Feminism: The Poison that Kills Relationships

Feminism: The Poison that Kills Relationships

I decided to write this myTake because I see that there are people on this website who are still trying to convince others that feminism just means equality and has nothing to do with hating men.

The reason there is confusion is because different women have different opinions on what feminism really is. There are good women who call themselves feminists, and there are bad women who call themselves feminists. So what is a "true feminist"? But for arguments sake, let's accept that a true feminist is someone who believes that feminism just means equality between the sexes. The reason why so many men find this hard to believe is because the actions of feminists don't reflect equality.

Many people think that early feminism in the early 1970's was the correct version of feminism. However, a former feminist who supported feminism in the early 1970's said that when she use to go to feminist conferences, it wasn't so much about equality, it was more to do with convincing young women that men were the problem and that marriage and motherhood oppressed women. I also know a famous pastor whose mum use to be part of the feminist movement in the 1970's.

Feminism: The Poison that Kills Relationships

He said that his mum told him she soon left the movement because most of the feminists were just angry lesbians who wanted to be men. Not only that, but whenever men face injustices, such as fathers not having equal rights to mothers, feminists remain silent and never fight for the rights of fathers. Never! Feminists only whine and complain when they see women being mistreated. The actions of feminists over the last few decades has made it extremely hard to believe they are only interested in equality.

The reason feminism kills relationships is because is causes women to see men as the problem. Feminism brainwashes young women to see themselves as victims: If women have problems, it's a man's fault. Feminism also encourages women to avoid marriage and motherhood and focus on competing with men in the workforce. Even early feminism in the 1970's was very much anti-marriage and anti-family.

So you see, the agenda of feminism goes much deeper than just "equality," it also seeks to attack the family unit by convincing women they don't need men and that they can only be truly liberated if they have a full time job. The brainwashing begins in the education system. Feminists like to go after young girls. The earlier they can be indoctrinated, the better. It really is a poisonous movement that propagates lies and half-truths. The end result is conflict between men and women and damaged relationships.

Feminism: The Poison that Kills Relationships
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  • Jnerdy97
    I didn't read the whole thing but I did look for the word "MISANDRY" If you need clarification
    Misandry- dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against men

    Many ignoramuses like you have been getting the two words confused. So stop being a whiny little bitch and get over yourself,

    I'm going to help you out. If a female is doing nothing but complaining about men and how "evil" they are then she is a MISANDRIST.

    If a female is wanting equality she is a FEMINIST.



    FEMINISM- the advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.

    MISANDRY- dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against men
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  • Reallio
    I have never really liked any myTakes on here... Until now <3 thank you for this.

    If feminism were REALLY about equality they'd focus not only on the inequalities of women, but for men too. (Hence the reason why egalitarianism is 10x better than feminism)
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  • TakeMaker
    You mean to say that a small portion of women aren't nice... well fuck me Holmes, how did you ever deduce such a thing? You insightful fellow you?

    Slow clap for the dude unable to give us a real reason why feminists are bad other than "they are lesbian man haters". Real in depth explanation there pudding. Smh...
    • You're a feminist, so how could I possible expect you to say anything intelligent or truthful?

    • TakeMaker

      Says who, you?

      Oh the insight, oh the cutting wit and intelligence... you explained the stance so eloquently how could anyone ever argue the case ever again? You've certainly put all my doubts to bed about campaigning for women's rights. I'll get back in the kitchen and stop voting right away.

    • That's what I find funny about feminists, they never actually pay attention to what you say but just twist things and continue to parrot their horrible lies.

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  • ashmin
    I agree with this. I am the type of person who looks at things from both sides. I read about feminism from male and female perspectives. I am 31 years old and I am an artist/musician. At 22, I left home and moved to a state miles away on my own. I never considered myself a feminist, but I've taken Women's Studies classes. Oddly enough, after taking those types of classes, and after working with women in their mid-late 30's and early 40's and childless, I began to see that feminism wasn't all that it portrayed itself to be.

