My head is battered don't know which way to turn, advice please!

OK here is the thing please read all, I have somehow found my self in a triangle situation and don't know what to do, I have 3 guys on my mind here so I'm gonna try keep it short as possible with the 3 different things going through my head.

1st Guy

We have sort have been together for a couple of months, now he is not my boyfriend and I have told him a few times that this is only a bit of fun however he texts constantly and it's feeling like he's acting more like a boyfriend which is not what I want from him I have told him this.

2nd Guy

We have been friends for about 15yrs and get on really well. up to about 10yrs ago he was engaged to my best friend and they had kid together. The problem I'm having now is that he is now telling me he likes me and has done all long and is hoping for good things to happen between us lol, but you can see that, that would not go down very well with my friend. Crossing a line sort of thing.

3rd Guy

The guy I really like but not with, we hardly speak he mostly just stares and smiles lol. I feel that he likes me but has nether said. But you kinda want a guy to like you enough to want to risk the shot of rejection for you, yes.

And at the same time as this going on I'm trying to avoid a couple of blokes cos they keep asking me out I don't know how many times or ways I have to say no for them to get it or maybe I'm just being to nice I don't know. So come people give me some 3rd party mutual advice here what would use do in this situation Thanks in advance to any one that does answer :)

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OK thanks for your answers guys, I have thought about it and realized I'm not really interested in guy 1 and 2 so that just leaves guy 3, which I'm just gonna let go with the flow and see what happens whilst keeping my options open at the same time :)


Most Helpful Girl

  • 1st Guy it's always nice to have friends with privilege. Unfortunately ur friend is developing something more... Express your concern to him. Don't want to lose what you have if it's all in your head. If you find out its not just in, cut him lose before he goes postal...

    2nd Guy Do even look his way... Many reasons to address here.

    3rd Guy... Proceed with caution. Smile back, say hi... See where it goes from there.. Be careful he might just be married... And is luring you into his trap...

    • Is that num 2 don't even look his way.....

    • Num 3 guy - every time we seem to be getting closer he backs off, So from that I can only take it as he's taken and just wanted to flirt I guess :)

    • Yes #2 was don't even look his ways.... Sorry

      #3... I would think so....

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  • What's wrong with number 3?

    • Num 3 guy - every time we seem to be getting closer he backs off, So from that I can only take it as he's taken and just wanted to flirt I guess :)

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    • Whatever.

    • Cool

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  • play hard to get ;)

    see which one trys there hardestt to get you.

    you've gotta work for what you want,

    so if guy 2 wants you like how he says he does,

    he'll stop at nuthin to get you :)