A Letter of Covenant Promises to My Future Wife

I have been wanting to do this since high school, never got around to it until now. It is a letter of promises to the woman I decide to marry when I find her. With added pictures for gag.

My truly dear love,

As you read this letter, I can imagine the quizzical look on your face wondering what it is I have given you. The way I adore how your eyebrows scrunch together, that pondering look you give, the way your cheek muscles slightly tense as you are thinking deeply. Those beautiful eyes, I love getting lost in them every second of the day, as they dance back and forth as you read this.

Those beautiful lips I love having gently pressed against mine as I kiss you every morning you wake and every night before bed and each moment in-between. Seeing them gently mouth each word as you read.

The smell of your perfume mixing magically with your natural scent that intoxicates me when am near you and makes my heart beat faster.

This letter, is a covenant from to you. A promise of the man I will be to and for you. I expect you to hold me to these terms as I do not wish to break them even for a moment. For you deserve every single one of these things.

To the best of my ability, I shall provide for you the best I can even when you don't need me to. I shall do my best to help provide income so we can be financially stable or at the very least so you don't go hungry and without clothes and a home may God be willing, so you don't suffer through the things I have been through and the lessons I have had to learn the hard way.

I promise to give you all the love my entire being can muster, to only be in love with you and God. I shall love you every waking moment and every moment dreams come to me. To never stop assuring you my love is as strong as it is now as it was from the first moment I laid eyes on you and you took my breath away. If anything I will love you more and more every year I am with you, for every since you and I met, you keep making me fall for you every time and I find new ways that make me love you every day.

I promise to do my best to make sure I never hurt you emotionally nor physically, if I do it is by complete accident and I want you to let me know if I do so I may make amends and make sure I don't screw up again.

I promise to never take your love for granted nor to take you for granted and to always be there for you and by your side every day.

I promise to never abandon you nor run when things get tough, I will do my best to bore the worst of it for you.

I promise not to shut you out nor keep my feelings from you and come to you when something is wrong.

I promise to hold God and you in my heart and to rely on God and you. To never make you second guess if I trust you or not.

I promise to do my best to help comfort you when you are sad or grieving, to cheer you up on days you don't feel well. To lift you up when you fall, to be in your corner rooting you on. To take care of you when you are sick or injured. To do my best to chase away your fears and to wipe away all your tears.

I promise to honor our marriage and the vows we took before God. I promise to cherish them dearly like I cherish God and you. I shall uphold our marriage and commitment. I shall do my best to help smooth out any speed bumps we come across and to always meet you half way.

I promise to do my best to be the best father I can to our children if God blesses us with them.

I promise to be the best model I can for them. To teach them morals, respect, honor, honesty, commitment, loyalty, love, kindness and humbleness and humility by showing them it by example from myself.

I promise to help them succeed to the best of their abilities, to always love them, to provide for them to the best of my abilities.

To teach them of God, of survival, of life, of everything I can.

I promise to never raise a hand to our children nor to you, to do my best to curb my frustrations should they ever arise.

To do my best to make sure harm never comes to you nor to them.

I promise to be by your side every step of the way through parenthood. To be there with you learning every step, be there with you through the good times and bad with parenthood and with life and with marriage.

I promise to do my best to never leave them without a father, to never leave you without a husband.

I promise to give you my best in everything I do for you and with you in this marriage. For you deserve these things and God can help me so I can give them to you.

Yours forever, Eric E.

P.S. You look so beautiful and amazing in your wedding gown and I can't wait to grow old with you.


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  • This is sweet, and well-intentioned, and I'm sure you will treat yr future wife well. But... BUT butbutbutbut.

    You are probably not going to like this, but, lemme try to convey how this feels from an actual female perspective.

    Ever met a woman who's fantasized about a dream wedding since she was about 8 years old?
    All the details already figured out? The dress, the venue, the colors... even the exact height of the damn chocolate fountain?
    When you meet a woman like that... does that make YOU want to marry her? Would YOU feel SPECIAL, if you were "inserted" as the plug-and-play husband into that wedding?

    Or... would you just feel like an interchangeable part?


    Because... uhmm dude, that's kinda what this feels like. This "promises to future wife" stuff.

    It kinda feels like the future wife herself is -- ironically enough -- a disposable or interchangeable part, to be inserted into this whole scheme at a convenient time, whenever you find a good deal/discount coupon on future wives at the future wife store.

    This is the sort of thing that should be INSPIRED, BY THE WOMAN HERSELF.
    And that can't happen until you've already met her, and fallen in love with her.

    (Yes, I'm just as creeped out by the "dream wedding since age 8" thing. If I were the prospective husband in that case, the first thing I'd do would be to insist on changing EVERY detail... just to make sure it was actually planned around US.)

    • She said everything I needed to say.

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    • "I'm just as creeped out by the "dream wedding since age 8" thing." me too.

    • @FallOutBoy2001 yeah, I think the most thought I put into the whole wedding thing when I was a kid was, I'm going to treat her right, it will be her day but I will be the winner because I won her heart and I'm going to wear a kilt lol

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  • Of course every woman is going to love this and a majority of men are going to be repelled away from this, including myself. Why am I not surprised?

    I'm just saying, this is purely coincidence *whistles and looks away*...

    • Lol it's all good

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    • Personal issues I guess. Just needed to get away from some people on here. I would have just changed my username but it wouldn't let me.

    • @true_love_lover18 So block every dick and cunt you encounter on here like I have... duh.

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  • Sounds like a true sincere letter from your heart. I think the letter would be perfect for your vows when you find Ms. Right! Just remember some promises people can't keep for so many reasons. I am not being jaded, just want you to know that sometimes, it doesn't happen like we think it should, but in your case I wish it does

    • Thanks, yeah which is why I say to the best of my ability or best I can, because you never know what could happen, saying something will happen without a doubt is like tempting it to go horribly arwy.

    • Oh and my vows will be a similar but this letter will be in much more in-depth and tailored to her

  • awwww very sweet letter

    • Thanks, the official one I give her will be in much more detail and specific to her and longer, this one is more like a rough draft and example

  • ΓΆGood post

    • Thanks, this is an example layout for her, the one I will write her when I do make her will be more detailed, longer and more tailored to her and personal

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