The fall of marriage and relationships: It's relation to Feminism

Oh yes, come in my spectators. I see that you have been drawn in by shameless clickbait "take". But I assure you I am not trying to cater to your anger, I just want to point out some facts and views from a man. This article is aimed at women who plan on marriage sometime in their life, or women who plan on a serious monogamous relationship with a man.

I will not use my personal experience because i do not like using something that is bias and could be filled with emotions which could cloud my argument. I will simply use facts and other peoples experiences.

What marriage or a relationship is

A relationship is a two way street. It consists of ups and downs, fulfillment and disappointment. An example would be a traditional family, The husband works and the wife takes care of the children by whatever necessary means. The husband would work all day and provide for the family. The wife would work all day by cleaning, cooking, and all other tasks that need to be done to keep the house in order at the same time caring for the children. This is what i mean when i mention a "two way street", it consists of the husband handing over all the resources he made to the family (wife) and he has the trust that she will do her responsibility of taking care of the house and children with those resources. If you are in a marriage that both of you have decided to not have children, then you would more than likely both work and hire a housekeeper to clean and maybe cook.

For a relationship, it's a little different but same principle. Because the wife does not have to sink all that energy into those little cute bundle of destruction and satisfaction, she is free to work or do whatever she wants to do. But the man is still expected to provide for her, and bring the bacon home. Of course like the marriage she would take care of the house, and cook. OR both work and pay a housekeeper to cook and clean. either way is fine you are both contributing logistically(keyword).

I want you to notice two things about this section: A) I have not mentioned anything about emotions and feelings portion of relationships, just the logistics of the relationship (so far) B) When i was talking about marriage and kids i did not mention women working because replacing the mother with a nanny just damages the children mentally and for fun you can google "Nanny vs Mother".

Let's talk about the emotional aspect of relationships and marriages. Anyone with a brain or lived past the age 11 (congratulations you made it) will know that relationships and marriages have it's emotional rollercoasters. Every couple on the face of the planet that ever existed has had their problems, there is no such things as a "perfect relationship". You will find that you other half doesn't like the same music, or maybe doesn't like your dream pet. There will be things that you will annoy you about your partner, and one day when you guys have been together long enough....the sex will almost (not fully) stop. This is something you must know in that you WILL experience. Are you ready for that? Because if you can get through that, then the reward will be immense, you will have a partner next to you that supports you and loves you. You will live together and share memories, you will suffer together and be in bliss together.

Why is Feminism blamed here?

The definition of feminism:

The advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.

Here is the thing though, the western woman is the most privileged creature on the face of the planet. Females have social and government support for everything; rape, abuse, mental health, physical health and almost all aspects of their lives.

  • Females get shorter sentences for the same exact crime than males.
  • Males are 3 times as likely to commit suicide
  • Males suffer 93% of workplace death and men are 54% of the workforce
  • Males make up 93% of the prison population
  • Males are more likely to be victims of violent crimes
  • Males are also more likely to be murdered
  • Breast cancer funding gets twice as much then Prostate cancer does even though the same amount die
  • There are way more scholarships for females then there are for males
  • There are more females in college then there are men
  • Females are now doing better in public school because public school now goes by females standards of learning, thus the male suffers. This is why males grades are now suffering in school
  • Males are more likely to drop out
  • Females gentile mutilation is illegal but male circumcision is not.

I can go on and on about the difference of treatment of women and men in the "system and society". Let's not forget about the upper hand in divorce courts that women have. It is obvious that females have the better start from birth and feminism has no more reason of existing.

Feminism has told women it's okay to get a divorce if you want even if there is nothing wrong with the relationship and you are just "bored". And that being promiscuous is okay. Feminism tells women and men that the father is not needed in the family even though single mother children are way more likely to commit crimes and have future problems with relationships, among other problems. Feminism takes the responsibility and accountability from the women and gives it to the man. Feminism believes that masculinity is oppressive and dangerous, they suppress it and say such scientifically wrong things like "social gender is a construct" yet science has proven over and over the difference of bodies and brains between the woman and the man.

My conclusion:

I'm here to tell you that men are waking up and are saying "enough" and are refusing marriage and relationship and to take any part of it. Why would i want to give my resources to a woman who can just cheat on me and take all my money away legally? In some states if the man finds out that his children are not his and he divorces the woman, he still has to pay for the children AND the woman. In this day the woman can cheat, and completely destroy a man in marriage. As far as relationships go, men do not want to be with women who believe that the man is a "potential rapist" or "sexist" or what ever other name you can call us or accuse us of being...

Simple fact is me and millions of other men are not planning on marriage or a relationship. There is too much to risk and the reward is just not worth it. Less and less woman are worth marriage. And 53% of all marriages fails which means that whatever children that did experience divorce saw the pain it brought to the family and the way the father walked away with nothing and even less then nothing.

I can go on and on about the many crimes of feminism such as supporting false rape claims and when found out that they lied; the support for the woman is still there. We men see how we are treated, and simply said is that me and many, MANY more are off the market. Consider that and the rest of the males that are in prison, in wars, sick(males have more health problems), suicides and other reason that make us come off the “market” for you ladies; it’s going to be a really competitive future for you.

The fall of marriage and relationships It's relation to Feminism


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  • "Let's blame feminism for all the problems men have even though feminists do far more to combat the social structures and systems in place that impact men negatively than any anti-feminist person or group has ever done! Yeah, that makes ALL THE SENSE!!!" - MRA's fucking everywhere...

    - The divorce rate has actually been IN DECLINE over the past couple of decades, which just so happen to be the couple of decades in which women made the greatest gains in their work, social and political lives. Today's women hav the most successful careers of any generation and, interestingly enough, we have the most successful and fulfilling relationships as well. Women's and men's marital satisfaction have increased at the same time as the divorce rate has been declining.

    So, basically, your whole premise is wrong in the first place. But let's move on to the issues you listed that negatively impact men...

    - Men get longer sentences: Unfair, you're right. But that's not the fault of feminism. That's the result of a society that views men as more violent and more likely to reoffend. Unfortunately, criminologically speaking, it is TRUE that men's crimes tend to involve more violence and male offenders do tend to be more likely to reoffend... Sorry bro, but that's the truth. And that factors into sentencing. Not to mention, in the vast majority of cases where women commit a violent crime, it is proven to be in self-defense.

    - Males are 3 times as likely to commit suicide: Again, totally unfair, and totally true. But not the fault of feminism. In fact, feminism challenges the strict gender roles and ideas about masculinity and femininity that make men more vulnerable to suicide. See, it is toxic masculinity that convinces men that they can't or shouldn't talk about their mental health with loved ones or seek out professional help. This puts them at higher risk of actually committing suicide. Feminism challenges toxic masculinity and wants to free both men AND women from rigid gender expectations.

