My boyfriend got scouted to be a model and I feel weird about it?

I'm not sure how to feel because I am super proud and happy for him but also like scared? and I feel a bit like I'm not good enough for him? He's been scouted before but that agency wasn't very legitamite so he didn't go for it, but this time he was on vacation in another province and he got scouted AGAIN, and it's a really big international agency. They want him to sign a three year contract and a breach of that contract is like $7500 dollars. The thing is we were planning on going to university together and living together and we already both got into the school, and he doesn't want to put off his education because we already took a year off to work after high school. He's going to ask if they will still sign him after a year so we can have time to transfer to a school in that part of the country. I kind of want him to take it even if he has to spend a lot of time away from me and even if he meets a prettier TALLER model girl and leaves me at least I won't feel like I held him back. I feel like I'm not good enough for him and I never want to think like "how far could he have gone if he never met me?" I might be ovveratcing but this is huge! I was scouted too when I was like 16 but I'm only 5'5 so I could only be in makeup ads and stuff I could never do runway and be an actual model like my boyfriend can because he's 6'1. Plus they like younger girls, they like to sign 13-16 year old girls they only like it when guys are in their late teens or early 20's. And I will be 20 in July so I am far too old to be a "good investment" for any agency. Sorry for the long rant but I think I'd rather him leave me to be a broke university student on my own so he can jet around the world and have a good life.
My boyfriend got scouted to be a model and I feel weird about it?
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