Why many men avoid marriage or simply do not want to get married!


Going anon because i know what's coming

Why many men avoid marriage or simply do not want to get married!

1. If you are a single mom, a lot of us don't want to marry you because we don't want to raise someone else's kids and pay for them as well.

2. We know the financial burden of getting married and its usually a loss. Some women will ask “ what if she has a good job too” I say good for her and if she wants to keep her job then we will not have kids because I don't want to dump them off at a daycare with strangers all day where they aren't loved.

3. Because we know, once we are married, not only does she have us by the balls, so does the state.

4. Because, after she gets what she wants (marriage, kids, security) she doesn't need us anymore and sex is almost non existent and in other cases, they come here on G@G and ask if she should divorce her man because she loves him but she is not in love with him anymore. after he gave her everything she wanted.

5. Because you say it isn't about the money but you won't sign a prenup.

6. Because we just don't want to get married and we aren't as attached to as much as you think.

7. Because we don't trust you, the same way you don't trust us

8. Because divorce statistics almost guarantees we will be divorced sooner or later

9. There's never a guarantee you'll be with me forever.

10. Some women don't deserve our DNA

11. After marriage, it's harder to get sex from her because she has this uncanny ability to spring up a headache on command.

Why many men avoid marriage or simply do not want to get married!
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  • Anonymous
    I agree with much if this, but I think the reasons men are saying no to marriage today in record numbers can be summed up more succinctly... it's simply no longer worth the price of admission for men. A simple cost/benefit analysis quickly and clearly reveals that it is no longer a smart decision for men to get married.

    In the past, marriage benefited men and women equally, albeit in somewhat different ways. But over the last 50 years or so the benefits of marriage to men have steadily declined while the risks and costs have steadily risen.

    Add to that the fact that casual sex is much more freely available to men today than it used to be.

    With all that in mind, it's pretty clear that it's simply a bad idea for men to get married anymore.
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    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the MHO!

  • Texaskid1
    As soon as I saw your questions I was planning a long response but you pretty much took the words out of my mouth.
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    • Oh please woman your age were all well always mature and behaved When you were in high school at the time there were not one single pregnant teenager times were perfect when you were in high school. No a days everything is a mess.

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  • Anonymous
    Well my uncle did once told me once you are married the wife See's you as her provider not as her lover
  • Anonymous

    Why many men avoid marriage or simply do not want to get married!