Sex with a married woman?

There's a married woman that I'm interested in and she is interested in me too. She seems to have a boring, dull, loveless marriage. We want to have sex, but the husband always seems to get in the way. What can we do?


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  • i agree w/wonder - a guy getting in the "way" of his wife having an affair is NOT getting in the"way" - he's being a husband! I am NOT a fan of affairs, and I think divorce sucks but if that's the only way out, I think that's better than being a cheater. if it's a loveless marriage, why would she not leave him? and if she won't leave him, YOU are the one "getting in the way." I don't care what the excuses are, there is always some loophole that a cheater comes up with. but no matter what YOU are the bad guy. there's really no way around that.


    • We haven't done anything but both wanted to but I have been thinking about it and would rather have my own woman than someone else's

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  • Although I'm not a big fan of divorce, I think that's the ticket this time. Otherwise just leave it and move on. I could never run of with a married guy, I couldn't hurt the partner like that. but that's me. I agree with the girl who's already answered. think about. How would you feel?

    • Yeah, you're right. Thanks.

    • Is that picture of you?

  • Get a Divorce! A fling, affair and cheating in the end hurts everyone, for few moments of passion!

    I would think about it first. What if this happens to you, how would you feel! Good Luck

    • I'm not married but she is. I don't know if she'll ever leave him!

    • Then you are the one that could get hurt the worse. When she goes home to hubby, remember she is playing wife. If they are still living together as husband and wife then something is there that she wants more. And you might fall in love then what. Take it from me been there...the pain and regret never goes away. Take of YOUR heart, it is the only one you will ever need!!! And find a woman that deserves you totally, not on the sneaking and hiding. Yuck how disrespectful to you.

    • Thanks - you are right!

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  • The husband always gets in the way of his wife's attempts to cheat on him? Seriously? Wow that's crazy!

    • If I were you, I'd get out of the situation. You're not going to stick around with this girl if she gets a divorce. Like you said in your question, you're just interested in sex with her. You're not looking to marry this woman or get involved in a long distance relationship. So you're going to make her marriage worse for your own sexual desire? That sounds like a real man.

    • No, I wouldn't want to mess up her marriage just for sex. We have been interested in each other for 3 years and she has found that she gets what she needs from me and not at all from her husband. However, I think you're right about getting out of the situation because I would not want to be the cause of breaking up their marriage.

  • Have you ever heard of the saying "Where there's a will--there's a way"?

    Unless she's a hottie, forget it.

    Meet secretly somewhere--duh.

    • Haha - lol - thanks for your comments

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