    • - Males suffer 93% of workplace death and men are 54% of the workforce: Again - this is the result of rigid gender expectations, which influences the types of jobs and careers than men and women choose. While feminists do tend to concentrate more closely on encouraging women and girls to branch out into more male-dominated fields, they do also tend to challenge the expectations placed on men to stay away from traditionally feminine careers. "Masculine" careers such as construction, mining and resource development, etc. pose higher risks of severe injury and fatality. The disparity between which careers men and women choose is, once again, not a result of feminism, but something that feminists actively work to change. There is also one other factor involved here, and that is that men tend to have a higher risk tolerance than women and will undertake more dangerous tasks more willingly and with less concern for safety.

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    • I know you have a lot of up votes here and you feel strong at the moment , although , I would like to mention something. Your right in some aspects , and wrong in others. First of all , the word (feminism) that your using is incorrect to your claim. If you would have used (equalitarian ) you would have been right. Im sorry... feminism and equalatarism is two different things. I know you from other exerts and I know you aren't a feminist. So let's get this straight.

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  • There seems to be a lot of feminism arguments on this site. I never new there was such a anti feminist movement. I personally can't say whether what you said is true or false. But I do know in the past women couldn't vote. They couldn't get a job. If there husbands beat them they couldn't do a thing because there wasn't protection from the law. They couldn't leave because they couldn't support themselves.
    I'm glad things have gotten better for women. I was always head of household bread winner in my home. My wife and I decided to swap that role and we both are much happier. I by nature have a much more dominant personality and we can and some times do switch back when need be. But a female led household for some people are awesome and I love it.
    I hate all this anti feminist crap. My wife isn't a man hater she is very loving.
    She is a registered nurse with a college degree. She makes a good hourly wage and I make twice per hour then she makes. I never went to college and didn't even graduate from high school and it was my choice to not finish school.
    If all these anti fem men would get off there butts and apply themselves they wouldn't have time to care about entitlements and what there not getting or how unfare there being treated.

    • Oh and why are these posts always from anonymous posters

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    • 1776 Only people who own land can vote
      Declaration of Independence signed. Right to vote during the Colonial and Revolutionary periods is restricted to property owners—most of whom are white male Protestants over the age of 21

    • Under the common law legal doctrine known as coverture, a married woman in Great Britain's North American colonies and later in the United States had hardly any legal existence apart from her husband. Her rights and obligations were subsumed under his. She could not own property, enter into contracts, or earn a salary.[1] Over several decades, beginning in 1839, statutes that enabled women to control real and personal property, participate in contracts and lawsuits, inherit independently of their husbands, work for a salary, and write wills were enacted, more often motivated by concerns for family integrity and protecting a household from economic crisis more than by a liberal conception of the role of women in society. Change came in piecemeal fashion. As late as 1867 a decision of the Supreme Court of Illinois in Cole v. Van Riper noted that "It is simply impossible that a married woman should be able to control and enjoy her property as if she were sole, without practically leaving her at liberty to annul the marriage."[2] According to one analysis, the legislation came in three phases—allowing married women to own property, then to keep their own income, then to engage in business—and advanced more quickly in the West just as female suffrage did.[2]

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  • So much of what you have said irritates me The amount of women who report false rapes, are no where near the amount of women who have been raped but have no case against the rape for lack of physical evidence (semen). Not even talking about the amount of women who dont report rape, and those numbers are staggering. Men have a higher rate of suicides , this is true but if you have ever taken a psychology and learned about the male sex brain you know that they are 3x's as likely to suffer from mental illnesses than women i. e depression. dysphoria, Schizophrenia.. just to name a few. Women have higher IQ's , have better jobs and are going to college more than men. Well, because women have more opportunities today and women aren't having children and opting not to marry , literally birth rates are super low across the world in 1st& 2nd world countries. Yes, the system treats men and women differently and there are more men in prison than women. For a lot of reason men commit more crimes, they dont fully understand the consequences of their actions (there is a word is psychology for this i forgot) but women know the consequences of their actions. PLUS most men in prison are black or of color (hispanic.. etc). But not lets talk about the way the system treats a black man vs. a white man. Women , most women doesn't want a man to take care of her financially and she doesn't want to take care of a man like he is her child. He wants them to be equal, whatever the word "equal" means in their relationship. BUT to blame feminism completely for divorce is ridiculous. Biggest numbers for divorce is infidelity and money. Yes, I agree some women over due it with this feminism thing and start to basically make no sense. BUT i also think men fail to see the views of women and how they could possibly change as well. Oh when talking about circumcision is ridiculous, its a cultural thing dated thousands of years back. If your angry talk to your ancestors.

    • Actually as the UVA rape case and the Duke lacross case show, women are nearly always believed even when all evidence seems to show they are lying. The most sited reason for divorce is no fault. If we where to say women iniate divorce due to infidelity 20% of the time we still would have 60% of divorces, which are filed by women for reasons other then infidelity. Men account for 20% of all divorces, 12% of those are due to infidelity. Leaving men divorcing there wives for reasons other then infidelity at 8% of the total of all divorce, this would then lead one to believe that women are the primary motivators of divorce. Circumcision in america dates back to John harvey Kellog, about the late 18 early 1900's, and it was specificly done to desensitise the penis in the hopes that it would reduce boys masterbating. However female circumcision that only occurs in the middle east and africa does date back a very long time yet that hasn't stopped most western countries making it illegal.

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    • The internet is a very broad word. You see the internet itself could be anything from videos, music, forum boards, porn and such.
      But sure then i guess don't ever look up maps, cooking instructions, and how to videos because you "don't believe the internet"
      I used respected articles that doctors write for. I know not to believe "all" the internet, but what you say is just a way to not debate.
      Miss. I-am-a-neurologist-student.
      If you're not going to source anything or even debate and just try to mock it. then go home your drunk.
      But you are lying about being a neurosurgeon student and anyone who reads these comments would know this.
      good luck with that, doctor.

    • For the mental illness comments:
      As for the gender diffrences (which is biologicly proven)
      Here is another, its a physcology site and as such attempts to undermine the biology but it does present all the evidence that proves gender is biological in nature:
      Also if gender where social we would not have transgender since they are raised a specific gender while identifing with the other. Brain diffrences have been noted in these cases. There really is no argument.

  • this why you MGTOW children confuse me, if you don't want a relationship don't date! If you don't want to get married don'e marry! BUT DON'T EXPECT SEX FOR NOTHING. So either you void women entirely like you say you want to that means even the things you like like sex, or stop whining!

    • Here is my mathematical solution using basic algebra combined with English language. Degree= Good Job= Good Money= Call Girls=... WINNING!

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    • hahahah
      Ok, I'm done. I will give you the remainder of the time to talk.

    • 20 isn't old enough to move out? We don't all live in our mother's basement well into our 30's sorry to break it to you.

  • Even without feminism, she can still cheat and take your money. It's been done before. What I will point out is that a real man at his root is a feminist. He believes his partner is equal to him and deserves his respect and love. His wife will in return love and care for him in the same fashion. A respectful, loving relationship goes two ways. A relationship without feminism on the behalf of the husband means a relationship where the husband does not respect his wife, which leads to domestic violence and abuse.