    One thing was the way I was treated. I consider myself a tomboy, but I am petite and have long, curly hair and I dress feminine more now than at a younger age. I find that women, even one of my own instructors, gave off a negative vibe when I was talking to them and in their presence. They were typically masculine in their mannerisms and typically had short hair and didn't wear dresses/skirts. This is not stereotyping by the way, just a common thing I observed.

    Another thing that helped me question feminism is that, times when I was truly feminine and vulnerable, men helped me or stood up for me. That felt... natural. It felt right. It made me love and respect men more, and not want to be like them. If I am feminine, men will protect that. Feminism kills femininity.. A lot of feminists hate men, and yet they try to be just like them.

    I will admit that I have some resistance against marriage. I do want to have a child or children, but I'm not sure about marriage. I don't think that men can be with one woman for long. I'm not angry about that, I just think we've all been lied to when it comes to love lasting for a long time. So there's a dilemma there... otherwise, men are fun and I really think that they would protect authentic femininity if it came down to it.
    • Well, I think it's the brainwashing of the media that convinces people that true love is just a fairy tale. I don't believe men and women were designed to have multiple partners.

  • xXiTacoXx
    So women shouldn't work, and pursue her career dreams? What are women suppose to do then? You can't survive on your own without a job/career.
    • Women should pursue their dreams. They should NOT delay and delay on getting married... thats the Feminist plan. Too many women are following this plan and regret doing so. Women in their late 20s and early 30s are finding themselves saying "where have all the good men gone?" I recommened that you Google this!

      Start looking while you are in College.

      Susan Patton, the first woman to graduate from Princeton has advice for women...


    • paxamor

      @MagiAlphaOne Schooling and careers are made infinitely more difficult by the idea of family and children, and a woman who wants to work a good job has to decide which she'd rather have more. For example, a woman who wants to become a doctor has to go through 8 years of school after high school graduation, at least. That means by the time she gets her doctorate, a difficult and time consuming process, she will be 26 years old or older. And after getting a job, it will take a few more years to get stable enough to be able to take care of a child by having a good enough relationship with her employer to get adequate maternity leave and be able to come home and take care of her child at the end of the day. And a good marriage requires time together, made difficult by a doctor's irregular schedule. Does that mean she should give up her dream of being a doctor? No. It means she needs to wait until she's at a stable point in her life, which in this case wouldn't be until 30+ years old.

    • ashmin

      @paxamor I'm 31 and I don't want kids yet, mostly because I'm not financially stable and my mate picker is messed up...:) But it's not because I focused on a career... I grew up in chaos with a family who taught me nothing, and it's taking me a long time to figure shit out. There is no age limit on having kids, although I do want to in the next two or three years... know what i'm saying?

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  • lizee
    I must admit that I'm of the old school who likes to be treated with respect, kindness, and with courtesy regardless of being male or female. I do believe in equality of the sexes in all things but that is not a feminist view. The fact that there are a lot of gays out there of both genders proves up to a point that men don't need women (unless they need a baby made) and women don't need men (for the same reason). Having said that, I think it only fair that if I choose to do something, that I don't get shot down for making the decisions I want. If I don't choose to get married and have kids (though I am happily married), that's my choice and not a choice that has been made for me.
    Nobody gets to tell me that I'm not allowed to do something if I don't want to. To me, the mytake given is by a very insecure man who doesn't know where he fits in anymore. I understand that because years ago the man was the breadwinner and provider and the women stayed at home. Not so easy these days, I know. It is only your opinion and should be treated as such. You have that right. That's the whole point of this girls ask guys site.
    It's been a very interesting read. Thanks the topic.
    • Rejecting feminism doesn't make me insecure. Calling a man insecure is just a female shaming tactic.

    • yep, a shaming tactic. and a sexist one too. ironic, no?

  • vishna
    What about the feminists who have been in healthy and happy relationships with men for years? Are they conveniently not 'real' feminists.
  • lumos
    Omg thanks for sharing. Apparently I need to break up with my boyfriend asap.
    • who told you that?

