He only talks to me when she's not around -should I be concerned?

well basically he was acting like he liked me more than friends while he was still engaged to this girl I didn't push and was waiting for him to make a full on move but didn't and all it was was lot of clumsy cuddling and a slide of a leg under the coffee table.

We went out for a meal or two but nothing else happened but there was a lot of suggestive talk how I wasn't just any girl and how if we went out he wouldn't be able to control herself stuff like that.

Anyway he stopped texting and flirting with me I didn't know why till I found out he met some other girl and dumped his girlfriend for her. I confronted him as I was quite upset by it all yet he made out it was all in my head and he talks like that to all the girls - I checked he don't. He was quite forward with me

now he's with this girl living with her and engaged for fourth time and has stopped flirting with me but is talking to me. Thing is he only talks to me when his Mrs is online and a few times tried to talking to him at weekend he goes offline. So its always on his terms should I be concerned


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  • Hell yea you should be concered. From what I read, he sounds like a guy who likes playing with girls heads. Just forget about him, there are a lot more guyes out there. Most likely, BETTER looking than that guy. So yea, just forget about him because you sound like his back up plan. Meaning, when he doesn't get attention from his OFFICIAL girl, he goes to you. Then when he finds another OFFICIAL girl, he forgets about you. Its about time that you end the stupid cycle and leave him be.

  • You're the backup girl. When things aren't working out with his main he comes to you. You're reinforcement to make him feel better. I swear I'm not trying to be harsh I'm just letting you know the raw truth so you won't make excuses for him! Believe me it happened to me recently I kick myself for letting this guy treat me like that