    You say "A relationship is a two way street", and I agree with you on that. That is exactly what feminism is saying- that women should be able to make the choice whether to work or stay home. It gives her the autonomy to choose to stay home, rather than forcing her to.

    What would the world be like if there was no feminism? Imagine your wife developing depression because she has no life outside embroidery and changing diapers and committing suicide. Or your sister who was raped on her way to the grocery store and is now shamed because she's a "slut" and has no honour.

    The feminist movement has its foibles. But don't forget to discern between real feminism and misandry, and know the root intent and history of the movement.

    • What is that history might I ask? Also thank you for the "real man" talk, I'm sure if men spouted on about "real women" they would be taken seriously and not viewed as sexist. The fact is feminist have done nothing for any one but themselves if you can provide evidence to the contrary I would welcome it, believe me being hated and accused of being the root cause of all problems, accused of being violent/rapist because of my genitals while being told how benevolent and perfect women are, because of there gentitals gets really old. It gets old being told that men oppressed women despite the fact that even a cursory glance at history shows that the only people who where dying where men, that men where punished for harming women, and men where punished for allowing women to harm them (it was reffered to as riding the donkey backwards in france). That men where financially obligated to pay and support women regardless of there or the womans capabilities.

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    • I have to disagree about their "rights"

      Honestly, would you choose to work on some metal brigade during the industrial revolution where 1 in 5 men died, and a serious number of them injured. Or live in a house taking care of children and living by these "rules for women". Just because they had these rules and different culture, doesn't mean that they were oppressed by any means. They didn't go to war and die by the millions.
      When i mention these facts, they always seem to back down.

    • @Take Owner maybe you should read up on how husbands in the 50s would discipline their wives. I don't know if I totally believe it, but I've had friends tell me it's true.

  • So what on earth would be the point of studying a major? I want to enroll in neurology after finishing my last year of HS. That doesn't mean I don't want kids of my own in the future.

    Why can't I be a professional mother? Why does it only have to be only cooking and cleaning for me, 24/7 at home and giving up my major completely?

    • Are you saying is a waste of time for a woman to want to get a better education first?

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    • Asker, then admit it. You don't want a working woman. You want a forever traditional wife.

    • You seem to want to have everything without thinking of the consequences.
      You can either be an excellent professional woman and your mothering will suffer for it. Or you can be a better mother and your career will suffer for it. I'm sure you can have a great relationship with your kids but you will not have a better relationship then the mother who stays at home and takes care of the child. You seem to think that taking care of a child is some easy thing or something.
      But again Nannies no matter how great they are will simply replace you as a mother to the child, the child will have that bond with the nanny and he will at the same time know that you are his mother. His/her relationships in the future will suffer, among other problems. I'm afraid you do not know the importance of a mother to a child's mental and physical health.

      You may want to accuse me of being some sort of sexist, or saying that i don't want mothers to work. But my mother is a single mother, so why would i do that?

  • "i have an idea lets blame feminism for all our problems"

    "yeah thats a great idea"

    hating women won't end sexism thats oppressing men just like how hating men won't end sexism opressing women hate won't end hate

    • Yes i love the part in my take where i said "i hate women all men hate women"
      I'm only blaming feminism for the portion of women being unattractive little spoiled brats.

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    • he just wants a reason to blame his personal failures in life on someone else to make himself feel better. I see pathetic "men" like this all the time. They use feminists are a scapegoat so they don't have to come to terms with their own shortcomings and failures. It's truly pathetic.

    • agreed ^^^^^^^^

  • I'm not going to say everything I wanna say but where did you get your statistics. You need to site them, you can't just expect us to believe what you said.
    A) Men can get breast cancer, so that money goes towards them as well.
    B) Circumcision is not illegal because it would deny a certain religion its ability to practice this "tradition"
    C) Feminism does not make the top 20 reasons for divorce, google it. Plus divorce is between 2 people. It takes 2 to tango.

    • I'm a feminist. Yes a lot of those pestering feminazis are really dumb, but you can't just blame a whole group for what a few people do. There are lot of things that are unfair for both genders. Just please stop trying to blame feminists for every problem our society has.

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    • @Take Owner I meant if he'd met people in real life who said that.

    • Yes.
      I met females in america who said that men should be circumcised because to them "it's more attractive".
      Not in Europe, but in america

  • This is an interesting take, I don't agree with much of it, since I believe that there are more reasons for the fail of marriages and relationship. They are not found only in feminism - there are many other factors too. But I understand that many are frustrated about it, yet are always blaming the opposite sex or so.

    It's mainly because of our major change of morals and wrong/too high expectations and more. Many girls complain about how men are making this or that wrong, but really? I believe, we as girls do partly worse, and min. As many mistakes as men do.

    Our generations are becoming more angry and mad... losing their morals more and more. It's very sad. We won't find any solutions that way.

    Instead of blaming feminism, the opposite sex or any rot of that sort, we should work for a better solution and learn to get along with one another better.

    That is however my opinion.^^ Thank you for taking your time!

    • Excellent, i found your argument correct and non emotional.
      But i would also like to point out that i am not blaming woman and defiantly would not.
      I am saying that marriage for men is not worth it, while for women there is a bundle of incentive.
      If a man cheats on the women then he lose money and just about everything. If the woman cheats then the man also lose everything and has to pay her for a long time. Hell even if they just think it's not working out the same effect happens.
      It's just law.
      But i do blame feminism, i should of wrote a longer take on what's wrong with men in this generation (which i will later) and believe me, there are wrong things about these males.
      but i will 100% agree with your thoughts on moral.

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    • feminist air conditioning is sexist video:

    • 80% of divorces are filed by women so it is whether we wish to acknowledge it or not a issue with women. The National Organization of Women advocated for primary care giver laws which basicly give women full custody of children regardless of the fathers ability as a parent. This is an unfair law that was advocated for by a feminist womens group hence them being to blame. They also preached about how marriage was female enslavement, many prominant members of the feminist communities organizations and proffessors actively fought to instill this notion into the public mind.
      "Since marriage constitutes slavery for women, it is clear that the women’s movement must concentrate on attacking this institution. Freedom for women cannot be won without the abolition of marriage." Sheila Cronin, the leader of the feminist organization NOW

  • Well this should make you feel better. I was married for 8 years before my husband told me to leave (there was no infidelity and I wanted to stay). While we were together I stayed home with the kids while he was at work and I worked on the weekends when he was home (20 hrs a week at a job i hated). and did all the cooking and cleaning and all he did was work his 40 hrs a week. I gave all my earnings to him. When I was asked to leave, I obliged, and took our kids to live with my parents (for 2 years because I was in debt and had a job that didn't pay very well). I worked my way out of debt and got a job I eventually could survive on to support myself and my kids. I got no child support, none of his 401K, he paid none of "my" debt. I tried to get all these things but apparently had a bad lawyer (even though she cost 260/hr) I finally couldn't afford to fight for my "rights" anymore. So this is why I will never get married again. Had nothing to do with feminism.

