take man , marriage is the solution of most questions


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