    • lumos

      This take. Apparently I can't be a feminist and be in a relationship at the same time.

    • It said nothing of the sort. You are now the 4th feminist who has commented who completely twisted the point of this myTake. Typical dishonest feminist.

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  • TheButterfly
    I grew up with an abusive father and brother and no positive male role model and I dont hate men and consider myself a feminist. I also want to get married and have kids one day. Feminism is just about having the choice to be a stay at home mom or be a working mom, the choice to be modest or show a lot of skin, the choice to pursue their career and dreams or be traditional. It's just about women having the same opportunities as men and deciding whether or not they want to pursue it, because they have the choice.
    • rjroy3

      You already have the choice choice to do all of that. You don't need feminism for any of that.
      The choice to be a stay at home mom in America has much more to do with a family's financial situation than anything else. This is 2016.

    • I'm aware that in America we have the choice, but it wasn't always like this for one thing, and there are still inequalities for BOTH genders. Also, in most countries around the world, women do not have these choices. Malala Yousafzai is a Pakistani woman who was shot for just wanting to go to school and for being an activist. Feminism is still very much needed around the world

    • rjroy3

      And it makes sense... in other countries where women don't have those freedoms. But in America today. Feminism... No feminism. Really doesn't matter, because women have that freedom NOW. And that's not going to evaporate. Comparing America to non western countries who aren't even remotely similar is a weak argument.

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  • notbrxthing
    god forbit women be educated!!! god forbit a woman support herself!!! this whole take is idiotic.
    • ashmin

      Forbid? Are you joking? Lol. I can't tell... but if not... you don't really have the right to be sarcastic with your misspelling. :)

    • ashmin


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  • KittieCat
    I think you should clarify it to be feminism in the US or whereever and not as a whole because in some places they need to relieve sexist tension BUT good take. I understand what you're saying (and I already feel like some girl read the title and raged) and it makes sense like it or not.

    I really think we all should just work on fixing injustices rather than grouping up, bandwagoning, and creating hate and division between us.
    • "I really think we all should just work on fixing injustices rather than grouping up, bandwagoning, and creating hate and division between us."

      Well Said :)

    • KittieCat

      @genuinlysensitive Thank you :)

    • bullshit, it's even WORSE in other places. you can get ARRESTED for saying "hello" to a woman in a county in UK... just one example. THAT type of psycho entitlement is what feminism REALLY is.

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  • genericname85
    the thing you described isn´t feminism. i know they might call themselves that but they are just mentally challenged people who didn´t learn to be responsible for their own live. i find it despicable that those individuals are not punished for calling themself feminists, as what they do isn´t even close to what feminism is.

    so you are right that the behaviour you described is poison but it´s not actually "feminism".
    • Then what is real feminism lol?

    • jacquesvol

      Describing a behavior that isn't real, then attacking that description is a simple old strawman fallacy.

    • equality is the movement for socioeconomic and politic equality of women. what those women (especially those in the picture) do isn´t fighting for equality. it´s victimization of women, therefore not fighting for equalite, thus not feminism.

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  • pr3ttybr0wn
    the reason why i can't take a lot of feminists seriously is because they campaign for the wrong things. they will be the first to do the amber rose slut walk and complain that women should be able to sleep around and not wear bras... however when it comes to issues that are constructive and largely affect women like maternity leave, education, initiatives that will encourage girls to pursue science, etc... you know POSITIVE THINGS, i dont hear them. i just feel like there are so many things we could be encouraging girls to do and sleeping around is not one of them. i just dont see a lot of feminists doing anything useful or constructive.
  • MagiAlphaOne
    There is no correct version of Feminism. It has evolved over four waves. We are in fourth wave feminism now.

    Wikipedia has the details...

