How to deal with sexist mother in law?

I live with my in laws and me and my husband take really good care of them. We do most of the things in the house, cleaning, going to supermarket etc, but the cleaning part my husband really enjoys doing. I prefer to wash dishes, do laundry, fold the clothes etc. But these days my mother in law is really pissing me off saying he shouldn't be doing that, that I should be doing more since I'm the woman. We both just stay silent but it's getting on my nerves, especially since this is not the only occasion she picks on me. She thinks I stay online too much (I work as a graphic designer from home, so there ya go), that my cooking is bad, that I take shower too late in the night etc.

And before anybody suggests moving out, of course it's something we plan on doing, but our house is not ready yet, maybe two or three more months, but I'm really afraid I cannot stay quiet in front of her until then or that maybe she will start turning my husband against me.


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  • Bitch slap her across the face the next time she starts saying stupid stuff like that


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