    • Very special case or it just might be a made up story on the internet.
      The stats are there. The laws are there.
      You may have this happened to you but that man was lucky to have had this situation if it really happened.

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    • @Unersleep: I get what your saying. I sacrificed my education to work part time and take care of the home children and wife duties... but I got a huge wake up call when he didn't want me anymore... And I will not let my daughter's choose the same choices I did... I will explain to them what happen to me, but I the has older children they seen how I struggled to make ends meet... but the God lord is there when you get done wrong... its been a hard ride for our kids... but do you think he feels guilty today... nope. He has is paying for his own sins. Karma is a bitch...

    • @katley I started ignoring responses, due to the high volume of them.
      But you sweetheart got my attention.
      Are you a feminist who believes in god? There is nothing wrong believing in god, I do myself.
      My question/problem is that feminists are the largest supporters of abortion, so how are you going to be talking about sin when you are with a group that kills babies?

  • Feminist don't want to be with people like you and people like you don't want to be with feminist so what's the point in all of this? All these takes on feminism are getting old.

    • Build your on city fulll of feminist. Why leech on men?

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    • I'd happily live in a Feminist utopia, no little bitchy man babies to contend with. good riddance!

    • You are the exact reason why men can ever talk about ther issues. Pulling the old "These takes on feminism are getting old" trick I see.
      Your probably the same woman who gets in a relationship with a man and after several months you complain to your girlfriends that he doesn't talk to you anymore. News flash: Men have thoughts and feelings as well. The problem is women never want to listen to us.

  • I agree on the part that men face struggles as well and don't get as much support for these problems, but I also think it's because we don't have as much men fighting for these rights in the way that women have for theirs. Most of these rape hotlines and support systems for women are founded by other women who have faced struggles of their own as well. So, if this is something you feel strongly about, why don't you advocate for male rape hotlines, et cetera, or fight to make the existing one's available to both genders? I think that would be a great idea. I think that because women were so oppressed in the past that we overcompensated a little when it comes to certain things, especially laws surrounding divorce, alimony, and child custody which totally screws over men. I know somebody who's driving himself crazy because of the $3000.00 he owes his ex-wife in alimony every single month and it's absolutely ridiculous. At the same time, it's part of the gender roles we give to men and women, which totally suck as well. We as a society see men as strong, dominant, and protective and see women as weak, submissive, and nurturing. These gender roles leave us with preconceived notions of people based on their gender alone, so Judges assume the divorce was not caused by the woman and they believe that women are nurturer's and are therefore better qualified to take care of the children, and blah blah, but the whole jail sentencing is due to years of psychological studies done on men and women. Women tend to respond better to rehabilitation than men do, and men tend to respond to negative stimuli better than women do, so that's what they've implemented into the justice system we use today. It's not perfect, but giving a psych evaluation to every single inmate would take too much time and money so it's easier to stick them into whatever group they belong to. So I totally see where your coming from, but I don't agree with the view of women that you have. You're perpetuating the same negative gender roles and stereotypes that screw over both men and women and it only broadens the divide between the two existing groups. Also, your idea of what marriage looks like seems pretty stuck in the 1950s. Stay at home mom's are becoming increasingly rare, and I honestly cannot think of any family that I know who still lives like this. Usually, both parents work and split the parenting and housework evenly, at least that's what I've witnessed in my lifetime.

  • Because feminism just applies to the west right? Forget the women in other countries that don't have rights and are child brides, beaten, dont have the opportunity to get an education right, etc?

    • He obviously is talking about feminists in the west though. Obviously education for women and equal rights should be a thing, we just shouldn't be so biased towards women like western feminists want so badly.

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    • fix what is wrong. Debating over who is better than who is pointless and makes you silly. And honestly, the whole label thing shouldn't matter. I am an ACTIVIST. It doesn't matter what you label yourself as at the end of the day, feminist or egalitarian, because those movements have one thing in common, EQUALITY. You are so concerned about labels when it doesn't matter.
      No one even said anything about the middle east. You just made an assumption *check my comment*. And not once did I compare suffrage in the middle east to the west. I simply said feminism is important when there are other women in other countries struggling and that feminism isn't strictly aimed towards western women. I think you need to actually read my post, rather than be so quick to make assumptions, so you have a reason to argue with me about feminism

    • "there needs to be more people willing to fix what is wrong" that's what I meant. you can argue about labels all day, but that doesn't mean anyone's really fixing anything. @Rawrzz the men in the past were happy with how things were, so I meant that they wouldn't have any reason to not see themselves as being egalitarian, because they didn't see women or minorities as equal humans in the first place!

  • Just how you can list how privileged women are, and then rationalize the advocacy for this gender should be done away with, you can list how privileged men are and rationalize how the advocacy for that gender should be done away with.

    But, being a good human being, who happens to be a feminist, I would never say that the privileged American male should not have his rights fought for.

    The last paragraph under the relationships section was fabulous! Great portion of a MyTake.

    However the first bit was all about you and your ideals for a family.
    When I start my career, I don't want to hire a nanny or a housekeeper. I plan to stay at home enough to raise my children, keep the house tidy, and do family things.
    Both people can work, have children, cook/clean, and be happy. It's possible and can be very rewarding to parents and children.

    • I think you give a fair argument but can you please list some of the male privilege?

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    • @badboymacho Can you list a single female privilege? If so, I think you can name a male privilege too.

      @TakeOwner advocacy is the key word here, advocacy for rights. I thought I made myself clear, however, that is what I meant.

    • advocacy for what rights? women?
      What rights are you missing?

  • I think most divorces happen because of debt/money issues.

    and "Feminism takes the responsibility and accountability from the women and gives it to the man." I agree with that. people should handle their own issues.

    if that makes the world competitive, then I like that. I've been reading lately about married couples living apart, and I think it's a really interesting way to have a relationship. so I like how things are more flexible now.

    • 80% of divorces are filed by women the most sited reason being irreconcilable diffrences ie no fault. Married couples living apart? Why is that interesting way to have relationship?

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    • yours isn't the only mytake I've seen that hasn't mentioned money and divorces. or marriages... I haven't read a marriage/traditional family mytake on here that does mention money. everyone really avoids that point.

    • and... a lot of long term marriages didn't stay together because of the kids/love but because of money too. the opposite can happen. like if the husband and wife have a mortgage, then if they divorce neither one can make the payments, so it's either lose or sell the house. so even if they hate each other, they'll stay married because they don't want to lose all their money, or have to pay off leftover debt. I really don't think older people are emotional about these things.

  • This take was badly written.

    • Why was it badly written?