  • meatballs21
    It's not equality, it's whatever suits them best at the moment. Strong independent woman until helpless, vulnerable girl works better. Alas, to paraphrase Shakespeare, the law is on their side no matter what angle they choose to play.
  • raspberry0416
    You're a loser who can't find a woman, and you think your life would be easier if we lived in the 1950s and women needed to get married in order to survive.
    • Nope, never said that. Try again.

    • an entitled, selfish argument. thanks for demonstrating what feminism REALLY is.

    • @feminismisnarcissism
      If he could get women he would have better things to do with his time than post angry rants on the internet about feminism. I guarantee no woman would want to date this guy if they saw the stuff he posts.
      Also what part of my comment was entitled and selfish? I'd really like to see you come up with insults out of thin air to argue your own misogyny. I'll be waiting here and ready to laugh.

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  • somebodysaycheese
    In 1970's the LGBT community joined the 3rd wave feminist to destroy the nuclear family. And take the men from the head of the family. I had to watch a documentary on it in college and do a report on it. Sadly, they succeeded.
  • feminismisnarcissism
    excellent article. Feminism is 100% a gender superiority movement today. Nothing more eloquent. The behavior of feminists matches textbook narcissistic personality disorder to a tee. That kinda ends the debate-superiority, not equality.
  • YourFutureEx
  • TheFlak38
    One of the many tentacles of marxism in the struggle for the destruction of European civilisation.
    And don't forget that feminists just love islamists ;)
  • nalaa
    " early feminism in the early 1970's " Oh please, feminism has been around much longer than that. Saying feminism in the 1970s was early is unreasonable. It's funny how people think of the good old days as the 50s and 60s, when they were in fact an anomaly in history.

    "The reason feminism kills relationships is because is causes women to see men as the problem. " That's also not true. Nothing that someone ever told me, feminist or otherwise has made me think men are the problem. I find that's often used to shame people into shutting up real problem. For example it concerns me that so many men see no issue with a presidential candidate referring to women as "hot piece of ass" and calling them ugly on TV. And yes there are female trump voters too but 65% of them are men. That's a trend and that's a problem.

    • Feminism is still a cancer to relationships and has done immense damage to marriage and family.

  • lost_alice
    wow you are totally right! just kidding this is really a big generalisation
    • It's a shame feminists don't actually pay attention to what I write.

    • lost_alice

      you are basically saying that the people that call themselves feminists are angry lesbians

    • No that's not what I said. It's amazing how many feminists never actially pay attention to what I say.

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  • Dimmu
    Feminism is all about group of women trying to force their idea in other women minds
    And they say they do this to protect other women from others forcing their ideas into these women minds
  • echoaj
    We're still talking about Feminism? That was sooo three months ago.
  • Jager66
    There are 3 kinds of Feminist.

    1. The man hater.
    2. The useful idiot.
    3. The anti-Feminist who can't part with the label. (extremely rare but they exist)
  • BlondeBlueEyes84
    Feminism - specifically what White men perceive as feminism - is the main reason why so many White men nowadays don't hit on, approach and ask out White women anymore. Instead, they seek out women who they deem not "feminist", mostly East Asian women.
  • Maik567
    I wouldn't date a feminist in the first place. Im just not interested in someone who only cares about one sex.
  • spoonman2014
    I think the issue with extreme feminism, women's studies and other subjects in that field is that they teach you that group X is oppressed and if you say anything other wise than you are a hateful person.
  • Imasanegirl
    I really like what you're saying I totally agree 100%, I'm a feminist and proud to say I am, but most people associate that with negativity and I blame those stupid ass fem-nazis because it Is about being equal and not superiority or brainwashing. My sister hates feminism and wished that women should be happy to be looked at and treated like an object, she says angry feminists just wishes they could be beautiful and have a man and they want to hate men and kill babies, I hate those women who give feminism a bad name and reputation. I like men, sex, dresses, makeup and want to have babies. But I also want to have equal rights and respect. I dress conservatively by the way. I want equality for all, races, religions, sexual orientation, genders and beliefs.
    • But why do you need to be a feminist or call yourself a feminist? I don't get it.

