Rant: Women who "wait for marriage"


Okay, so I have been on social media and as usual its bombarded with some of the most ridiculous posts you can imagine.

I don't pay much attention to those as they could be made up by attention seekers. And its not like they affect me anyway. But one thing that I sometimes like to do is to scroll comments and read people's opinions. And this part is often what infuriates me.

Women, you need to understand certain things regarding the whole "waiting for marriage" phenomenon. Waiting for marriage, only applies to women, who actually DID wait for marriage. If you already slept with someone, then you aren't waiting for marriage anymore. It doesn't work that way. Also, you cannot partially "wait for marriage". If you do anything except vaginal sex, that doesn't mean that you are a virgin. You aren't. So your "waiting for marriage" doesn't count.

Rant: Women who wait for marriage

This stuff is mostly towards, Christian women and tradcon women. But it can apply to other women who don't fall into this category as well. I have seen posts of women who had slept with multiple men, talk about "waiting for marriage" after they met the "right guy" aka their simp, basically. I have seen posts of mothers (women with kids) that want to wait for marriage after meeting a new guy!!!!

What in the world is this? Women, you cannot have your cake and eat it too. This is something you need understand. Men, we don't play this game. Most of us, except for the most desperate of simps are simply not going to participate.

On the other hand, it is unfair to the girls who really are virgins
On the other hand, it is unfair to the girls who really are virgins

There are two things that girls need to realize:

1. The concept of "waiting for marriage" already lost its value and meaning, in the western world. By making sex available outside of marriage, you already devalued the concept of waiting till marriage. And yes, I'm saying " you" because you did this. After the sexual revolution and with feminists encouraging women to do what they want with their bodies with whom and wherever you wanted, you pretty much cheapened sex. We aren't gonna seek commitment for sex, when we can it can get it for free. Even if some men cannot get it for free, as long as other men can, the value of commitment for it has been destroyed. This is what you should realize first.

2. Despite this, there are some traditional men left in the western world who may be okay with "waiting for marriage". But, for that to happen you need to be a virgin yourself. No man is going to wait for a girl that gave it up for someone else. No man who has any amount of self value, would disrespect himself like that. So this whole concept of, "oh i did it before , but now i wanna wait" needs to go. It has to go.

true or not?
true or not?

I'm not going to argue whether or not waiting for marriage is the right thing. It doesn't have to be philosophical. But everyone should be aware of the economical aspect.


Rant: Women who "wait for marriage"
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  • Gravit1
    As a Christian I don't script God. You are right in saying I don't desire a non virgin. But God forgives men and women for their sins, so a woman can learn to wait. Just because a woman degraded herself once, doesn't mean she should continue. The divorce rate immediately goes up when you have one partner before marriage, but it increases further with more. I've removed myself from the system and expect a woman who's done the same. However, if it's God's Will I could marry a woman who has changed. Ideally Virgin first, then one time widow, and then one time widow with kids. The the widow would be a virgin before previous marriage. Most people have to live with bad decisions of their spouse before and after marriage. Though I will continue to seek virgin women, God is the source of Marriage. It's often the nonvirgins who feel entitled to virgins, but the nonvirgins have earned each other.
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    • i agree with you on principle.
      However it is unrealistic for a man to wait for marriage with a woman who already did. I certainly would not. But its definitely better for her to stay away from promiscuity and she should find someone similar.

      this rant was not particularly directed at thos women, it was directed towards women who were promiscuous for a long time and then want to wait for marriage with a man. And the girls who claim to be virgins while engaging in oral and anal.

    • Gravit1

      I understand, it is just a tenet of forgiveness and accepting change that I speak of. I agree with you that shared sexual acts is immoral outside of marriage and is not desired in a partner. I can agree to that, but not to say people can't change (or are stuck in their ways), I cannot. I believe anyone willing to change can, but only if they accept change for a reason. My reason is Jesus, but others have temporal means which are fleeting. Woman who go through multiple physical relationships damage themselves and are emotionally unstable, carrying multiple scars. In the natural no one desires this in a relationship with a person. However, the first step of a relationship is accepting them as a person. I've seen what that life does to a woman, it is saddening to see, but unfortunately becoming more common. In a biblical perspective no sin is better or worse that another spiritually (outside of Blaspheming the Holy Spirit). However, there are different natural consequences to different sins. Promiscuity brings STDS, unprepared pregnancies, depression, mental damage, emotional damage, physical damage, and potentially death. I want none of these nor these in a spouse. These consequences are guaranteed if one continues promiscuity, which is a good reason to stop.

