How To Know That He Is The One

1) When he is the only one who laughs in a group at your horrible joke.. but teases you about it later

2) When he is your mirror.. He tells everything that is wrong and right with you

3) When you can spend the whole day talking, eating, watching movies and sleeping

4) He doesn't send you overly cheesy texts

5) When he supports you when others are not by your side

6) You fight with him.. But both of you forget about the fight later when you meet.

7) He respects his as well as your parents and all elders

8) Finally if he is ready to wait till marriage to have sex

How to know that he is the one?


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  • LOL. Yes, I agree with u. It takes balls.. blue balls for men to wait until marriage to have sex with the one u love. Men love sex so u rob them of it and are willing to wait then that is a keeper. Yes, a man who can handle your jokes and respects u and ur parent is a gift from god. Yes, u are gonna fight but letting it go after is the key to a healthy marriage.