    • Maybe you have to do your own research. Saying that an article or an opinion is badly written because there is no references is pretty much a short cut to thinking. Do you go to a restaurant and eat a meal without knowing exactly who cooked it? Most likely. Do you ask where that food came from? Not likely.

  • You sir, are having trust issues...'nough said!

    • nope not at all.
      again half of all marriages fail, 80% of all divorce papers served is by women. Courts are relentlessly prejudice against men.
      This is called logistics.

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    • My goodness are you mad :)
      That's the thing though i don't care.
      And again no emotions or sadness is coming from me. I only pointed out the fact that you and along with other feminists will simply not have a man. I'm sorry that you are offended by the fact the the playing field will be extremely competitive for you. You can call me names all you want but you won't escape the truth.
      Anyways have a good day my salty friend.

    • Even if he did have trust issues, he has every right to.
      Why not? I mean past experiences and life situations are there so we can learn from them and protect ourselves and guide us to how we want to live our lives. I was never really into men's issues or even becoming an advocate for them until I had a run in with a bad women who I was in a relationship with. We learn from life situations.

  • I was married nineteen years. He travel all over the planet (I supported his career) I was the stay home wife and this was my duties as a wife.
    1. I mowed and took care of yard. LAWN MAINTENANCE also caring for the lawn mowers.
    2. I was his personal secretary
    3. I had to become the accountant
    4. I was the maid
    5. I was the chief
    6. I was baby sitter-2
    7. I was the dog sitter-2
    8. I was the cat sitter-2
    9. I was the bus driver-2
    10. I was the designer
    11. I was the Gardner
    12. Care taker of two cars - had to make sure I got the oil change and take care of cleaning of both cars and maintenance. When needed of course.
    13. I was the nurse to my children and a nurse to him for three years of my life. He got sick (had cancer) then became a transplant patient.
    14. I was the teacher

    After doing all these things he decided that he just didn't want to be married anymore. He had nothing to give... was his words.
    And that he just didn't love me anymore...

    He is now married to his third young wife he met overseas. He has abandoned his daughters: He doesn't speak to them. It's been 4 years. What a great role model I married.

    What do I have to teach my daughters. That they can never trust a man's word. That getting married will never work. That the only way they can have a life is without a man. Welcome to feminist.

    • Wow, your ex was definitely an awful role model, but you aren't a good one either :S you can't just assume every man is like that, and stopping your daughters from finding that special someone is a really bad move from you.

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    • I just read all of this and I agree with commenters that generalizations can be bad - but they don't necessarily understand that psychological scarring often means knee-jerk generalizations are applied.

    • @JustMe-93 well until you have gone through the experience of a divorce... And lived almost 50 years..
      Maybe u can get back to me on that, other wise, your comment doesn't mean anything to me. You can go back to coloring now.

  • Someone needs to get laid

    • Women make comments like this, and then they complain about being sexualized or being seen as good for only one thing!

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    • Yeah have fun with that then

    • you too babygirl.
      I love you bad, bobo

  • Lists like these look at numbers but not the whole picture as to why the numbers are so high. Here's why blaming feminism is wrong:

    1."Females get shorter sentences for the same exact crime than males. "
    This was only found in federal criminal cases. After estimating the amount of disparity left unexplained by the arrest offense and other control variables, the paper explores "why these gaps exist—and, in particular, whether unobserved differences between men and women might justify them." Prof. Starr explores several potential mitigating factors, such as the "girlfriend theory" (that "[w]omen might be viewed as…mere accessories of their male romantic partners"), the role of women as primary caregivers to their children, and the "theory that female defendants receive leniency because they are more cooperative with the government." Although each of these theories found some support in the data, they did not appear capable of explaining anything close to the total disparity that Prof. Starr found.

    Past studies have also found that minority men are, on average, given longer prison sentences than white men convicted of the same crimes.

    2. "Males are 3 times as likely to commit suicide"
    Why are men more likely to die by suicide, even though women have the higher percent of trying, also known as, The gender paradox in suicide? It’s principally a question of method. Women who attempt suicide tend to use nonviolent means, such as overdosing. Men often use firearms or hanging, which are more likely to result in death.

    3, "Males suffer 93% of workplace death and men are 54% of the workforce"
    As of 2013, for work place injuries 93% were men & 7% women. More fatal work injuries resulted from transportation incidents than from any other event in 2013. Roadway incidents alone accounted for nearly one out of every four fatal work injuries.

    Homicides were a much higher proportion of fatal work injuries to women than to men. A higher percentage of fatalities to women also resulted from roadway incidents. Men incurred a higher proportion of injuries from falls, slips, and trips; contact with objects and equipment; and exposure to harmful substances or environments. Private construction had the highest count of fatal injuries in 2013, but the agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting sector had the highest fatal work injury rate.

    So the number for male workplace injuries is so high, because they are found in male dominated fields.

    • 4. Males make up 93% of the prison population - That percentage is from 2009. The most current numbers are: Male prisoners increased from 1,461,600 in 2012 to 1,463,500in 2013 (up 1,800). Female prisoners increased from 108,800 in 2012 to 111,300 in 2013 (up 2,500).

      On December 31, 2013, about 37% of imprisoned males were black, 32% were white, and 22% were Hispanic. Among females in state or federal prison at year end 2013, 49% were white, compared to 22% who were black and 17% who were Hispanic.

      So a better question is why are so many black males and white women incarcerated?

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    • Those are words from the actual study. Women try to commit suicide more but men are more successful at completing it due to their choices of using firearms or hanging. "Gender paradox in suicide" is an actual term, that's why I supplied the links to where my information was found.

      3. "Males suffer 93% of workplace death and men are 54% of the workforce"
      Once again, this was not my words, these are not excuses but facts, cut & pasted from the source ~ the U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, U. S. Department of Labor, 2015. The charts simplify the information to better understand it, pg.8-10.

      The total fatal work injuries for 2013 were: 4585 93% Men & 7% Women
      The highest amount was from construction 828, transportation & warehousing 733, agriculture/forestry/fishing/&hunting 500- all male dominated fields that carry the highest risks of injury or death

    • 4. Males make up 93% of the prison population
      This is a totally different issue, it is a racial issue that does not pertain to all men. #BlackLivesMatter ~ does that not ring a bell to you?

      5. Divorce
      "90% of divorced mothers have custody of their children" you left the ending off. It's actually, 90% of divorced mothers have custody of their children (even if they did not receive it in court).

      This is an example of when people find figures & run with it.

      Original Source: Published in 1997 By Kathleen O'Connell Corcoran in article titled "Psychological and Emotional Aspects of Divorce"

  • Fiskekaker og fiskemuligheter

  • Do you not like women? Relationships? Feminism? Or any of them?

    • I love women, just not relationship or marriage or feminism.
      And feminism and marriage is a deadly combination for the male, unless he is a masochist.