    • Because it's like a teaching to me, I like learning about feminism and it's really inspiring to me how women fought for our rights and how incredibly sexist they were long ago. Well, still is but not bad as long ago. We still need feminism for females all over the world, it's keeping the spirit and rights alive.

    • That's where you have been deceived. The hidden agenda is not equality, but to destroy the family. Women in the Western world now have more rights and privileges than men, yet feminists arestill complaining. You don't have to be a feminist to believe in equali rights. Feminism is a cancer to relationships and women who call themselves feminists put a lot of men off. I myself would never have anything to do with a woman who called herself a feminist.

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  • BreathingFire1994
    If a man punches a woman, should he be arrested for "harrasment"? Or should the situation be equivalent as when he punches another man?
  • Fearless_banana
    I'm going to make a take on this and it will be better aha. Good points though.
  • peterjones
    Yeah, feminism is just female anger at men - so not really a platform or a view point but just a pissed off reaction.
  • NajemEddine
    everytime i hear feminism i imagine ugly looking women screaming kill all men
  • SwoopingHawk
    I think the key here is that feminist seek to be equivalent to men, not equal to men.

    There's something to be said for the ability to be independent, but great value in not having to be independent. There's no reason that s woman or man currently in a marriage needs to be totally self sufficient or independent, if that's the case, there's no point in having a partner to depend upon, one would be just as well off single and with close friends. Of course, if a man and woman depend on one another, they aren't doing the same thing, aren't competing, and that's OK. Separate but equally tall pedestals close enough to hold hands make for a far better relationship than wrestling for the same pedestal built for one person.
  • HeWhoPonders
    I think what people need to realize is that a textbook or dictionary definition (online or otherwise) does not determine what a group is and what it's supposed to do. It's the attitudes and actions of the people within the group that defines it. If there is a movement that SAYS Faction A wants to be equal to Faction B, but an overwhelming majority of people within Faction A are showing hatred for those in Faction B, the movement ceases to be about equality regardless of what any official definition reads. I think people need to stop defending feminism with "but I looked it up in my dictionary and it says THIS" because whatever THIS is doesn't matter unless those in the movement show that their cause truly aligns with the definition they're claiming to be true.
    • exactly, well put. behavior= gender superiority. the fact that they HIDE behind a dishonest definition only adds to how low they really are.

  • ShaeNielson
    Depends, not all feminists are like the crazy American 3rd wave cunts.
    • ashmin

      I thought the 2nd wave was the worst. Ha ha...

  • suseel_sushi
    Ignorance is a bliss my boy; but twisted facts ain't.
  • Anpu23
    You know, there's this idea that the 70s were the golden age of feminism, that they were the true feminists. Yet many of the things that modern feminism is fighting are policies that those "true feminists" worked so hard to put in place.

    My mother was a 70s feminist, and I've read a lot of feminist literature. It has always been about the patriarchy (though that term didn't come into popular use until later) and how the patriarchy demeans and controls women. Ultimately it's Marxist class theory applied to gender. Then a bunch of mental gymnastics to make it fit.

    Good mytake.
  • John_Doesnt
    Those haircuts at the top will kill any relationship.
  • RedThread
    I want to vomit all over this take.
  • Phoenix98
    Good take.
  • es20490446e
    I think it's true for many people.
  • APRU5
    Yup your right
  • JohnGoodMan
    All feminists are brainwashed.
  • Popo21
    Feminists give the most head lmao
  • Noxifer626
    Thanks for telling me who to block.
  • MusicOfTheManic
    Awesome my take.
  • Username3568
  • Anonymous
    I don't think their is anything wrong with woman who choose a job over a marriage and a family if that is what will make them happy. At the end of the day you should be able to do what is best for you.

    I don't see men as a problem. Men are amazing. I married 1 and had 2-lol. But I don't think a woman should NEED a man to be able to survive anymore then I believe a man should NEED a woman to survive. Reproduce? Sure, but for day to day living? No.