  • Anonymous
    No women wait for marriage - they just lie about what they did before they got married, and also lie about what they do with their side guys after marriage.
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    • its best not to generalize, but nowadays, a lot of the times what you said applies.

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  • Bratsondanielle
    Lol some people including guys wait for marriage and if they feel like it y not? I personally wouldn't want to go through a whole life having only been with one guy. I don't drive the same car I did at 16 either. I'm pretty sure I'll stay with my current boyfriend till we die, but I've slept with others, so I know how it feels... in my world if you only have one how will you know if you're feeling good or bad compared cuz u ain't got nothing to compare to. Also I would marry a guy I hadn't slept with would be like buying the car without a test drive. What if you marry and u ain't sexually compatible?
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    • well, my point is if you wait for marriage, then you should be a virgin. If you aren't, what makes you think you qualify to wait for marriage? The whole concept of waiting for marriage, is to give yourself to your partner, and that person only, no one else. If you gave yourself to someone else, them i'm sorry but you are out of that club.

      I don't mind what you chose to do or who you sleep with, that's up to you, but I just find it stupid that some women on social media make comments about waiting for marriage" when they clearly already had been with others. Like that guy doesn't deserve that, he should go bang some other girl that doesn't make him wait for it.

    • You're absolutely right and actually I think now in 2020 most people don't wait for nothing. Maybe religious people who think the invisible man in the cloud is watching but normal people just bang who we want

    • i agree, patience is no longer part of current values. I but i also don't agree with banging randomly whoever we want, that is irresponsible to me.

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  • MzAsh
    Women can do whatever they want. They don’t have to explain themselves to any men. In fact, it’s best to just not discuss virginity or body count at all.
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    • Exactly. This guy is an idiot

    • MzAsh

      He’s placing way too much value on virginity and acting like men can make rules for women when it comes to it. Lol no.

    • @ronaldsnugs Found the simp. Well, if you don't want to discuss about your past, that's suspicious and implies that your shameful about it?

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  • thegirlfromthething
    I’m a virgin considering waiting for marriage. Assuming that I decide to commit to that path sex may be available from other women without commitment but if he wants to have sex with me in particular, with the knowledge that no one else got to, he would have to wait. And I’m not Christian or tradcon— I’m an atheist, a liberal, and apparently one of the feminists who cheapened sex.
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    • good for you and your man. I support it.
      You might want to rethink your opinion on feminism though, you seem like a girl who values marriage and longlasting relationships.

    • You can be a feminist without totally abandoning a traditional lifestyle and traditional femininity. I know feminists who are married, religious, have or want kids, and are the submissive one in the relationship.

  • Liam_Hayden
    I thought I would oppose what you said from the title, but then I read your post and pretty much agree. If she's giving head, giving hand jobs, and doing everything just short of vaginal intercourse, then she is semantically deceiving herself if she thinks she's a virgin.
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    • for sure. Its pretty much common sense to guys, its just that a lot of girls nowadays don't get it.
      Somebody needs to tell them.

  • Kayla45
    Yeah? Well maybe some of us doesn't want to get knocked up and be left with a deadbeat dad who doesn't pay child support.

    I have my reasons for waiting and for sure I won't let a MAN let alone tell me otherwise.
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    • msc545

      Try using birth control.

    • i dont think you understood the point of my take. My issue is not with women who wait for marriage, i support them.

  • flamiE
    Now really the whole thing with waiting till marriage came from men.. it’s not even a religious thing a lot of times cause men from religions other than Christianity were expecting their wife to be a virgin before they get married in the past. Women who didn’t wait were frown upon in the past and even nowadays there’re still places where a woman’s virginity is a must. So it’s not like we started it.. And really if a woman decided to wait till marriage you either respect that or leave, you don’t try and explain to her how stupid it is etc now I agree with one thing and that’s waiting till marriage after you’ve had sex.. that’s truly crazy.. that doesn’t mean a woman should be expected to jump in the sheets with somebody else just cause she’s not a virgin.. but waiting for that new someone to wife her up before she would “give it up” is kinda crazy to me.. bottom line is we’re all different and should respect each other’s values..
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    • i kind of feel a lot of girls misunderstood my take. I don't have any problem with girls who wait for marriage, in fact i support it. I only have a problem with women who aren't virgins and then make men wait for marriage, because that is kind of a fraud.