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    • womans. That is not oppression, you cannot be treating a person as nothing but property and then treat there lives as being more valuable then the property owners. Women could own property unless they where married. The reason was because the husband had all financial responsibility there fore any land own by his wife was his responsibility, that is, he was expected to pay the taxes on it, if he could not he would be imprisioned not her. This also whent for any debt the wife incurred. Men got the right to vote, in the US around 1850s, solely based upon the fact that they could and where routinley drafted into war against there will. Since they where expected to fight and die they where finally given the right to have a voice in the governemnt. This voice was only given to them 70 years or one life time before women. What did women sacrifice for the vote? Nothing. They recieved the privledge without the responsibility attached to it. When women where abused by there husbands it was

    • common practice to publicly flog them (actual incident of this occured in the early fifties to a man due to the law still being on the books) yet a man who was beaten by his wife or henpecked (called this to trivialise his abuse) was publicly humiliated, usually by being placed on a wagon or the back of a donkey and led through the streets as people would throw rocks manure or anything else they could get there hands on at him. The only crimes women where ever convicted of was murder or infidelity otherwise there crimes where placed in terms that would suggest it to be accidental or that she didn't know any better or any thing else that would remove responsibility (Andrea Yeates killing her eight children comes to mind as well as a woman who killed her two children and claimed it was due to post partum depression despite not being pregnant, it worked). There is a lot of reasons why feminism is a terrible thing. It is misleading and abusive.

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  • I'd say I hope you are a troll, but I know you aren't as this was a lot of work...

    I have and will continue to date fiercely strong and independent women. I have had very strong relationships and foresee no issues in marriage someday with an equal partner I respect and value.

    Now I agree, modern feminism can take things a bit far and we nee dot focus on eradicating BOTH sides of the negative values form gender roles (yes men are hurt by gender roles as well and I advocate for us as well). But in the end, the onlything that can be blamed for many men's relationship problems are their refusal to grow up and get with the modern times.

    • You are wrong, you cannot NOT blame men for not "growing up".
      53% of all marriages fail. If the woman fails the contract then she will get all your money and resources, if you failed then she gets all the money and resources, if both didn't fail but just want to end the contract then she will end up with the resources. In 1975 a new child support law was created even though alimony was for the woman and for the child has been around for a very long time to support the children. This is when feminism took off, they support women leaving their husbands for whatever reason, they support the prejudice laws all in the name of them being "oppressed".
      You think this was happening before divorce? You think the wife would of been able to take all the financial resources if she cheated back in the day?

      By todays LAWS women can do no wrong.

      so what the hell does "growing up" have anything to do with that?
      How about you grow up and look at the stats.

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    • You are correct i don't think we should be pushing anyone towards anywhere.
      BUT it is feminists who are pushing the narrative "masculinity is toxic" and attempting to make boys follow female behavior pattern.
      It is feminists who put down women who choose to be stay at home mothers.
      Actually i am just a conservative in matters of economic policy i love Milton Friedman, Hayek, and Sowell.
      Here i promise you will be glued to this economist and you will be amazed by the debates that people used to have, he even had help from his wife who he met in his economics class.

    • So, you don't date feminists then? There's nothing independent about wanting the regulatory-welfare state, which almost all feminists support.

  • Another sad, miserable fuck...

    The problems you list for men are problems that either predate feminism, or exist separately from it as a result of men imposing certain behavior on each other.

    And, like all MRAs, you don't talk about men's issues in any other context except to blame feminists for not fixing them for you. Not a very masculine approach to solving your problems, is it?

    In fact, I'd wager that if you weren't anonymous, I might be able to comb through your posting history to find statements from you expressing antipathy towards those men who dropped out of college, who got locked up, who killed themselves. Would-be alphas like yourself have nothing but disdain for other men, especially if they're not like you.

    I'm sure the women of the world are about as upset that you're taking yourself "off the market" as drivers are when defective cars get recalled.

    • Oh look another sad feminist white knighting.
      It's so sad watching you fools protect feminists.
      I bet you really believe that feminism is about equality of both sexes.
      "would be alpha" I'm assuming you got some girl stolen from you and found that men to be more of a man then you, then found the feminist movement that believes that "masculinity is toxic" go be a tumblerite somewhere else, fucking social justice warrior.

      and oh no how dare i ever want rights for men.

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    • I love the little burn at the end there it's so true! he's up there "warning me" that I will never find a man even though if he'd taken a peek at my profile he'd see I already have found a great relationship with a non-psycho. I really do appreciate when these MGTOW babies "take themselves off the market" it makes so much fewer little man-child shitbags for single straight women to have to sort through!

    • OH who said anyone was a MGTOW here?
      You are the one who was accusing me of enjoying women being raped and hurt just because i a dare to disagree with you. I asked you quote where i said that and you cannot, so you go to other comments to talk shit about me?
      You can't answer a single one of my debates and all you do is start calling me names.
      Fucking feminists. everyone hates you.

  • Here here! /winning. You know. When I was a stupid, stupid teenager, I thought if I ever had a kid, I would want her to be a girl. I found that odd when I started reading about feminism. "If men are so much more advantaged, then why did I always want to have a little girl?" 'Cause even back then, I could see the advantages of being female.

    Egalitarianist pro-gender-equality, antifeminism.

    Males will slowly stop getting married. Before, the benefit to marriage was being the respected head of the household. Now, the benefit is the chance to lose half your income and assets along with your children, if you have them; and being viewed as an incompetent fool who can never do enough for his family. Where exactly is the benefit? I get way more of a benefit by sleeping around, staying with one chick long enough to experience a bit of love and a bit of sex, then move on to the next one. That's how I'm naturally designed, so it works out perfectly.

    Why, exactly, would I want to subject myself to marriage? There is hardly any benefit for me, in that.

    Male value is going down and female value is going up up up; further, female self-value is skyrocketing beyond what their actual worth is.

    But, most men just willingly sacrifice themselves. That's how it's always been. Our biological job is to protect women. That's what we've always tried to do--now, it's called oppression. No respect at all for the sacrifices men made to protect women in history, just a seething rage at the injustices of women not being allowed to go to war (oh, oops, I meant have 'freedom) or work in the hot sun.

    How many women would have willingly chose to get that small amount of relative freedom in return for working in the hot sun, a mine, or being forced to go to war? I think women knew they had a good thing going. In a history splattered with the blood of fallen dictators, of oppressed people rising up against their overlords, why were women the only ones to never revolt? Is there any more solid proof of women's innate inferiority? Luckily, I'm not a feminist, so I don't believe that. If feminism is based on the idea that women have been oppressed for millennia, then women were the only group too weak to do anything about it. Or? Did women just know they had a good thing going? "Let them work themselves to the bone and get slaughtered in war." And men were happy to do it. When we were respected for our sacrifices.

    • I'm loving how females are downvoting this.
      They don't understand that they have no say in what we decide to think of marriage, and a lot of them are commenting on it like they are offended at the very thought of men not wanting marriage.
      I guess their individuality and "i'm a strong women, who needs no man" rhetoric isn't as strong willed when told that there will be less men available to marry in america then ever was before.

