9 Things to Be Absolutely Sure of Before the Big Day

1. Be sure you love Him

It shouldn't be an infatuation, it shouldn't be for a pregnancy, it shoulcn't be for conveniance, it shouldn't be for fun or out of boredom. be sure you really love him.

Things to be sure of before the Big Day

2. Be sure he loves You

Look at No.1.

3. Be sure you know his Parents

Know what they're like, if you get a long or if you don't get along...and weigh how much this is going to affect your life together - and if it even matters.

4. Be sure he knows your parents

Same as for No.3.

5. Be sure you agreed on a prenup

And if you find the thought offensive - you should discuss this prior.

6. Be sure you agreed on how to finance your household

7. Be sure you divided your chores and responsibilities 50/50

If you both work, and in today's economy it's unimaginable that a person does not work, then chores should be done 50/50. Choose the ones you don't mind doing and make sure you both agree on the divide.

8. Be sure you agree on the idea of offspring

Do not talk about it when the marriage has already been officiated - do it waaay before that. This point is a huge deal for many people. Some feel strongly for and some strongly against having children. Make sure you know where you stand. And don't count on your partner to 'change their mind' after a while.

9. Be sure you know where you're going to live

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  • I couldn't agree more.

    8 is the Biggest one. And you're absolutely right about the whole trying to change someone else mind, that's the wrong mindset to begin with. It's better to be clear that both parties are on the same page, not where one absolutely wants and one absolutely do not want any offspring, or that one of them isn't sure and the other is, etc.

    I think that should something really not work out within the first 2-5 years, and there had been doubts and problems that are not working out and difficult to work out when both parties finally have their experiences and reality checks of actually be married together and then they decide that it's time to call it quit and file for divorce, then a divorce without kids caught in the middle is still better as both parties can start over without additional unwanted baggage and obligations. The kids are ALWAYS the ones that get screwed over if their parents constantly fight and that they had never truly "loved" each other or that they thought they had "loved" each other but then they realized afterwards that it wasn't love, and that they had the wrong ideas and mindsets when they got together and married.

    5 protects both parties, it would be a bad idea to not take advantage of one. Should something go bad and they realize that it's not working and that they've tried everything else to make it work such as through therapy, counseling, etc., and they're ready to call it quits, then both parties can go their separate ways without getting screwed over badly by the other.


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  • sexual compatibility is important as well

  • 8 is huge.

  • Ughhh too many factors, too many complications. Better to fuck bitches get money

  • I'm not an advocate for marriage.

    • ... then seriously why are you reading this take... under the heading marriages and weddings no less? Seems an odd place for one to hang out if they aren't an advocate for marriage or aren't curious about marriage advice/information.

    • @BeeNee Haha I-m okaz with a few trolls looking for some extra points.. As long as thez-re non/violent. xD

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