    I am extremely in love and my husband is my world. We are both feminists. I don't NEED him, nor does he NEED me. I WANT him. I wake up and I choose him everyday. Sure I could live without him, I could live without a lot of things I just would never WANT to. And he WANTS me, he could figure it all out without me but he doesn't WANT to have to. He loves me and WANTS to be with me. He wakes up and chooses me every day. I don't want to be needed, not by my partner... I want to be wanted, choosen everyday and that's what I got.
    • you clearly have no clue what feminism really is.

    • Anonymous

      @feminismisnarcissism Okay so in your opinion what is Feminism?

  • Anonymous
    You are mistaking feminism with feminazism. True femists don't see men as the problem.
    • FALSE. you are committing a "no true scotsman fallacy"

      a movement is defined by its BEHAVIOR, and feminism's behavior is that of NARCISSISM, SUPERIORITY, ENTITLEMENT, and anything BUT gender equality. THe fact that it CLAIMS to still be about gender equality only ADDS to the narcissism charge, the fact that it CLAIMS the biggest gender disparities today are against women PROVES it's a bullshit entitlement movement, and the fact that it IGNORES the largest REAL disparities that it CAUSED, like custody (7 to 1 in womens' favor) child support, 80% disparity, womens' favor, etc... again PROVES it has NOTHING to do with equality.
      your bad.

    • Anonymous

      @feminismisnarcissism Nope, feminists are not behaving like narcissists, and they have no superiority or entitlement complex (unlike you). These traits are related only to feminazis, learn the difference.

    • THat's a "no true scotsman fallacy" which means you've lost the debate.

      I have no entitlement, I don't try to exploit women. I simply reject losers, narcissists-you know, FEMINISTS. I find such attitudes very ugly. And I offer a lot in a relationship-that's why I deserve an EQUAL-MINDED woman, which is the furthest thing from a feminist there is... and my god, it's wonderful. But I also won't sit quiet while loser simps (like you) spread the lies. You want to stick your nose up a womans' ass, I can't fault you-if you're actually doing it as part of sex... but this version of it is pathetic... White Knights don't get good relationships bud, they get USED, EXPLOITED.

      What I do works-you should take some notes. You want women-you don't nod to their lies, you don't parrot feminist bullshit like a little bitch. No, you value yourself and push ACTUAL equality, then they line up for you, promise.

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  • Anonymous
    Feminism does not kill relationships. It hasn't killed damily units or marriage or the idea of having kids. Me personally, I'm a feminist and I don't care for marriage and I don't like kids. Marriage has never had any significance to me, and I've always hated kids even as a kid before I had even heard the word feninism. I'm just not a stereotypical girl, and that's ok, because my gender doesn't define my life choices. I don't hate men. Most of my friends are guys because I don't usually fit in with other girls. My sister on the other hand is also a feminist but she wants to get married and start a family. She's a cheerleader, a girly girl, basically the stereotypical girl. Feminism isn't stopping her from being a girly girl, or looking forward to marriage, or having kids. Feminism just gives us the right to choose. Instead of women being expected to like pink, wear dresses, and be a housewife and mother we get to choose. I chose to be this way and she chose to be that way. Neither of us were brainwashed or intimidated by feminists. So if being myself is gonna kill my relationship, then oh well. It's not feminisms fault.
  • Anonymous
    A good take. You could have said more though.

    You know the argument that there are good cops and bad cops? The bad ones are the ones shooting and killing innocent folks? Well, that's not true. It's also the ones that close ranks around the obvious bad cops, who are bad cops. Who can cover up a crime. Who turn off body cams when needed. Who lose evidence when it would ruin a cops life or career.

    Feminists are like that - they remain silent when horrible shit is done by other feminists. And that is why there is more bad feminists than people acknowledge, and why the title "feminist" has been IRREVOCABLY tarnished.

    All the youths in the world, holding up dictionary definitions, can't change the shit that has been done in their name.