    • Wow. That's a lot of downvotes. o. o;; I wasn't tactful enough, I guess. I'm not loving how they're downvoting. :/ I want them to understand. We need to change some things.

      But, they'll get it eventually when males just refuse to get married anymore. And, maybe they'll think about this when their boyfriends refuse to get married. Probably not. But, even still, there will be quite a few males who will still get married, because they also simply don't understand. They've also been indoctrinated by the idea of soulmates and happily-ever-afters. Hopefully, everyone will notice as time goes on.

      Myself, even. You know. I never even thought about my own rights. I was always so concerned with female rights--because that's what everyone talks about. And, some more people talk about male gender roles today, but it's still almost completely focused on women. As always.

    • I'm sure there will be "plenty" but it will be the lowest amount in American history, and Europe will have the same effects.
      It will be a shock for a lot.
      And again, females disagreeing with this has no value. It's just them projecting their disapproval.

  • Decent take. Probably should have included links and mention that NOW advocated for mothers getting full custody of children and 80% of divorces being filed by women the vast majority of which are no fault divorce. Or that 80% of all alimony and child support is paid for by men, and those who can't pay are put in prison. Or that suicide rates (which are 4x higher then women) actually double for men after a divorce. Or just have the feminist speak for themselves: "Since marriage constitutes slavery for women, it is clear that the women’s movement must concentrate on attacking this institution. Freedom for women cannot be won without the abolition of marriage." Sheila Cronin, the leader of the feminist organization NOW

    • you are correct i should have done so because i had to link the damn links like 50 times lol
      and don't forget "air conditioners are sexist" look it up lol

    • Or how about manspreading, where a bunch of feminist harrass a bunch of men minding there own business simply because they happen to have there legs an inch apart more then feminist think they should. Woman, so oppressed that they are demanding to the right to control how men sit.

  • The number of people even getting married in the first place is declining.

    Even if marriage wasn't risky for guys, the number of women that are actually worth making that kind of commitment to are few and far between.

    I'm sure a marriage with the right woman would be great but anything short of that then it's not worth it.

    • It seems that for a lot of people that want to get married "marriage" itself is the goal. People seem to think that to be happy you have to be in a relationship. If the author is right and a lot of men don't want to get married because it has become too "risky" for them, than I would say good for them. If you're already expecting your partner to treat you unfairly, cheat on you or steal all your stuff in a divorce, then you shouldn't get married to them in the first place.

    • again that's not the problem, the problem is the laws are so prejudice against men that there is absolutely no reason to get married.
      I'm sure all those men didn't think it would happen, and 80% of all divorces are initiated by women.
      this is just logistics.

  • The female responses to this take are really pathetic.

    If women don't in large numbers start opposing feminism soon, this is going to end in catastrophe for them. It may already be too late to do anything. So many men are now uninterested in women, and even many of the ones who are interested are chronically unattractive to women because of feminism's destruction of masculine charm.

    • I hope so, but i doubt that after growing up in this era and a good portion of men experienced divorce when they were children. And knowing the complete prejudice of divorce laws and among other mens issues that men will simply just not want that.
      I'm not to confident of American gender relations in the future, men will simply just check out.

    • I agree. I think it is very unlikely that the huge necessary changes will happen. And I include all of the West in this and arguably other parts of the world too.

    • defiantly.

  • The problem is that feminism is a female advocacy movement, but people don't agree with how to advocate for females. To make this problem worse, feminism is treated as if it is a single movement, which it clearly is not.

    I know people might argue about what feminism means, but their different definitions will only prove me right. There are many different branches of feminism. Many of which are in direct conflict with one another. These different types of feminists all claim to be real feminists, and that the other types of feminists aren't real feminists. I also know people that consider anyone a feminist that believe in equal opportunity.

    This means that no matter what a guy does, there will always be a different type of feminist there telling him how sexist he is and how the patriarchy is still a problem, and all of the other nonsense we are tired of hearing.

    This is something that actually happened to me.

    I was asked by a feminist if I thought women should be allowed to go topless. I answered "No" and was chewed out for being sexist, having double standards, trying to control what a woman did with her body, and was the reason we still needed feminism.

    Later I was asked by another feminist if I thought women should be allowed to go topless. I didn't want to get chewed out so I said "Yes". She called me a pervert that just wanted to sexulaize women because I saw them as objects, and that I was the reason we still need feminism.

    Later I was asked by a third feminist if I thought women should be allowed to go topless. I decided I wasn't going to be a part of this again and said. "I don't care." She yelled at me for not caring about women's issues, and that I was the reason we still need feminism.

    So you see, currently no matter what a guy says or does, there is some type of feminist in our face trying to use feminism as a weapon against us, by acting like the feminism they believe in, speaks for all feminists. It shouldn't be surprising that guys are starting to get sick of always being treated like the bad guy, by the "feminists" he is encountering.

    These feminists aren't even the extremists. They are just average feminists that have different ideas about how feminism should be trying to help women.

    • I'd think that the problem is that women tend to think more emotionally and impulsively during anger and hate stages. It also seems that they hold grudges stronger which prevents them from thinking in a logical and equal point of view from both genders. The only reason why feminism is rising is because we have the Internet and new things that give them an actual voice without speaking in public. Same goes for passive-aggressive people. Back then, to solve a problem, you had to confront the problem. Nowadays, you don't need that because you can "pussy" out and go rant and complain about the problem on some website. In conclusion, passive-aggressive people were too afraid of confronting the problem because they didn't have a "voice"(guts), but now that they have a voice, they use that voice to speak out to others for support instead of attempting to solve the problem.
      This is an example of such problem:

  • Femisms is useless now a days but I don't think it has destroyed marriage

    • agreed. no need to marry when you will lose everything if she cheats and 53% of all marriages fail.
      not a great stat.

    • "Since marriage constitutes slavery for women, it is clear that the women’s movement must concentrate on attacking this institution. Freedom for women cannot be won without the abolition of marriage." Sheila Cronin, the leader of the feminist organization NOW

    • I did say feminism is useless by the way and It HAS participated but it's not the SOLE reason why marriage is destroyed.

  • Gotta love MRAs vs Feminists debates...

    • It's not really a debate, when one side is pointing guns. It's not a debate whether I, for example, hand over my money to feminist causes. I am forced to, and the feminists don't even have the guts to do it themselves.

  • Umm, not sure if this is really a guy writing this "question," or if it's just a feminist posing as a guy trying to build a stawman to point to online and say, "You see, look at how stupid guys are?"