      I'm not saying a non virgin girl must jump into a mans bed immediately, im saying that a non virgin girl can't expect a man to wait 2,3 or 5 years till marriage to have sex with her, when another man already had sex with her without doing any of that. No man is gonna be fine with that. I pointed this out because a lot of women on social media were legit thinking this was an option.

    • flamiE

      I see! Sorry I might’ve given an emotional answer and focused on the wrong stuff but I’ve touched on that since it’s crazy to me too, I didn’t even know women do that lol I think it’s their way to make you wait till they’re sure about you cause they don’t wanna be straight up “I don’t know where this is going and I don’t want to jump in bed with you just yet cause I’m not one to sleep around and I want to know we’ll get married before we get physical”. That’s the only logical explanation I see.. What’s the point of making someone wait for something you’ve already given away.. That way their ex gets more privileges than their current partner which is so unfair.. I really don’t understand..

    • don't worry, this sometimes happens to me too. Feel free to give emotional answers or just your thoughts, i dont mind it, and this site allows it to an extend.

      Im glad you understood my point though, i feel that a lot of girls just attacked me because i criticized women, when i only criticized a certain type of women and i don't have any personal issues with women who sleep around or not. Personally i like virgins and i am as well, but professionally and in day to day life i don't see or treat women any differently based on their body count. It can be annoying when some of the girls here reply saying i'm not allowed to have an opinion on this, as if men can't have standards. But its nice to see your reply , this makes me feel better.

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  • ronaldsnugs
    How about you leave women alone, let them live your own life and find a new hobby, something that actually involves you this time.
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    • Lol you mean let them do disgusting stuff like OnlyFans?

    • Get your woman hating anti feminist sh*t away from me 🤣🤣🤣

    • She is a man for sure. Ignore this bitch. He would not say the same thing if a man slept around

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  • Ellie-V
    No. If a lady chooses to wait with what she believes to be her final relationship then she can do that. Just because it’s harder to find someone compatible with her doesn’t mean she should change her mind or give into your logic. No guy is entitled to her body just like she is not entitled to commitment from some guy.
  • SavageGirl101
    Why are u even in a women’s business in the first place? Shut the hell up
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    • i can have my standards. Take a seat

    • No😚 and idc

    • @startingfitness She has baggage clearly. Why is she so defensive?

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  • Bluemax
    Women should be able to refuse to have sex for whatever reason they want. They should be able to refuse sex even if the reason is the wind is blowing south southeast.

    As for those who had sex in the past and then decide they want to wait, that's their prerogative, isn't it? There are women who *convert* to a religion later in life. There are those who found that sex carried too much stress and emotional burden. There are those who came to understand the risks of unwanted pregnancy. Their reasons might not be legit in *your* opinion, but why should they care what you have to rant, er, I mean say about it?
  • anon1903
    I'm not the one to wait
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  • icepenguin
    Rant: incel complains about women
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    • Comment: entitled woman complains about a man having standards.

  • incelposting
    Chad won't have to wait.
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  • Anonymous
    I am a complete virgin myself and wait till marriage but women who are not can do it too. It is none of your business what women do in their life as long as they dont hurt anyone. Who tf are you to tell women what they should do when it comes to their love life. Women's love life is none of your business. There is no rule that non virgins can't wait till marriage. Furthermore, many none virgin men do that too. Go crticize non virgin men who wait till marriage with virgins although these men are NOT virgin as i said. This phenomenon about non virgin men marrying virgin men is more popular. Now stfu
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    • Anonymous

      Anyway non virgin men have no right to prefere virgin when are not virgin themself. What i mean with critizising with is that you should talk about the hypocritical male cunts who prefere virgins

    • Anonymous

      This phenomenon about non virgin men marrying virgin women is more popular. Now stfu**

    • calm down and stop acting like a child who can't take criticism.
      Unless women's love lives are with other women, it does involve men, and since i'm a man, i'm telling you what's real.

      Women who aren't virgins have no value from waiting till marriage. They can do that but they won't find any men. Because if a man wants to wait for marriage, he will find himself a REAL virgin. If a man doesn't want to wait for marriage he won't wait for marriage, he will find a girl who gives it up.

      So those girls who aren't virgins and want to wait for marriage, can keep waiting. We got 2 better options and she made herself the worst option. You can stay mad at it or get real.
      We men aren't your slaves , here to cater to you. We have our own goals and our own lives and we dont waste time on entitled women who want to have the cake and eat it too.

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  • Anonymous
    My parentinlaw in the future. Oh i hate you. Fuck you family my parentinlaw
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