Vows I Will (Inevitably) Make to My Future Husband

Vows that I will (inevitably) make to my future husband

I promise to let you be whatever you want in Monopoly as long as you don't stick me with something lame, like the thimble.

I promise that if we are trying to survive in a zombie apocalypse and you get bit, I will let you bite me so we can still be together.

I promise to not sneak food you dislike into anything.

I promise to not fall asleep with when you pick a movie on Netflix.

I promise to not keep score even when I am totally winning.

I promise to listen even when you ramble.

I promise to not answer your question of, "where should we eat" with the answer, "I don't know whatever you want."

I promise to hold off on watching whatever show we are into so we can watch it together.

I promise to not bust into your candy stash even if I feel you're taking way too long to bust into it.

I promise to not say, "I don't want fries." then proceed to take yours.

I promise to comfort you when your team loses and drink a beer with you when they win.

i promise to trust you we even when we deviate from our GPS route, grocery list, or life goals.

I promise to try my hardest to not annoyed when you make a question or comment during a movie. As long as you don't get annoyed when I tell you what really happened in the book.

I promise to make sure I am not hungry when I yell at you.

I promise to be the moon of your life, if you will be my sun and stars.

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  • These are so sweet :)


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  • I actually love being the thimble!. Love the zombie one.

  • I can honestly say that for the first time in my life, I kinda want to be a guy.

  • These are so cute! I love the last one :")