    The whole structure of that read was:

    1. Let me hook you with what promises to be an interesting read
    2. Let me try to somehow connect marriage and feminism
    3. Listen to my rant on feminism
    4. Conclusion, feminism sucks and I don't want to get married

    Wow. . . that is all. . . just wow

    • Marriage and feminism does connect.
      It was feminism that convinced women that getting divorce is okay even if you are just "bored".
      Many feminists believe that the destruction of the "nuclear family" is the right thing and promote promiscuity which obviously is not a thing to participate in if you want a serious marriage that lasts.
      Feminism puts down stay at home mothers while promoting the "working women" who would rather work and hire a nanny rather then stay at home with the child.
      what about the fathers day commercial where feminists made it about mothers:

      53% of all marriages end in divorce, If the women cheats then she can still have your money and alimony. Did you know some states, if you find out that the child isn't yours and want divorce you will still have to pay the woman money, and basically lose everything and also pay for the children that are not yours.
      Why on earth would i take such a deal? why on earth would you take such a deal?
      it was femisism

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    • That's not why "alimony" arose, nor why it continues to exist today as "spousal maintenance." When two people are married, they have a duty of "spousal support." Granted, they do not have a duty "to work." So, even though they each have a duty to "support" the other, it can quickly turn into a game of "chicken." (i. e., I'm going to stay home and take care of the kids, while you can go out to work and "support" me). Nevertheless, the "theory" of alimony is that once the marriage has "terminated," (abruptly), the "dependent" spouse now finds herself in a situation where the "right to receive spousal support" has suddenly terminated overnight. In order to maintain "the status quo," the courts allow the "duty of spousal support" to continue in a limited sense "after" the marriage contract has been dissolved... something once called "alimony," now called spousal "maintenance." (i. e., to "maintain" your spouse's "standard of living" that she has become accustomed to during the marriage).

    • What keeps "family court judges and lawyers" ... "in business" is not "feminism." "Children" keep these people in business. When there are no children in a marriage, then it's just a simple dissolution of a partnership. When "children" are in the picture, a court will "withhold" a final divorce decree until "all issues" are finally resolved and determined. Because issues of "custody and visitation" are (not directly financial), but important and emotional, spouses usually use issues related to "children" as bargaining chips in order to gain leverage and negotiate other terms like "maintenance" or "equitable distribution of the assets." It's not "feminism" that ties up or complicates divorce proceedings - it's "children."

  • I agree there are flaws with feminism, but I still consider myself insufficiently informed to say something intelligent.

    I will say I think men (or rather males or boys) hold a lot of responsibility for failures of marriages and relationships. We don't get any training at all. We lack male role models in our lives (good ones). We've lost a lot of our value in society (bread winner... role changes), and what training we get (from church as example) I find to be causing more disfunction, at least some of the time. not to crack on church, I see some men really sticking to their vows and so it helps build that aspect.

    There's a lot of messed up women out there (married miserable, divorced miserable, single and wounded) and I do hold feminisim to own some responsibility for that due to the messages (and media) that is fed to them. Women also own cleanup of their own emotional selves, and some of that is due to male damage (feminism and or male corrupt behavior). Women are often their own worst enemies... and men unfortunately will allow them to be (because they can use the women) rather than leading women in a better direction to provide value in the womans live. They are women, they aren't to be controlled, but lead IMHO.

  • In a society where we 9both men as well as women) all shouldn't be in such an all fired hurry to form attachments to a potential mate. what is the all fired hurry to commit for life to a person that you ( REALLY ) don't know that you can or would want to spend the rest of your life with? Feminist DO contribute to the down fall of marriage whether it be traditional marriage or a more modern marriage. In all reality , it the culmination of both individuals that either make or break a marriage , you either nourish the union or you starve it. period..

  • God, the hate you received from certain women was predictable yet sad at the same time. But good take. I like how you didn't cloud your judgement with emotions like other male naysayers (for lack of a better word) do.

    • i know i find it hilarious.
      It's not up to the females whether they agree or not, this is up to the males.
      i simply pointed out that logistically speaking marriage is a very bad idea.

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    • There was no emotion in ot. Just because a fact is hard to swallow doesn't mean you can brush it off as emotional.

    • Where was the emotion sara?

  • Marriage in the US is defunct. Not because of only women but because of how MEN enforce the 'hit it and quit it' culture. Why are there so many men ready to sleep with just about anything that can take a dick? The only reason you perceive female 'value' as so high is because all of you see value only in their vaginas.

    Once you start looking for more than sex in a girl you'll find that their 'value' is neither much higher nor much lower than your own, provided you do the basics (work towards/have a career and take care of yourself).

    Yeah there are certain female behaviors that you're point of view explains nicely but your overall belief that all your dating or life problems are because of women is negative and not conducive to anything.

    Self Pity never helped anyone

    • Wow the amount of white knighting here was amazing.
      I don't know if you are just not a man, or just never hung out with men. But it is very rarely when men enforce the "hit it and quit it" culture. I among most men view that as an emptiness of ones inner-self, looking for sex to fill some sort of void.
      Which is why in my take i mention about feminism promoting promiscuity.
      What you have done here is unleashed some sort of hubris where you just blanket a whole damn gender with the assumption that we are all sex fiends.

    • Promiscuity is cool. Works for me works for the ladies. We're men we're smart enough to adapt. Sitting and whining never solved anything, work for it or give up on it, fuck the rest.

    • correction it's cool for you, It for you and it works for the ladies that decide this path.
      I don't sleep around with many women, or do one night stands, and i expect the same out of the woman i'm dating.
      You can choose to do or be with anyone. But don't expect the rest of the people who prefer not to do that to participate in this.
      All i'm saying

  • Hahahaha! And the bitchery ensues.

    I always find it hilarious how much of a backlash there is whenever someone acknowledges the truth.

    • It's their emotional response to being told that more then likely they will not get married.
      I don't mean to be mean, I just wanted to state the truth.

  • 2|0
  • yep, and marriage was healthy pre-feminism.

    • Was that sarcasm? Despite what people are taught, marriage pre-feminism in a lot of areas really sucked for men a lot worse than it did for women. How would you like to go to jail if your wife comments a crime? Or how would you feel if legally you had to provide for her, but if she had a job, you had no right to her money? A "successful marriage" isn't the same as a happy marriage.

    • I think he meant healthier

  • You should just re-name this take "I REALLY fucking hate women, and here is why I think they should suffer" because we all know what kind of person you are, no need to feign any sort of logic. What a loser.

  • feminism is not equality such a goal has never been its motive all that women want both in the times of pre feminism and post feminism is one thing and "one thing only "i will get what i want through any means necessary and i will frame it as my rights" so mark my words when i tell you again. "i will get what i want through any means necessary and i will frame it as my rights" and in doing so i will show no mercy or consideration to the weak even though i myself am weak and only made it here to this point through extreme appeals that i am weak and merit "merit mercy and consideration" for my flaws. but i will exterminate any who consider my flaws as my imperfections and portray it as the righteous way all hiding my own selfishness and arrogance through power (made it here to this point) to enforce it.
    if you are able to find out who this anime character is it will save you a lot of trouble to make you understand what i am trying to tell you.

  • Nice take, very well said.

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